When estimating the cost of your bathroom remodel factors such as size, fixtures, finishes, and services needed can all influence the final price. In Newburyport, MA the average cost to remodel a bathroom ranges from $17,500 to more than $39,500, mostly determined by size, quality of finishes, fixture options, scope of work, and services required. 

While remodeling a bathroom can seem like an impossible project, taking the time to really plan out your design makes all the difference. Selecting the best luxury fixtures, cabinets, and appliances allows you to pursue a high-quality bathroom remodel on any budget. 

Here at Perry Brothers Construction, we want you to understand the wide range of bathroom remodel costs so that you can figure out ways to lower the total price of your project without skipping out on any sophisticated design options.

What Variables Determine The Cost Of A Bathroom Remodel?

When setting a budget for your bathroom remodel, you need to make a rough estimate of how much you’re willing to spend on the project. Finding a balance between being cost-conscious, while at the same time not sacrificing beauty, helps you plan a bathroom remodel that you’ll be happy with for years to come. 

The main variables that influence the cost of a bathroom remodel includes the size, finishes, fixtures, scope, and services needed. You need to consider both the direct costs such as materials and labor, as well as the indirect costs such as overruns, permits, and interior design costs. 

How The Size And Layout Affect Your Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Of course, the main variable that determines the cost of your bathroom remodel is the size and layout of the room. Generally, the bigger the bathroom, the more expensive the renovation project. While the size and layout isn’t the most important factor that affects the cost, a larger bathroom normally means more plumbing fixtures and accessories.

For example, a half-bath—also called a powder room—typically only has a sink and toilet, as the small size doesn’t give enough extra space for a tub or shower. Most homeowners opt for a single sink vanity and no additional storage closets. The design of a half-bath is meant to be minimal and functional, but you never want to sacrifice luxury, no matter the amount of space you have available.

On the other hand, costs for remodeling a full bathroom can increase dramatically compared to a powder room because you’ll normally be removing and replacing a bathtub or shower. The cost of replacing a bathtub can average about $6,660, while the average cost of replacing a shower can run between $2,000 to $9,000. In most cases, replacing a bathtub with a shower system will cost more than installing a new bathtub because you’ll be moving a lot of the plumbing while converting to a shower area.

When factoring the total cost of a master bathroom there’s a much higher fixture count than a full or half-bath. Usually the vanity will be much larger in size, with two sinks and additional storage space. You may have an extra large shower and a separate jetted bathtub, both with their own enclosures, ranging from cost-effective acrylic to expensive but durable granite. A larger space means more storage opportunities, so the cost of a master bathroom may also include closets, shelving, and additional cabinetry.

Low-end fixtures for a small bathroom can cost around $1,500, while fixtures for a large master bathroom can average upwards of $15,000. Whether budget-friendly or ultra-modern luxury options, no matter the size and layout of your bathroom, there are tons of different styles and types of bathroom fixtures to choose from for your remodel project.

The Higher The Finish Level, The Higher The Bathroom Remodeling Costs

When we talk about finish level what we’re referring to is the general quality and price of all the fixtures, materials, and finishes. These include baseboards, backsplashes, interior window trim, countertop material, type of flooring, and of course the brands and models of the different sinks, tubs, showers, and faucets you choose. Basically, the higher the finish level, the higher the overall cost of your bathroom remodel. 

You can always opt for budget-friendly finish options from stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Ikea, as they generally offer stock toilets, cheaper tiling options such as vinyl and ceramic, as well as prefab vanities by Glacier Bay. These finish options are great for planning a bathroom remodel budget that isn’t going to break the bank while still providing you with the comfort and enjoyment of a freshly remodeled bathroom.

On the other side of the spectrum, high-end luxury finishes such as THG Paris lacquered bronze faucet handles and artistic natural stone tiles means the sky’s the limit for the possibilities of your bathroom’s design. Luxury is where customization, craftsmanship, and high-quality materials combine to truly go above and beyond the standard bathroom remodel.

The Scope Of Work: A Full-Scale Bathroom Remodel Vs A Bathroom Renovation 

When a home improvement expert talks about the scope of the work, what they mean is the amount and type of work required to complete the bathroom remodel. Not only does scope influence your bathroom remodeling costs, but it also determines how long a bathroom remodel takes, as well as what professionals you need to hire. When a general contractor writes up the estimate for your renovation or remodel they’ll list out the costs for the exact fixtures and finishes you’re getting, that way you get a detailed overview regarding the total cost of your bathroom project. 

First, you need to decide whether your project is a simple renovation or a full-scale bathroom remodel. A bathroom renovation typically involves ripping and replacing all the outdated fixtures and finishes, while leaving what’s not being changed in place. You’re not gutting and reframing the bathroom walls, as usually the scope of work only involves the removal and replacement of a select number of finishes such as the vanity and toilet. Reimagining your bathroom this way can often be done with a licensed general contractor who doesn’t manage an entire crew. 

