In this bathroom remodeling podcast, Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction gives insight into the top 14 bathroom vanity styles available in the residential construction market. From double-sink to floating vanities, to natural stone and particle board, there’s a functional vanity for every type of bathroom remodeling budget. 

Joe DeMarco: Hi, I’m Joe DeMarco, general manager of Perry Brothers Construction, a bathroom renovation and remodeling company servicing Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. 

On today’s bathroom remodel podcast, I’ll be discussing the 14 most popular bathroom vanity styles for 2023, giving you the information you need to choose the best vanity for your renovation or remodeling project.

Pedestal Vanity Sinks

The first bathroom vanity I’d like to talk about are called pedestal sinks, and basically, these are freestanding sinks that are supported by a pedestal and or column instead of being mounted to the wall or to the countertop. 

It has a basin or a bowl that holds the water, and the pedestal actually conceals all the plumbing pipes and provides the stability.

You can see a lot of these in early 1900s style bathrooms. They save a lot of space, they look really cool, pretty easy to clean. Most pedestal sinks, they’re going to be a porcelain color and material, so all you’ve got to do is just look to see where there is dirt, where there is a stain, and just scrub away. They’re usually fine with any type of cleaning product. 

The basic design of a pedestal sink is very consistent, and you can personalize it with any choice of faucets and fixtures and handles. And it fits in any type of bathroom. These are especially good when you’re installing a vanity into a smaller bathroom.

Freestanding Vanities

The next type of vanity I’d like to talk about are freestanding bathroom vanities. And basically, these are floor-mounted vanities. Very popular choice to add functionality, because you can install cabinets and drawers and shelving with them. So they offer a ton of different storage solutions. 

Very flexible design. Installing a freestanding vanity is very simple compared to a built-in vanity. They’re not permanently fixed to the wall or floor. You just lift them up and go. Couple guys, it takes. Very good vanity choice if you plan on fully remodeling your bathroom in the future, but you don’t want to buy a completely new vanity when the time comes.

When it comes to plumbing configurations for freestanding vanities, it really depends on your bathroom’s design and layout. I mean, some of these, they come with pre-cut holes or open backs to accommodate the plumbing connections. The plumbing connections are either going to be coming from the floor or they’re going to be coming from the back, but if your freestanding vanity doesn’t have pre-cut holes or open backs, your general contractor can easily cut those for you.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

The next type of bathroom vanity I’d like to talk about are wall-mounted bathroom vanities, and these are also known as floating vanities. Very modern and a sleek option for any bathroom design. They just look futuristic. They float above the floor. 

They have an open space down below where you can store towels and face cloths. Some of them give you the option to add cabinets at the bottom.

Like any other vanity, you can install a back lit mirror, or you could install lighting fixtures inside the cabinets or outside of them. 

If you opt to not have cabinets or a surface underneath, it’s very easy for you to mop and sweep under a wall-mounted vanity, which is really cool, because think about it, you rarely, if ever, are going to clean under a standard vanity, so that would definitely be something that’s pretty cool about them.

A lot of wall-mounted or floating vanities, they also have adjustable heights, so you can actually adjust the height to fit any individual, no matter their size or mobility concerns. When it comes to a wall-mounted vanity, the plumbing is really the most crucial part. They’re going to be concealed within the wall to keep the vanity’s beautiful appearance. I would definitely, again, consult professional plumbers and make sure the installation of all the plumbing pipes is done correctly.

Double-Sink Vanities

The next type of vanity I’d like to talk about are double sink vanities. Also, you could call them dual sink vanities, and these are awesome. They accommodate two different sinks into a single vanity unit. And, I mean, an advantage of this is just… Say if you and your wife both are leaving for work at the same time every day, and you guys got to wait for each other to brush your teeth and use the sink. Now you guys can both wash your face, brush your teeth, and put on makeup at the exact same time. 

You’ve had kids fighting about who’s using the bathroom for too long. Your daughter’s blow drying her hair forever, and your son just stares tired into the mirror for an eternity. Doesn’t matter anymore, just have them brush their teeth at the same time.

One thing that’s cool about double sink vanities, too, is they offer extra countertop space compared to a normal single sink vanity, and that’s just because naturally, you’re going to have a wider and larger countertop when you have two sinks. You need to accommodate the double sinks.

I would say the toughest, not really a downside, but the toughest part about installing a double sink vanity is definitely making sure that the plumbing connections are done right. You don’t want one sink to stop working and then, all of a sudden, the other sink stops working. You want them completely separated, so in case one of them stops working, you still have the other one to go off of.

