A Water Damage Discovery In Newburyport, MA:  A Perry Brothers Construction Remodeling Project

kitchen island with granite countertop

Craig and Moray had been planning a major remodeling project for their home which involved upgrading the flooring of the entire downstairs area. They also replaced the siding of their house with hardie plank lap siding.  Perry Brothers Construction was hired to undertake the project. During their home remodeling project, our team faced some unexpected challenges, including discovering water damage caused by improper ventilation to the fireplace.

newly installed hardie plank siding with a vent for the indoor fireplace

The Perry Brothers Construction team acted swiftly and promptly addressed the water damage issue, ensuring that the entire remodeling project was completed on time without any further complications. This experience demonstrated Perry Brothers Construction’s expertise and commitment to their clients, as the team was able to identify the reason for water damage and resolve it quickly and effectively.

Managing The Remodeling Project From Start To Finish

kitchen with refurbished cabinets and upgraded flooring

Perry Brothers Construction managed Craig and Moray’s remodeling project from start to finish, providing comprehensive project management services. The team used the latest tools and resources to complete the project efficiently and effectively. Bill oversaw the entire construction process, ensuring everything was completed according to their predetermined design plans.

two highly skilled carpenters

Communication was key throughout the remodeling project. The Perry Brothers Construction team kept the family informed of the progress, any issues that arose, and what steps were taken to address them. The team’s commitment to communication and client satisfaction was evident in every aspect of the project. Perry Brother’s Construction never skimps on communication; it’s one of their strongest attributes.

Exceeding The Homeowner’s Expectations

dining room with hanging chandelier light

The family was extremely pleased with the final results of their home remodeling project. The new hardwood floors were of the highest quality and added a touch of elegance to the inside of their home. Perry Brothers Construction exceeded expectations by going above and beyond what was required during the entire renovation and remodeling process.

Their team helped move furniture and laid down non-slip protective drop clothes, ensuring the family’s belongings were protected throughout the home remodeling process. This commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail sets Perry Brothers Construction apart from other construction companies throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

Decorative lamp post in the homeowner's front yard

Perry Brothers Construction strives to exceed their client’s expectations by providing the highest quality home remodeling services across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Craig and Moray’s remodeling project exemplifies how this commitment to excellence can result in a successful, stress-free project. The team at Perry Brothers Construction is proud to have been a part of their renovation and remodeling journey.

Home Renovations That Add Value

The family’s decision to upgrade the flooring of their home’s entire downstairs area was for aesthetic and practical reasons. Upgrading your home’s flooring can significantly improve its market value, making it a wise investment with a high return rate.

Replacing old, worn, or outdated flooring with new, high-quality materials can transform a home’s appearance and make it more appealing to potential buyers. In addition, new flooring can make a home more functional, durable, and energy-efficient, improving the overall comfort of the living space.

inside view of a solid core fiberglass front entry door

Craig and Moray added a touch of elegance and sophistication to their home by investing in a kitchen renovation. The new pine hardwood floors were high quality and added a modern touch to the kitchen, which is super appealing to potential buyers. The family can expect to see the value of their home increase significantly, which is awesome if they decide to sell their home in the future.

Swift Action: Perry Brothers Construction’s Response To Water Damage

stainless steel kitchen sink with new backsplash

Perry Brothers Construction’s quick action was essential because the water damage could have caused significant rottage if left unaddressed. If the team had not caught the issue on time, the water could have spread to other areas of the property, leading to further damage and mold growth. This would have caused delays in their construction timeline, additional change orders, and potential health risks for the family.

freshly installed toilet and complementing bathroom tiles

Many home remodeling companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire would have looked the other way and continued the project without addressing the water damage issue. However, Perry Brothers Construction knew the importance of identifying and addressing potential issues during the remodeling process. Their team members are trained to recognize the signs of water damage and know that promptly addressing the issue is crucial for their client’s safety and well-being.

wooden bathroom vanity

Perry Brothers Construction’s response to the water damage problem demonstrated their commitment to their clients and their expertise in the renovation and remodeling field. Their team’s attention to detail and ability to act swiftly when unexpected problems arise set them apart from other construction companies in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. The family was impressed with Perry Brothers Construction’s professionalism and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced home remodeling team.

Concluding Craig And Moray’s Home Remodeling Project

newly finished mudroom with coat rack and bench

In conclusion, Perry Brothers Construction’s exceptional work on the homeowner’s remodeling project demonstrated pure commitment and ingenuity to their clients and craft. The challenges faced during the project, such as the unexpected water damage, were handled promptly and effectively.

After water damage this stairway was re carpeted, along with a few other renovations

The remodeling project’s final results exceeded the client’s expectations, and Perry Brothers Construction’s commitment to unparalleled service and attention to detail made them unique from other construction companies in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Craig and Moray were thrilled with the outcome and would recommend Perry Brothers Construction to their friends and family for any home renovation and remodeling project.

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