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In the world of modern sheds, new innovative functions happen in backyards across New England everyday. Gone are the days of sheds storing more cobwebs than garden tools, your backyard shed should be a space as cherished as your master bedroom. We live in a world where our personal, family, and professional lives challenge each other for our focus, and we need to separate not only our roles, but our space.

Your cluttered unfinished basement is unsuitable for your professional life, and remodeling a basement can be much more time consuming and expensive than building yourself a backyard office shed. Think about your noisy children, while you love them to death, do you ever want to pull your hair out when they’re practicing saxophone during your conference calls? Maybe the solution isn’t an office shed for yourself, but a music studio shed for Coltrane to develop their chops without disturbing the household.

Bill’s Modern Sheds are exceptional solutions for your common family problems concerning time, space, and focus. Your time is limited and you’re only getting busier as you age, how can you provide yourself a balanced life inside a chaotic home? You need space dedicated to your everyday rituals whether for work, hobbies, reading, or anything that brings you joy and requires personal space to focus.

Without pursuing what is important to you, your life can become a bitter void, endlessly aggravated, trying to write your first novel on the dining room table, while your kids blast cartoons, and the dog’s barks consume your thoughts. Now what did Batman do when Wayne Enterprise investors wouldn’t leave him alone to pursue his passion for fighting crime, he built the Bat Cave. When The Daily Planet doesn’t give Superman a moment of privacy, he retreats to his Fortress of Solitude.

Whether you want a home office, yoga studio, man cave, she shed, or guest room, Perry Brothers Construction has a modern shed designed to help you escape the chaos of your home life. We’re presenting you three of the many functional options a new modern shed can provide, but keep in mind the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

Modern Sheds For The Modern Artist

Most of us struggling artists don’t have the luxury to rent out an art studio, we have family obligations that rarely allow us time to leave our own homes. The travel time and financial expense can be draining for a space you don’t even legally own. With your inconsiderate neighbors sharing the surrounding cubicles, you were better off writing on that dimly lit dining room table.

An art studio shed can host a first class gallery comparable to the best Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts has to offer, conveniently located behind your humble home. Backyard art studios nurture your talent, allowing you to travel deeper down the rabbit hole, learning to become the best artistic version of yourself. Whatever the time of day, whoever is home, whenever inspiration strikes, you need to have the immediate option to unleash your creativity.

Without a home art studio, organizing all your ideas, projects, and supplies can be a complicated, almost impossible task. For forty five minutes you leave a half finished painting in your living room to dry on its easel, only to find your dog napping on it when you’re back from the grocery store.

You may have decided to store your pottery clay in the garage, only to find your children rolling snakes out of it on the front lawn. Items vanish and never reappear, your hard work’s not respected, and it’s time you built your own studio.

Imagine a cute little cabin located between your vegetable garden and gazebo, with exterior walls made of cedar shingles, a slanted metal roof to combat the threat of New England winters, and a lovely wrap around porch, where you can bask in the sun and get your best ideas.Inside the sunlight never has to leave, we recommend multiple wide Harvey Windows on each wall, as well as additional skylights to preserve the natural atmosphere of the outdoors.

Recycled vinyl flooring has become an affordable alternative option to wooden floors, and not only are you helping combat deforestation, but you don’t have to worry about the maintenance involved with wood flooring.

Your canvases are neatly placed how you left them yesterday, with no art supplies to put away, everything where it belongs. Take out a brush, mix your colors, and strike your first stroke on your latest oil painting, completely undisturbed by the chaos your husband is handling on your behalf.

When it’s his turn to relax, celebrate your artistic achievement by buttering up some popcorn and watching a movie with your kids, while your husband gets his chance to mix the mold for his latest pottery project.

The lesson here is an art shed, or any space for that matter, doesn’t have to belong to only one individual. For a modern family to succeed, compromise has to be made inside the home and the shed.

Disguise A Modern Office As A Shed In Your Backyard

Maybe you don’t enjoy the distracting small talk between your co-workers, and would rather eat home cooked meals than spend your salary on meatball subs. Even before coronavirus an increasing number of people in the workforce have been opting to work from home, however there are difficult obstacles to face when blending your personal and professional lives.

Symptoms you may experience consist of snappy rude remarks, believing your entire family, and that includes your nine month old daughter, are trying to sabotage your financials, and bitter feelings towards loved ones who disrupt your office mojo. If locked doors, with do not disturb signs taped to where they’ll meet eye level for your children to read, aren’t effective after testing, then you’ll need to cook up a fresh solution.

What’s the point of you waiting any longer, Perry Brothers Construction offers a luxurious modern office shed for professionals of any type and caliber. Maybe there’s material for a company meeting that for whatever reason cannot be covered over video call. You, the innovative professional, can offer to host the meeting at your comfortable home office shed, furnished with a conference table and enough refreshments to keep everyone’s attention. You just earned yourself some major brownie points with your higher executives, coming in clutch when immediate action was necessary.