And the only real drawback when it comes to a double sink vanity—and again, it’s not really a drawback, is just the fact that smaller bathrooms and powder rooms, they’re not going to be able to accommodate a double sink vanity. 

So you need to really consider the placement of your tub shower combo and other bathroom fixtures—the toilet, the overall layout of your bathroom, and make sure your bathroom can accommodate the size of a double sink vanity. 

But I love double sink vanities. Very convenient and functional, and just tons of extra storage space. They’re probably my favorite type of vanity.

Corner Vanities

The next type of vanity I’d like to talk about would be corner vanities, and corner vanities are very unique. You don’t see them a lot, and basically, they just fit perfectly into a corner of your bathroom. 

You ought to make sure, of course, not only is the entire vanity going to fit in the corner, but you want to make sure there’s enough room so when you open up cabinet doors, they’re not going to be hitting into the wall or anything like that.

These are very distinctive elements in a bathroom. I mean, when you think of a corner vanity, me personally, I’m thinking of a Disney princess, sitting there with her handheld mirror that she talks into being like, “Hey, What makes me the prettiest of them all?” Or something like that. 

They’re very petite, small looking, and very accessible. You could still put drawers and shelves and everything in them, or mirrors and lighting, just like any other vanity.

I would say that there are design challenges, though, when it comes to corner vanities, because some corners cannot accommodate them. And while they’re best for smaller bathrooms, some smaller bathrooms… The layout is just not going to allow you to design or to install a corner vanity without taking up ample room and disturbing the maneuverability of people in, say, wheelchairs. 

You want them to be able to make wide turns without bumping into anything. And when you start cutting out corner space, that’s not really possible. So really, yeah, I mean, corner mounted vanities, they’re really… It just depends on the design of your bathroom space to determine if you’re going to be able to install one in there.

Vessel Sink Vanities

The next type of vanity I’ll talk about is vessel bathroom vanities. And vessel vanities, they’re very stylish and contemporary. You might notice them when you go out to a restaurant. 

So basically, it’s a sink that is raised above the countertop, and it looks like a giant fruit bowl above the countertop. Sometimes they could be metal, sometimes they could be glass. 

They’re integrated with the countertop rather than flushed into it. They rise above it, and it really adds a beautiful touch of luxury and elegance to any bathroom space. I personally think these are the coolest looking bathroom vanities out of all of them. And just like any style of vanity, you can get a mirror, cabinet, shelving, and lighting.

These vanities are a little tougher to clean because you’re going to be getting into a lot of different crevices and such. The plumbing for a vessel vanity is actually different from any traditional vanity, because the water supply and drain pipes have to be adjusted to accommodate the height and placement of the vessel sink. 

So the plumbing sometimes can be visible, which is often a turnoff for a homeowner, because the plumbing is running through the vanity behind the wall to the raised sink. So it’s important to consult a plumber to make sure that this is something you want, make sure he can hide the plumbing, and make sure you’re not going to lose out on any functionality.

Vessel vanities, I mean, they’re very unique, and I would recommend one, especially for a master bath or a personal bathroom. I wouldn’t really put a vessel bathroom vanity into a kid’s bathroom, but definitely, if you’re looking for a touch of elegance and looking to enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, definitely consider a vessel vanity.

Undermounted Vanities

The next type of vanity I’d like to talk about would be undermounted bathroom vanities. Undermounted bathroom vanities, they’re usually flushed underneath the countertop. They create a very seamless, clean look, and basically, they’re just…They’re beautiful. I mean, they’re so sleek and clean. They’re known for a seamless appearance.

These bathroom vanities, they’re easy to clean, too, because there’s no extra crevices to go into. I mean, the cleaning of the surface is super easy. No edges, no rims on the top. You can easily wipe down the countertop. Sweep any debris or water directly back into the sink.

I mean, undermounted vanities are some of the most effective vanity choices you can make for a bathroom renovation or remodel.

But just like any other bathroom remodel, you’ve got to have professionals to install it. And the thing that’s cool about undermounted sinks is they actually give you the widest selection of sink options for a vanity for various styles, materials, and shapes. I mean, you just select any sink that matches your vanity style and requirements, but also your overall bathroom’s aesthetic.

Victorian Style Vanities

The next type of vanity I’d like to talk about would be Victorian style bathroom vanities, and these are inspired by the design aesthetics of the Victorian era, Queen Victoria and the 19th century. 

