The owners of this Methuen, MA home wanted to totally transform their unfinished basement into a multi-functional space designed to meet their needs. The foundation walls were exposed, the framing needed to be replaced, and the back door entrance to the basement was causing an uncomfortable draft.

Patryk and Marta Kelley were recommended to hire Perry Brothers Construction by Patryk’s mother Alina, who hired us to remodel her basement the previous year. After speaking with a few general contractors and an unexpected opening in our construction timeline, The Kelleys were able to hire their first choice basement remodeler, Perry Brothers Construction.

Problem: An old unfinished basement needs a total transformation.

Solution: We gutted the walls, floor, and ceiling to inspect the framing and plumbing, allowing us to determine the full scope of work for this basement remodel.

Basement Remodeling Goals

As of purchasing their Methuen home in 2015, aside from gutting and renovating the upstairs floors, the basement remodel was by far their largest project. Essentially, the Kelleys needed to rebuild an entire floor from scratch, stripped down to the studs, knowing problems may reveal themself once the walls are ripped open. 

A Multipurpose Basement Design

a basement remodeled into a music studio

The goal for this basement remodel was to organize the layout to accommodate multiple functional needs. Patryk, who primarily works remotely, desired a quiet home office that creates a sense of separation between work and home. More importantly, Patryk is a drummer and he needed a soundproof space where he could let off some steam.

Besides the basement office space, the Kelley’s wanted to build a two-door laundry closet that could fit a washer and dryer, along with space for additional storage. A coat closet was installed next to the backdoor of the basement and the rest of the room opted for an open floor plan. 

Value Boosting Home Upgrades

laundry room in a finished basement

Building a space that can accommodate multiple functions and interests brings huge economic value to your everyday life. Not only did the Kelleys increase the value of their home by remodeling the basement, but finishing the room gave them the opportunity to take advantage of previously unused space.    

The Demolition Phase Of A Basement Remodel

basement remodel before construction begins

The homeowners were aware of the fact that unexpected damage and concerns will be revealed once their basement walls are gutted and evaluated. All the walls were ripped down to the bottom of the stairs, but we left the existing basement bathroom walls and ceiling. We applied a Conproco Foundation Coat to protect the walls from the cold Methuen winter. 

The floors were protected with layers of Ram Board and any loose framing stock, strapping, and wires were tossed into the commercial dumpster.

The Full Scope Of The Basement Remodel

Besides refinishing the walls, ceiling, and flooring of this Methuen, Ma basement remodel, after gutting down to the studs, the full scope of work for the project was revealed.

Electrical Services

electrical services for main panel.

Electrical servicemen were hired to install a new electric sub-panel, update all outlets to code, supply and install 20 Razor LED recessed light fixtures, and run the proper feeds and cables for the Tv and laundry room.

Plumbing Work

For plumbing services, we were required to remove and relocate various water and gas pipes. This included running the feed for an icemaker, repairing the drain for the tub above the garage ceiling, connecting two new frost-resistant silcocks to the meter, and installing the proper hot and cold water feeds, vents, and drains for the new washer and dryer. A new full-perimeter sub-pump system was also needed.

Interior And Exterior Door

interior basement office door.

The backdoor that enters through the basement was causing major humidity problems, leading to the development of mold. We installed a ThermaTru Smooth Star insulated fiberglass door, complemented by a Larson Tradewinds storm door.

Since their basement was going to be divided into multiple functional spaces, to create separation, the homeowners installed a few interior pine doors. Choosing Jeld-Wen moulded interior doors, these were used for the laundry closet, storage closet, home office, and garage. Patryk’s home office has two interior doors installed. One gives access to the garage, the other is the main entrance through the basement.

Removing And Replacing The Cellar Window 

On top of a draft coming through the back exterior door to the basement, there was also a drafty cellar window. We cut the foundation walls to install a new Harvey Classic 2 lite double-hung window using the same specs as the original.

Using PVC stock for the exterior trim and pine stock for the interior, using stainless steel screws and plugs we successfully complete the removal and installation of this drafty cellar window.  

Framing And Finishing

finished and framed basement office.

The entire interior of this basement required new framing stock and partition walls. We also had to frame the exterior of the basement and garage walls with 2×4 lumber, excluding the brick around the chimney. 

After applying strapping to the basement ceiling joists, we began measuring and placing the Roxul insulation into the interior walls of the basement. Instead, for the exterior walls, we opted to use closed-cell foam, a more optimal solution for filling tough-to-reach cracks.

To build a soundproof space we secured two pieces of double-layer thick drywall over the Roxul insulation, using resilient channels to create air gaps between them, resulting in significant noise reduction. 

After a smooth finish skim coat of the plaster, we finally prepped, primed, and painted this fresh basement remodel.

A Basement Remodel Dream Come True

a basement remodel dream come true.

The end result? Not just a basement, our homeowners received a multipurpose value-boosting home upgrade. A space that can function however they desire, from a home office to a music studio, to an entertainment center for hosting friends and family, this Methuen, MA basement remodel was an ultra success. 

If you’d like to have a basement remodeling experience like Patryk and Marta Kelley and don’t know where to start, feel free to contact Perry Brothers Construction, a licensed general contractor who’s an expert in all aspects of basement remodeling. What does your dream basement look like?