Don’t worry about any outside noise infiltrating your office space, you can easily soundproof your modern sheds, reducing decibel levels coming in and out tremendously. A traditional DIY process you can use is to place one 5/8 inch layer of drywall over the wall and ceiling studs, not only screwing them in with sheet rock screws, but also applying heavy amounts of green acoustical glue behind each piece of drywall.

Afterwards screw resilient channels into the studs through the drywall, these will create an air pocket space of about an inch once the second layer of drywall is screwed in. Apply green glue behind the second layer of drywall and secure it over the first layer. Install a door made of two thick pieces of cork board that when closed has no opening for sound to get through, and you’ve got yourself a relatively inexpensive soundproofed studio shed.

Office furniture and accessory choices are an important decision, you want yourself and any colleagues you invite over to feel comfortable in order to deliver the best results on the job. Translucent window curtains allowing the sun to still shine through are mighty inspiring when your creative light is out of oil. A desk is the horse of the office, and you’re Napoleon Bonaparte riding your trusty steed into daily battles.

You can have custom desks made from any wood you want, shiny maple, dark walnut, heartfelt oak, the choice is up to you. What about an adjustable desk that raises to a standing height and lowers to a sitting height, all with the press of a button! Your office chair should be supportive, made with thick memory foam cushions covered in slick, black leather. Cubbies for all your favorite supplies such as notebooks, pens, staplers, and nutritious snacks.

Spouses and children don’t mean to interrupt you during your productive bouts of tunnel vision, but  a simple question such as “how was your day today” can cause you to whip your brain’s steering wheel into incoming traffic, throwing your roadmap out the window while flipping off every officer in sight.

modern sheds

The Modern Man Needs A Man Cave

Gone are the days where a man could sit in his recliner, crack a few cold ones, and yell at the TV in peace. There’s always a child who needs help with their homework, a wife who explains every minute of her day, and a dog who won’t quit barking at every sound they hear. Now you’re barking and causing emotional friction between you and your family. You know you need space to relax, but you probably didn’t realize that space could be a shed in your backyard.

Man cave sheds, and she sheds as well for you ladies out there, are the modern day classic dens. Where you go to be alone, study your tomes, and argue with that stupid raven on top your grandfather’s favorite clock. When your man’s cave’s infiltrated by possible intruders you pick up their scent immediately, throwing yourself into a heightened state of alert, reducing your mental clarity while simultaneously increasing your stress levels.

Imagine blasting a full dolby 7.1 surround sound system as loud as you want, without disturbing your neighbors thanks to your DIY soundproofing. A 60 inch OLEd 8k resolution tv showcasing your favorite cinema picks every night, without the movie theater prices on popcorn. A wrap-around sofa for one sounds like paradise to most, fitted with multiple automated recliners that massage your whole body while you enjoy your ESPN+ package, can’t go wrong.

Since the start of the season the Pat’s have won all six of their games, inside your man cave shed you and your closest amigos just witnessed them win their seventh. Crushed Bud light cans scatter the cave’s floor, reflecting moonlight across the shiny teeth of grinning football fans. Your man cave shed was installed with a wrap around deck equipped with a brick fire pit, so why not light the citronella torches and take the party outside. Fire roast some hot dogs, burn some s’mores, and reminisce about how you guys were cheated out of winning the state championship for Ipswich High School back in 1988.

Are you a hunter with lots of trophies you’re too proud not to share, use your woodland friends as interior decorations that really start the conversation. Are you more of a plant person? A man cave doesn’t have to be dark and barren, pot some cactuses, herbs, and a venus fly trap to keep you company. Have you always wanted to own your own aquarium? The perfect spot would be next to your mini fridge stocked full of ice cold lagers, that way you never forget to feed your fish.

For the ladies out there, if the phrase man cave seems too brute, a she shed would be your similarly functioning alternative choice. You enjoy movies, don’t you? Maybe with less explosions and karate, but hey why can’t The Notebook be viewed on the big screen as well. Do your gal pals need a spot on Tuesday nights where they can sip white wine during The Bachelor, contemplating who he’s going to give the final rose to. Hosting group meetings such as book clubs, scripture readings, band practice, and any other club you’re a part of has never been easier and more convenient.

At Perry Brothers Construction we’re dedicated to saving your time, bringing you focus, and keeping your family together. Everybody deserves a space of their own, so why not book a free in person or online consultation to discuss with us how a modern shed would improve your daily life. Don’t forget to ask for quotes on basic shed packages, completely free of course, your future outdoor yoga studio may become more than a dream very soon. Contact Perry Brothers Construction with any of your questions regarding all of our services.