They’re just beautiful, opulent, intricate details, and elegant. Some of the most beautiful vanities you can get. I mean, they’re characterized by their ornate and decorative elements, so they feature intricate carvings, artistic moldings, little embellishments on the cabinets and the mirror frames. I mean, these intricate details, they add a sense of grandeur and luxury to any bathroom and vanity. I love them.

And they usually use the more expensive, rich materials, I would say. So they can be constructed from solid woods, real ones like cherry, walnut, mahogany, oak. They’re known for their deep warm tones, these types of woods. Fine wood, it just contributes to the overall elegance and authenticity of any bathroom vanity, but in particular, the aesthetic of Victorian vanities.

Very intricate hardware. The cabinet doors and drawers, they’re adorned with decorative handles and knobs, and they’re featuring these intricate motifs and designs. I mean, the hardware elements of these Victorian vanities, they can be brass, bronze, porcelain, vintage, it’s crazy how intricate these vanity hardware materials can get.

Very elaborate mirror frames. I mean, these Victorian style vanities usually have an elaborate frame that might feature intricate carvings, gold gilded accents, decorative patterns that just complement the overall design of your vanity. I mean, these mirrors serve not only a functional purpose, but they just add on to that Victorian aesthetic.

If you’re looking to get any sort of vintage vanity, especially a Victorian vanity, you just want to consider the cost, whether it’s worth it, whether it’s going to send your bathroom remodeling budget over the top. 

If you’re really dead set on capturing the essence of the Victorian era or the 19th century, these can be the focal point of your bathroom and really create that vintage inspired space that exudes sophistication. If it’s what you want, you should get it.

Shaker Style Vanities

The next type of vanity I’m going to talk about are shaker style bathroom vanities, and these are simple, clean, and functional. They’re another piece of furniture, just like any bathroom vanity. But if you have a cluttered bathroom, these are the best because they just have tons of extra storage .They can hold large bottles and cleaning products very easily. They usually have paneled doors and tapered legs, so they’re raised up a little bit on the legs.

They could be made from maple and pine. I mean, shaker styles, they just suit a broad spectrum of interior design ideas, whether you’re going for a modern style bathroom, a minimalist style, or a country style. I mean, these can fit any type of bathroom. Seriously, shaker style vanities, they’re awesome, timeless, and a versatile option for any bathroom design.

Hampton Style Vanities

The next type of bathroom vanity I’d love to talk about would be Hampton style bathroom vanities, and these are inspired by the coastal and relaxed ambience of the Hamptons. I wouldn’t really say North Hampton, New Hampshire, but Hampton Beach is beautiful. Rye Beach is also beautiful. Cranes Beach in Ipswich is beautiful. 

Hampton vanities are most likely inspired by the Seaside Hamptons in New York with the luxury beach houses and elegant interior designs. 

But we’re here in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, so I’m going to say my Hampton style bathroom vanity is personally inspired by Cranes Beach and the dunes. I love you, trustees.

Here’s some information about these style vanities you might be kind of interested in. It’s just the fact that they’re a timeless design. They exude a classic transcendental experience. It makes you feel like you’re on the beach all the time. And they incorporate clean lines, elegant detailing, and a ton of sophistication. 

I mean, usually they’re going to have a neutral color palette like the beach. They might have a color palette similar to sand, water, a little green, a little blue, a little gray, a little tan. These neutral tones create a versatile backdrop, and it’s really easy to coordinate a Hampton style vanity with the rest of your bathroom’s design elements, especially if you’re remodeling a beach house.

Very high-quality materials. I mean, these are high-quality vanities, so they’re going to use high-quality materials to contribute to that refined appearance. So you’re going to have solid woods like mahogany, maple or birch, oak, and the cabinets are going to be made from all that. 

Very durable, a sense of artistic craftsmanship, and the wood is usually finished in a paint or stained finish that just enhances the natural beauty like nothing else.

Hampton style vanities are perfect if you are remodeling or renovating a bathroom on the beach. I would highly, highly recommend a Hampton style vanity to really compliment your beach home.

Modernist Style Vanities

The next type of vanity I’m going to talk about are modernist style vanities. And modernist style vanities, they’re sleek, they look minimal, contemporary. They’re not too special looking, but they’re still sophisticated. It’s inspired by the principles of modernism, prioritizing clean lines, functionality and simplicity over everything else.

These types of vanities could be either floating or wall-mounted. They’re usually using smooth materials such as glass and metal, not really real wood most of the time. 

They usually use smooth, high quality engineered wood, otherwise known as reclaimed wood or recycled wood. And it’s just because materials like these are recyclable, they still add that contemporary clean look. Real wood can sometimes look a little rustic anyways. 

