Are you looking to remodel your kitchen? Build an addition to your home? 

How do you choose the right contractors to take on this huge responsibility and ensure you get the house you dreams of and not a nightmare you have to live in forever? 

For starters, don’t start with the internet. Instead, open your door and have a peek outside. It’s not hard to spot several construction vans frequenting your neighborhood during remodeling season. Stop by your neighbors and inquire about the projects going on and how the contractors are progressing.  

After this step, you should hop online to contact an industry organization for advice, like the Better Business Bureau. Once you finalize at least four contractors that seem up for the task, get in contact with them to proceed further.  

Following is a set of tips to help you zero in on the best remodeling contractor for your home. 

How to Hire a Contractor- 5 Top Tips 

Clearly Define your Home Remodeling Project 

When you reach out to contractors, have a crystal-clear idea of how exactly you want to redo your home. With no sound plan, you may end up making lots of unexpected changes, and it can ruin the experience for both parties. Always plan your ideas so that there are no sudden alterations halfway through the project.  

Look at Online Reviews and Past Jobs 

Research online reviews about the quality of the labor, materials, and overall craft of contractors that you are considering. Take a look at their previous home development projects. Most professional contractor websites feature images of their recent jobs. It gives a glimpse into the result you can expect.  

Trade review websites such as Homeadvisor and Porch are credible for knowing about a contractor’s standing in the construction and renovation world. Perry Brothers Construction has strong ratings online, and we have also been awarded the Angie’s list 2019 super service award for our outstanding work.  

Interview Before you Hire 

It is essential to get a good talk with your prospective contractor before you hire them. Since there will be plenty of interactions between you and the working team, make sure you are comfortable. Ask all the questions you need to understand the contractor better. Some questions you could consider are: 

  • How long has the contractor been in business? 
  • How much will you be paying, and how will you be financing it? 
  • Will the contractor do the job or outsource it to different subcontractors?  
  • What sort of materials will be used? Ask to be explained about various options available (budget-friendly, upgraded, etc.). 
  • Will the contractor appoint a renovation supervisor (a single point of contact to be on-site)?  
  • How does the contractor handle unexpected events during the remodeling? How will they affect your timeline and budgets? 
  • What happens if you, as a customer, are not satisfied with the job done? How does the contractor deal with customer complaints?  

You’re paying the contractor for both a product and a service. It is vital that they be 100% committed to doing the job as discussed and to your satisfaction.  

Get it All in Writing 

A reputable contractor will offer you a comprehensive contract that clearly describes all terms, from financing and liability to names of suppliers and materials and insurance, before even hammering a single nail into your property. Do go over this contract with a fine-toothed comb before you sign it.  

Discuss any suggestions to make changes to the contract as well. 

Verify Licensing, Permits, and Certification 

Your contractor should be licensed to perform home renovation work in your area. They should also have the required insurance to cover their workers. Verify that the contractor possesses all the needed permits through your local government before beginning the job. 

If you’re doing a large-scale project like an addition, you may find it beneficial to check your contractor’s Construction Supervisor License. We recommend you skip any contractors who don’t have the proper credentials. 

Perry Brothers has a Construction Supervisor License, and they are fully insured.  

How to Hire a Contractor Near Me in New England 

At Perry Brothers Construction, we offer dependable and reputable home remodeling services. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your property.