If you’re planning an expensive bathroom remodel, typically this will involve gutting the walls, reconfiguring the plumbing lines, and rewiring the electrical feeds. Basically stripping the room down to the studs and remodeling the bathroom from the ground up in order to modify the layout of the space. A transformational bathroom remodel of this scope requires not only a licensed contractor but also professional interior design and architectural services, who can all guarantee the work will be done safely and comply with your local Newburyport building regulations. 

What Services Influence The Cost Of A Bathroom Remodel? 

Mainly, when determining the cost of your bathroom remodel work, you’ll be thinking of the costs for design and construction services. Your best bet when it comes to a major gut job is to hire a full-service design-build firm, as they offer in-house design and build services. 

Aside from maybe the plumbing and electrical services, a general contracting company that only offers a building service is typically a single licensed individual who carries out all the work themselves. These build-only firms do not offer full professional design services. They typically only commit to projects with finished blueprints, but some will work with you to determine the bathroom remodeling costs for the vision you’ve conceived, often giving you creative suggestions and advice for different materials and finishes, sometimes even drawing out rough visualizations for your bathroom’s layout.

A design-only service is usually broken down into creative and technical designs. The creative design team helps you reinvent the space, while the technical designers make sure your project is completed safely and to code. Any project involving gut renovations where permits and inspections are required typically needs a structural engineer to sign off on the plans. You can expect to pay a professional interior design team anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 depending on the size and complexity of your bathroom remodel. 

Your best bet is to hire a Newburyport-based design-build firm, which combines the expertise of a general contractor with the creativity of a professional design service. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a design-build company is that you’ll work with the same firm throughout the planning and construction of your bathroom remodel project. This can often condense the timeline of a bathroom remodel, keeping the cost of your project on budget and allowing you to communicate solely with a single design-build company, rather than multiple service providers. 

What’s The Cost Of Labor For A Bathroom Remodel?

How much a bathroom remodel will cost is significantly impacted by the general contractor’s price of labor, including the renovation crew, administrative employees, and subcontractors. In Newburyport, MA a typical residential contractor can charge up to $1,000 an hour to cover the costs for the in-house labor force and any outside subs such as the plumber, tile contractor, electrician, HVAC specialists, and countertop installers. 

The cost of labor is dependent on the timeline of the work, with the labor for a bathroom remodeling project typically adding up to around 30% of the overall price. When using lower-end materials and finishes, labor becomes up to 40-50% of the overall costs, with the addition of specialized labor costing even more.

What Are Some Hidden Costs When Remodeling A Bathroom?

After hiring a general contractor, you can ask them what possible overruns you might run into during the remodeling process. Sometimes a bathroom remodel inside a historic home or an abnormally large home can dramatically increase the cost because of the need for specialty labor and materials. 

Unfortunately, from the onset of a project, a general contractor cannot determine every additional cost you may encounter, as a lot of these problems are revealed once walls are broken into and finishes are replaced. For example, then may find that water has been trapped inside your shower walls due to improper grouting, and now you need to purchase new framing stock to replace it all. 

Most contracts between you and a design-build firm will factor in permitting and inspection fees, but when issues arise a change order may be necessary to keep your remodeling project on track. You should always keep an emergency budget of at least 10% of the total project cost set aside in case of unforeseen overruns, especially if it’s gut remodel since you don’t exactly know what’s behind those walls.       

How To Plan A Bathroom Remodel Budget?

When planning a bathroom remodel budget the costs can vary tremendously based on the type of materials used, the scope of the renovation, and the price of labor. Even though a bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $17,500 to $39,500, adhering to a modest budget will typically cost about $100 a square foot.

If you’re remodeling a bathroom on a small budget, keep the scope of work minimal and opt to only upgrade the existing fixtures, accessories, and trim work. If you’re bringing an old bathroom into the future you can expect to convert your tub to a shower, as well as updating the existing plumbing and electrical work.

For a high-end bathroom remodel the cost is mostly determined by the size of the bathroom and what luxury fixtures and finishes you decide to install. If you’re installing a steam shower or a jacuzzi bathtub the cost of plumbing services are going to be much higher than if you were simply renovating your existing tub or shower. 

Updating the layout of any room requires changes to the structure of your home, so you need to factor in the additional costs of hiring a structural engineer and skilled framing carpenters.  

When planning any major renovation, ask your general contractor about the price and time for acquiring building permits and inspections. If you don’t get these details taken care of you could be subject to project delays and big fines from your municipality’s building department.

Maybe you’ll become infatuated by a particular brand of high-end vanities, but to keep on your target budget you decide to go with a stock prefab model. All of these considerations and requirements are why remodeling a bathroom is so expensive, but when done thoughtfully, you can zero on the math for what you can and can’t afford.

Are You Ready To Determine The Cost Of Your Bathroom Remodel Project?

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While the average cost to remodel a bathroom can vary drastically depending on the scope of the project, most of the costs that influence the total price can be factored in before you even step into a general contractor’s office. 

If you want additional help and have any questions you need answered to finalize your bathroom remodel budget, ask Bill Perry of Perry Brothers Construction, a master bathroom remodeler who offers not only the best advice and support in Newburyport, MA but also across the entirety of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.