Do you think the time has finally come for you to replace your old toilet? If your toilet wobbles, frequently clogs, or has cracks in the finish, you should order a replacement. You might’ve tried fixing your toilet DIY: installing a toilet repair kit, changing the flange, inspecting the piping; always ending the same—right back where you started.

Generally, the total cost to replace a toilet in Massachusetts averages around $450, a bit higher than the national average price of $371, displayed in the 2023 data from Angi and HomeAdvisor. Keep reading to learn everything that factors into the cost of removing and replacing a toilet—from the difficulty of the work, to the plumbing condition, and any other additional features or concerns.

What Factors Determine The Cost To Replace A Toilet?

Across North Shore Massachusetts, the cost of toilet removal and replacement can vary; for instance, if you live in a sixth-floor condominium, the price of removing and replacing your toilet increases due to the difficulty of carrying the old toilet down all those stairs—of course, without making a mess.

And besides hiring bathroom remodelers, you’ll also need to find a local plumber who can install the new drain pipe, fix any leaks and clogs, determine the cost of toilet accessories such as flanges, wax rings, and flush valves, and ensure you pass your Massachusetts plumbing inspections. 

The average cost of a North Shore MA plumber can range from $70-$100, with their job normally taking 2-4 hours.

If your upgraded toilet is equipped with high-tech features: heated seats, a bidet, high powered flushing, you may need to move piping and install additional electrical outlets. This is always easier done during the post-demolition stage of a bathroom remodel—determining plumbing configurations is much easier when there’s no walls.

Keep in mind that different toilet brands—from basic to luxury—greatly affects the cost of your toilet replacement. A basic two-piece toilet can cost an average of $80, while a high end luxury brand can easily surpass $3,000.

Additional Costs To Consider When Replacing A Toilet

When planning to replace a toilet, additional costs and considerations can sneak up on you if you’re unprepared. While a majority of the cost for toilet removal and replacement is the chosen brand and labor, a large piece of the project’s pricing can include customizations to the floor plan and other additional work.

If your old toilet was leaking and damaged your bathroom floor, it’s important to repair the damage to prevent further structural issues and mold build-up. When removing your old bathroom flooring replace it with water-resistant options such as stone tiles or vinyl. 

The walls of your bathroom may also need to be repaired and replaced. For example, when drywall is damaged from water leaks, you need to tear out the wall to repair the broken pipes. Any structural repairs or replacements will always increase the price of a toilet replacement project.

Do You Need To Replace Your Toilet? 

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While there are many reasons why a homeowner might decide to replace their toilet: leaks, unsteadiness, has trouble flushing, requires frequent maintenance, then it’s time to replace your toilet.

After considering the age and working condition of your toilet, the decision to install a new one will most likely save you money in the long run.

If you’re interested in the average cost of replacing a bathtub or how to plan a bathroom remodel budget, our team of experienced general contractors is always happy to help guide you through any bathroom renovation or remodeling projects.