We’re trying to give the bathroom a modern aesthetic when we’re using modernist style vanities.

Very high contrast accents with modernist style vanities. They’re incorporating accents that create visual interest. When you see a modernist style vanity, you know it, and your eyes are just automatically focusing in on it. 

Very innovative storage solutions. I mean, it prioritizes functionality, so I would highly recommend modernist style bathroom vanities when you’re trying to make a bathroom that you can get the most out of. 

Very, like I said, minimalist, clean, contemporary. These are the best functional bathroom vanities you could get, so modernist style vanities, highly recommended.

Narrow Depth Bathroom Vanities

The next type of vanity I’m going to talk about are narrow depth bathroom vanities, and these are basically designed for bathrooms with limited space. They have a shallow depth compared to a standard sized bathroom vanity, and they can fit into any small, narrow bathroom without compromising the functionality of the rest of the bathroom. Like I said, very space-saving. They could be wall-mounted or floor-mounted. They could have a pedestal or console style. Super customizable. I mean, tons of brands and manufacturers are great.

They allow narrow depth vanities to adhere to specific dimensions, materials, finishes, and configurations that just best suit your personal needs. And they can perfectly fit into any bathroom while still maintaining a cohesive bathroom design aesthetic.

For plumbing, I mean, when you’re choosing a narrow depth vanity, you definitely want to consider the location of existing plumbing lines in your bathroom, just like installing any bathroom fixtures. 

And make sure, of course, your bathroom has adequate space and the proper cutouts for these plumbing connections, because some narrow depth vanities, they actually require modifications to the plumbing setup to accommodate them. 

But seriously, narrow depth vanities, if you have a small bathroom, a narrow bathroom, these are your best choices. Great space-saving design.

Bathroom Cabinet Vanities

The next type of vanity I’m going to talk about are cabinet bathroom vanities. Now, while a lot of bathroom vanities offer cabinet and drawer options, there are specific bathroom vanities called cabinet bathroom vanities, and they’re probably the most common and versatile type of bathroom vanities. 

They feature cabinets under the sink, on the countertop, under the countertop, where the mirror is. I mean, they’re very functional.

They have a frame that supports the sink countertop, and then the cabinets underneath also support the sink and countertop. And the cabinets are typically made of engineered wood, real wood, metal, glass, whatever. They’re supposed to look sleek and modern. Of course, great storage solution, so if you can’t afford to install a closet in your bathroom, a cabinet style bathroom vanity is perfect. They just have so many organizational features. 

You can get really creative with your storage solutions. Pull out shelves, built-in organizers. I mean, you can do all sorts of things to store your hair dryers and toil trees when using a cabinet vanity.

Plumbing considerations for a cabinet vanity, for starters, you just don’t want the plumbing lines to make you compensate for your storage solution. So you need your plumbing lines to not get in the way of any drawers. That’s definitely for sure. 

Very versatile and functional choice for bathrooms of all sizes, so I would definitely recommend cabinet vanities, no matter what type of bathroom vanity you choose, opt for cabinets.

Console Vanities

The next type of vanity I’m going to talk about are console bathroom vanities, and they’re also known as console sinks or console tables with sinks. Super stylish and functional. 

They offer a large sink basin with a big countertop space, and it just has an open aesthetic to it. You can fit anything you could ever dream of on top of a console bathroom vanity. 

Very airy aesthetic. They’re so modern looking. The open base creates a sense of space and allows you to have easy access to the area on the sink, but also underneath the sink. And it makes your bathroom feel more spacious and visually appealing, especially if it’s a small bathroom.

And there’s tons of different sink options for console vanities, as well. I mean, you compare it with any type of sink, whether it’s a vessel sink, undermounted sink, integrated sinks, it doesn’t matter. Console vanities can accommodate any type of sink. 

I mean, most console vanities, they’re going to be crafted with materials like reclaimed wood and natural stone, and even metal, maybe brass or stainless steel. Stainless steel for more of a commercial look, brass for more of a fine Victorian design. You can get really creative with your console vanity materials.

The biggest concern with console surface bathroom vanities is that they do require careful planning for your plumbing installation. These fixtures and connections have to be positioned to align with the console structure and sink basin, which can be a little bit unique and different for any plumber to figure out. Usually, they’re going to have a cutout in the back or the bottom of the console to accommodate the plumbing lines. If it doesn’t automatically, your general contractor can easily do that for you.

Console vanities, they’re just very unique and visually appealing. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or eclectic look, a console vanity is going to give you that touch of elegance that you need to enhance your bathroom’s decor.

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