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Your basement remodeling project has been put on hold for far too long, for far too many reasons.

After adding an additional bathroom to your basement remodel, the quotes you’ve been receiving from local contractors have been outrageous. And now, they keep referring you to bathroom remodeling contractors who specialize in that sort of thing.

With Perry Brothers Construction at your side, you can avoid all that hassle. We can totally remodel and finish your basement from the ground up, with care and ease. Our experienced team approaches each basement remodeling job with the same core values that our contracting company has followed since being founded in 1975.

We promise you:

  • Experience
  • Craftsmanship
  • Stellar Reputation
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Building long-lasting relationships with our clients is what drives the atmosphere of Perry Brothers Construction. Don’t worry about who’s going to tile the bathroom floor, run the plumbing to the laundry machine, or do the electrical work for your surround sound system. No matter the job, Perry Brothers Construction will provide your basement remodeling job with all the necessary licensed professionals.

We offer these basement remodeling and renovation services:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Basement Insulation
  • Basement Storage Space
  • Basement Bookcases and Shelving
  • Basement Kitchens and Bars
  • Basement Living Spaces
  • And more!

Don’t waste your unfinished basement space. Get your free quote from the area’s most trusted licensed contractor.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Any Longer to Refinish Your Home’s Basement

basement renovation - game room

Wasted space is common among even the most organized homeowners. Recent studies have revealed that most homeowners in America leave their basements and attics as unused space.

Don’t let dust gather over your precious space. If you’re considering remodeling your attic, or even constructing a home office shed in your backyard, you’ll find our design-build process efficient, effective, and top-quality. The same is true across all remodeling projects we offer.

Of course you hate descending those creaky stairs to your cluttered, unfinished basement. There’s nothing down there but junk! Years of your family’s discarded belongings scatter your home’s foundation. And every time you spend money on a dumpster to clear out your basement, somehow, more junk magically appears in the following months.

The only thing colder than your floor is the draft coming from your basement’s storm windows. Not only have they cost you thousands of dollars in water damage, they’ve become a revolving door for local wildlife. Your family members each have dozens of stories about encountering spastic bats, feral rats, the neighborhood cats, and even that raccoon who always raids your garbage.

Instead of having your basement serve as a space for uninvited intruders, renovate it. Maybe you want to double up on the bedrooms in your home. Or maybe your kids are getting too old to share a room, anyhow, and you spend most of your leisure hours breaking up fist fights or yelling over them (unsuccessfully).

Alternatively, maybe you need to do what you’ve always wanted to do: finally hire a licensed contractor to build your dream man cave. Soundproofing your basement’s walls with high-quality spray foam insulation—as well as using resilient channels to create air pockets between the layers of drywall—will give you a quiet space to watch Sunday night football and all your favorite movies.

If you’d like more information on soundproofing your living space, we go into greater detail on the process in our blog post “3 New Modern Shed Ideas For Your Backyard.” Of course, if you’re considering a modern shed but want to learn more first, check out our information about the different functionalities and versatility a modern backyard shed can provide for your home.

Whether you’re a guitarist who likes their amps loud without disturbing the neighbors, or you need a quiet retreat from the chaos of your home, Perry Brothers Construction wants to help you find peace of mind.

A Newly Remodeled Basement Could Be the Family Room You’ve Been Missing

Think of what you’d gain if you remodeled and refinished your home’s basement. You’d always have a cozy space for your family to hang out together. No more fighting for the best spots on the upstairs couch. You’d be able to fit that black leather wraparound sofa you’ve always wanted. A huge flatscreen TV, professionally mounted to your basement’s wall, hooked up to a surround sound system that’ll shake the room? Yes, please. Ping pong tables are a great addition to any finished basement space, too. These will provide your family a fun, spur-of-the-moment activity during the winter months. And if competition ramps up the heat, we can talk to you about installing an accessible, smart home thermostat during your basement remodeling job, giving you precise control over the temperature for each room in your home, all from your smartphone.

Think of all the board games you’ve got piled up downstairs in your cold, unrenovated basement, covered in spiderwebs, home to the unidentifiable bugs who were victims to your eight-legged guests. The electrical work is older than you. Every time you’ve tried changing a lightbulb, you immediately blow a fuse—and because there’s no light shining in through your tiny basement windows, how are you supposed to decipher any of the game’s titles?

We’re equipped to help you tackle all those issues…and more.

How to Finish and Remodel Your Basement with Energy Efficiency and Environmental Concerns in Mind

basement waterproofing The basement of a building under renovation.

If you decide to hire Perry Brothers Construction, rest assured, we’ll schedule and perform all electrical work for your basement remodel job.

We’ll recommend that you switch out any old incandescent light fixtures for state-of-the-art Energy Star–rated LEDs, which can integrate with your smart home system. That way, you’ll be able to control the colors, brightness, and automation settings directly from your smartphone.

One of the biggest contributors of mold buildup in an unfinished New England basement is heavy humidity during the summer months. While you may find the air unbearable, mold and mildew thrive in this type of climate. If you purchased a historic home and haven’t remodeled your basement yet, your walls most likely weren’t prepped with a mold-inhibiting primer. Until you’ve decided you’re ready to remodel your basement, try placing a dehumidifier downstairs to help prevent new mold patches from forming.

If you’ve ever felt a small, unidentifiable draft coming from any of your basement’s windows or doors, you’ve possibly encountered outdoor air leakage due to improper sealing. Run your hand along the edges of your drafty windows and doors, feeling for a cool stream—that’ll reveal where the air gap is. In most cases, a simple caulking gun will do the job. But if the draft continues to worsen, it may be time to consider replacing your basement’s windows and doors. We recommend any Harvey or Anderson, but any Energy Star–rated windows and doors will do wonders to reduce your energy costs.

Don’t Waste Any More Time: Finish Your Basement Remodel

Lower level family basement in suburban home

Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to fully utilize your space, or have been neglecting your unfinished basement for years, in the long run, you would only benefit from a full-scale basement remodel. If you’ve hired a general contractor before or it’s your first time, Perry Brothers Construction wants to give you an enjoyable, stress-free experience with the goal of developing successful long-term relationships.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll happily discuss any potential home remodeling projects with you.

What others are saying

Great- Everything came out as expected. I got several estimates for both projects prior to hiring, and was very happy with their choice in both instances. The subcontractors/recommended companies were also well priced and provided good service and good products and worked well in conjunction with Perry Bros. Will hire them again in the future.
Valerie McCormack, Hamilton, MA

Everything went great! Bill and his crew were super professional, punctual, and responsive. When my wife and I could not come up with a solution for some of the surprises we found after removing the walls, his crew always did. Pricing was extremely fair for the high quality work performed. We would hire Bill and his crew anytime for any future projects. Thanks again!
Patryk Kelley, Methuen, MA

Very responsive. On time on budget. Love the final look.
Astrid and Jack Santos, Newburyport, MA

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