The bathroom designs dominating 2022 was not an easy list to compile.

When researching for our latest Perry Brother’s Construction blog we came across one single conclusion.

There are tons of ideas to choose from, but here are the bathroom design ideas dominating 2022.

Current Bathroom Design Trends

A bathroom is the home, it’s where we catch our breathe. Isolated from the fast paced world we travel with, taking our infrequent moments of solitude. These safe spaces should bring peace to the whole family. No one should be uncomfortable alone anymore.

You want bathrooms with highly efficient lighting, luxurious fixtures, wonderful walk in showers, and forward thinking trends involving plants you might not be aware of.

We asked all our fellow local contractors, plumbers, tile workers, and electricians how they thought people could better utilize the space provided in their newly renovated bathrooms. The answer is, the bathroom design trends dominating 2022 may surprise you.

As my mother always said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I hope you can appreciate these new modern bathroom design ideas for 2022 as much as Perry Brothers Construction does.

If you don’t no worries, however understanding the latest bathroom design trends can make remodeling your bathroom a much smoother move. Thankfully the research we gathered from the local construction community varied greatly in context to bathroom design ideas.

I hope you learn as much as we have about how to improve the state of luxury in your sacred space.

Try Warm Colors

The forecast expects lighter shades to be the trend in 2022 due to the need for a brighter future. Beige will be the new neutral looking very popular for walls. Grey will become a selective color your local painter may add on the tub trim. Dark brown tiled countertops on top of rosewood cabinets will bring mother nature and culture to you.

Joe comments “Color is a bathroom’s style, the clothes it wears, and how it talks to you. Without the right colors your bathroom may bring unpleasant feelings and permanent problems in the future.

Furniture For Convenience

Investigators have reported bookcases making a comeback but not where you might expect. Smaller bookcases stocked full of your favorite information and literature have been breaking into the bathroom design market everywhere. It’s fair to say people like to read on the toilet.

Try keeping a side table next to your throne for your toothbrush and mouthwash. Place a small desk lamp on it and you can read in your bathroom all night. Wheel your side table to the venetian tub and while the waters warming up go grab some hummus and chocolate for your well deserved bath time.

We believe well designed bathrooms should promote longevity and tender self care. Bill recently said “One of the recent bathrooms Perry Brothers Construction finished was out of Seabrook New Hampshire.

Towards the end of the job the client Paula asked a favor for her husband who was too embarrassed to press our time. He had an LCD TV he wanted installed on the wall directly to the right of the toilet. This way he could watch TV on the john, plus the television was positioned so he could watch it while laying in the new porcelain tub.

We even install surround sound, I bet you didn’t know listening to music while washing up not only acts as a timer for how long you should brush, but also helps promote overall health.

Plants Keep It Fresh

Biophilic home designs are raising eyebrows from some, but those who adopt a green mindset when it comes to their bathroom smell drastic differences. Plants extract the co2 you produce inside your bathroom, flushing it through their pipes, and releasing odorless oxygen into your bathroom’s atmosphere. Why kill your sense of smell with Febreeze or bleach. Let nature do the work for you.

Plants encourage happier people, and they like you as much as you like them. A symbiotic relationship between your bathroom plants and you will be crucial to your home environment.

Jack said “Ever since Ive had a cactus in my bathroom I’ve been extra careful not to slip on my new radiant heat system flooring.”

Your plants will love the new heated flooring as much as you, especially during our tough New England winters. Plants are also awesome decorations for your bathroom, showing friends you bathe in paradise. Plants also reduce our stress and anxiety levels, which is the last thing you want.

Trust us try a botanical bathroom design and dominate your 2022.

Home Spa’s Aren’t Only A Luxury

A bathroom is an oasis and Perry Brother’s wants to take you to the spa. Whether you chose to have a venetian bath tub equipped with thirty air jets, a walk in Wedi shower pan covered in mosaic tiling, or both, Bill Perry will make comfort a priority goal while designing your bathroom.

Install niches in multiple corners of the shower wall for easy access to your showering accessories. A detachable shower head can do wonders for those hard to reach places. Feet slipping when you walk out of the tub? Have our team install a few extra grab bars and towel racks located conveniently by your venetian bath tub.

There is no chance we can’t turn into your bathroom into a five star spa. The possibilities of bathroom designing are endless and all center around you.

Wonderful Recycled Glass Countertops

One huge trend of 2022 is recycled glass countertops according to local f.w web reps. “People are more conscious of their environment now and have the desire to evolve past their destructive habits like purchasing brand new marble counter tops cut from our precious Earth.”

Recycled material looks beautiful as any luxury bathroom countertop on the market, but if you’re someone who gets ecstatic about the idea of having a marble counter top over your bathroom sink, don’t worry you can still join 2022’s latest trend dominating the bathroom design industry.

You’ll find plenty of used countertops online, sometimes for free, but while saving money is awesome sometimes treating yourself is even better. Reward your hard work with a home improvement you’ll use every day.

Dreamy Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiling for your bathroom shower will create the atmosphere your bathroom desperately needs. We’ve made mosaic designs resembling pets, monkeys, food, fireworks, and a moonlit river. Imagine grabbing your bar of soap out the mouth of a dolphin inside your own tiled Sea World.

If mosaic art is not your cup of coffee in the morning try hanging paintings on your bathroom walls. Bathroom art is everywhere on social media, don’t forget to #perrybrothersconstruction ! Typically paintings you might try are of birds and sea mammals, remember the bathroom is your environment to share!

Another popular option for bathroom tile designs are bullnose tiles, the perfect trim for your bathroom floor. There are plenty of colors of bullnose tiles to choose, but remember to select warm colors! The best bathroom tile selections contribute massively to the design of an incredible bathroom.

Unique bathroom tiling ideas are rampantly growing in popularity on instagram bathroom pages. Show the world your eye for bathroom tile designs.

If you’re interested beyond the limitations while designing your bathroom, don’t knock out the idea of remodeling your bathroom space.

Check out our previous blog “Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2022,” I’ll leave a link below for you. Our research team is dedicated to bring our clients a consistent load of quality information.

If you need help with your bathroom remodeling project, contact Perry Brothers Construction. We can help to make your dreams a reality!