In our ever-changing society, modern homeowners need to adapt to solving problems in new ways. The idea of what’s considered an office space has drastically changed. With the rise of jobs in the field of technology—primarily operated through computer-based systems that reduce the need for in-person collaboration, many homeowners are enjoying the benefits and drawbacks of working from home.

While ditching your traffic-filled commute to the office allows you some extra time for what matters most, a common problem with working remotely is not having a space free from distractions. A place where you can take phone calls and draft proposals without being interrupted by the daily chaos in your home. 

Forget sticking yourself in the storage closet. Instead, build your own personal backyard office shed, an environment designed for maximum focus and productivity. 

In today’s article we want to share with you our 5 favorite home office shed ideas to increase your productivity while working remotely. If you’re serious about creating boundaries between your work and home life a shed office may be exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Build Your Own Breakroom

Every office needs a place to unwind, somewhere to reflect on what’s getting done and what needs to be done. Reviewing your past and present schedule, inspecting the systems you have in place, and inspiring the creative solutions that build better businesses.

With an outdoor office you have the opportunity to embrace one of the most relaxing environments on the planet, the beautiful foliage and changing seasons of Massachusetts.

A home office doesn’t have to be modeled after your old corporate cubicle, the possibilities for functionality and visual aesthetic are boundless. Let the sunshine inside. Totally or partially transform your shed office into a garden solarium. Install energy-rated skylights, turn your walls to windows, open them up and breathe in that fresh New England air.

Have an indoor vegetable garden, roll out a mat and do some yoga, brainstorm next quarter’s marketing strategy. Give yourself a competitive edge by designing an office shed that suits not only the needs of your industry but most importantly, your own.

2. Install Plenty Of Storage Space

When anticipating storage needs for a home office, more is always better. Important office supplies should always be easy to access, as you don’t want to waste your productive hours searching for lost documents you need for tomorrow’s presentation.l 

Remember, the best storage solutions enhance the visual aesthetic of a room. You can purchase decorative desk organizers and open shelving to open up a ton of interior design possibilities. Custom order an office desk that’s optimized with bookshelf shelving and plenty of slide-out drawers. Make space behind your desk for additional cabinetry, install in-wall storage solutions, arrange stackable office organizers, and look for ways to keep you moving forward. 

And just a reminder, a key factor to maximizing your available storage space is to begin by minimizing your clutter. Less is more. Make it your mission to assess the difference between what’s a necessity and what’s hoarding all the space. Scan your important documents, secure them on your hard drive, then pull out the shredder and kick the filing cabinets to the curb.

3. Soundproof Your Office Shed    

The biggest challenge when working from home is the unavoidable distractions of everyday life. The noise, the urgency, the screaming children during your Zoom meetings. How many times have you lost the interest of a potential client due to children interrupting your sales presentations? You need a private telephone booth, a fortress of solitude, a dedicated home office where you can communicate effectively. 

The best solution is to design a soundproofed modern shed. This isn’t your typical home office, this is a sanctuary for you to develop your professional potential and increase your production capability. When you install the right soundproof insulation, use creative carpentry to create sound-absorbing air gaps between the walls, floor, and ceiling, and install a high-quality solid-core door, you can build an office shed optimized for professional success.

4. Install A Ductless Heating And Cooling Solution

Instead of connecting your home’s central HVAC system to your office shed, a better option would be to install a ductless mini-split. The benefits of ductless heating and cooling certainly outweigh any drawbacks. Not only do they cost less to operate than traditional heating and cooling systems, but in a cozy shed office they’re the perfect climate control solution. 

A single Mitsubishi mini-split is more than enough to keep the temperature consistent and comfortable inside a modern shed. Place the remote control on your desk and always have control over the thermostat.

When working from a home office shed in Massachusetts or New Hampshire you want to guarantee that you’ll be cool during the humid summers and warm when the frost hits the ground. Integrated with the natural surroundings of your backyard, rain or shine, no matter the weather, a modern shed is always open.

5. Try A Height Adjustable Desk

It’s no secret that sitting in an office chair all day isn’t good for your posture and muscular tissue. Long periods of inactivity can be devastating not only to your physical health but also to your creative thinking. People who spend most of their time sitting at an office desk are usually more susceptible to developing spinal problems, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes. With so much information on the importance of staying fit, there’s no wonder why height-adjustable desks have become increasingly popular.

When designing your home office shed’s layout consider all the ways you can increase performance by incorporating a more active lifestyle. When using a standing desk you have no choice but to engage in the tasks in front of you. There’s no slouching back in your chair, guzzling coffee while watching youtube videos of topics unrelated to your industry. Incorporating a standing desk produces enormous physical and mental benefits, you’ll prevent back problems from developing while at the same time increasing your performance and concentration. And of course, if you ever decide you want to sit again, you can adjust your desk back down to chair height at the press of a button.

Increase Your Production Capability With Perry Brothers Construction 

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You deserve to enjoy what you do for a living, and that means loving where you work. A home office shed provides any professional the opportunity to avoid the commute and organize a workspace designed to nurture growth and productivity. Interruptions during work hours will be a problem of the past.

If you feel inspired by these 5 home office shed ideas to increase your production capability and would like to learn more about designing home offices, please contact our design specialists at (781)-233-7511 and we’ll be delighted to assist you.