The brilliance of modern shed design is how you can make them a stunning addition to your landscape. Seamlessly integrating with your environment, the striking appearance of a modern shed almost always becomes the main focal point of your backyard. 

Every homeowner wants to design a landscape that feels like a backyard retreat, however, simply erecting a modern shed in the center of your outdoor space may look out of place.

Without landscaping around your modern shed it’ll never feel fully integrated into your backyard. To make your oasis even better, designing outdoor spaces that complement and enhance your modern shed can turn any backyard into your personal paradise.

To bring your backyard to the next level, here are five of my favorite fun outdoor space ideas that can help make your lifestyle shed a beautiful and organic part of your landscaping.

Add A Gazebo Outside Your Modern Shed 

While you may have installed window walls and skylights to give yourself plenty of natural lighting, nothing beats direct exposure to the sun. Adding a gazebo to your backyard landscape allows you to comfortably catch a breath of fresh air when you need it most.

Attached either to a wraparound deck or an intentional pathway, a gazebo is the perfect outdoor break room for your office shed.

Planning to host a neighborhood barbeque? Place the propane grill and self-serve tables under the gazebo. Let the kids swim in the pool while you and the other moms enjoy some white wine in the shade. Take a break from your study shed and get lost in a good book under the gazebo.

And of course, if you live near Plum Island in Newburyport Massachusetts, always opt to include a mosquito net around your gazebo to block out the bloodsuckers. 

Make Your Modern Shed The Centerpiece Of A Garden 

Live off the land; build a sustainable oasis; make your modern shed the center of a beautiful garden. Plant your favorite vegetables, flowers, and herbs in beds along the perimeter of your shed, then, when you need inspiration, take a break from your studio and go smell the roses.

Construct a trellis and let garbanzo beans and squash weave their vines up to the sky, adding a nice touch of organic decoration to your modern shed’s exterior.

You can try different other vertical gardening techniques—such as hanging wooden boxes from hooks off your shed—perfect for growing pretty succulents and low-growing vegetables like lettuce, chard, and kale.

Transform your modern shed into a floral fantasy, covered with soft Malvern Hills and attractive, dark red roses. 

Fence off an area next to your shed and till out a few beds yourself. Mix in high-quality lobster compost and fast-growing Myco Madness to accelerate your garden’s growth rate and get the most out of every harvest.

Build A Porch Around Your Modern Shed

While meditating in a wellness shed is a much better experience than doing the same inside a dimly lit basement, sometimes there’s still more to be desired. Whether closing your eyes for a much-needed mid-day nap or pulling out the guitar to hum a melody, everything’s better under the sun.

Building a wrap around porch for your modern shed gives you unlimited access to the great outdoors. Place out a few reclining lounge chairs and a couple of outdoor side tables; pull your sunhat over your face—breathe in deeply; now, exhale and slide away to paradise.

For materials, you can either opt for composite or hardwood decking, both of which have their benefits and drawbacks. Generally, hardwood deck material costs less but requires more regular maintenance than composite decking. While composite decking costs more upfront, in the long run, you might save money on maintenance fees.

Other ideas for your modern shed’s porch could include installing an outdoor swing, hanging landscape lighting, using vintage backyard furniture, and so much more!

Modern Shed Koi Pond

Nothing says relaxing like tending to a backyard koi pond. After sweating through intensive full-body workouts inside your gym shed, take a walk outside and lower your heart rate by the koi pond.

Balance is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life and your koi’s know this better than anybody. Swirling around like a pro-flush toilet; like different colored ink down the drain of a cast iron tub, respecting each other’s space until finally merging together.

When the sun rises, walk outside and smell the cold dew in the air. Hop the cobblestone road leading towards your ancient oasis and gaze upon these magnificent creatures who protect your modern shed from darkness and misfortune.

Modern Shed Bird Sanctuary         

If you’re anything like me, my favorite early morning moment—besides tending to my modern shed’s koi pond—is when I walk outside and hear Ipswich’s symphony orchestra. 

The birds—and no, not the Alfred Hitchcock film—I’m talking about the spiritually inclined cardinal, the chilling honk of the crows, and sweet, somber voice of the blackbird. 

Nothing beats looking out the window of your office shed and seeing a few friendly birds helping themselves to your bird feeders. 

Everyone deserves a treat, hang up different types of bird feeders to accommodate all your feathered friends. An elegant hummingbird feeder filled with honey, peanut butter for the woodpeckers, mixtures of black sunflower seed, millet, and cracked corn for the rest of them. 

Install bird feeders on your modern shed’s porch or deck, maybe by the entrance? How cool would it be to open your mystical modern shed door to a world of song and magic. 

Integrate Your Modern Shed Into Your Backyard With Perry Brothers Construction

the perry brothers construction team

With so many ways to use your modern shed, there’s no wonder why there are also so many options for integrating your shed with your landscape. 

Whether choosing modern shed siding that complements the exterior of your pool house to designing a productive home office, it’s awesome if your modern shed is the focal point of your backyard, but it’s a real bummer if it ends up a confusing addition to the landscape.

As experienced modern shed developers, Perry Brothers Construction wants to help you create fun outdoor space ideas that can really enhance the natural beauty of your home’s property.

Together, let’s improve your outdoor living space with an innovative backyard shed.