Introduction: What is the Need for Bathroom Remodel?

A person’s bathroom is a private space. It is the place where you can get away from the rest of the world for a moment. It should be designed to make you feel good, relaxed, and comfortable.

The need for a bathroom remodel can depend on many factors, but there are some questions that can help you decide if it’s time for you to get started with your bathroom renovation.

Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important aspects of a home. They need to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Before you start remodeling your bathroom, make sure you consider these factors and get professional help for some tasks.

• Is your bathroom outdated? How old is it? Has it been renovated in the past 10 years?

• Do you have an open space on the ground floor that would work well as a bathroom?

• Will the renovation project disrupt your daily routine?

• Do you want to add anything new or change anything about your current layout, fixtures, etc.?

The remodeling process can be difficult without professional help. If you’re not sure how to go about it, then hire a bathroom remodeling contractor with experience in doing bathroom renovations. They will be able to bring your ideas to life so you get just what you are hoping for.

How to Budget for Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel might seem like a daunting investment, but it doesn’t have to be. Different people can spend different amounts of money on their bathroom remodel, and that should be taken into consideration when planning and budgeting for your project.

The cost of a bathroom renovation depends on the size and layout of the room, as well as what style you’re going for. The price typically ranges from $2,500 to $30,000 depending on the scope of your project.

Some people might want to go all out on their bathrooms while others might not want to spend more than $5000 dollars. The affordability of the project will depend on each person’s budget and preferences.

What are the Different Options for Your New Bathroom?

The first option to consider is the floor tile finish. Here you can go with porcelain or ceramic tile, vinyl flooring (sheet, plank, or tile), natural stone, engineered wood, or laminate flooring. All options have their pros and cons, so consider your specific needs before making a decision.

The second type is the bathtub type/finish. There are several different bathtub styles to choose from, depending on your needs, budget, and the space you have to work with. These include:

  • Clawfoot bathtubs
  • Corner bathtubs
  • Alcove bathtubs
  • Drop-in bathtubs
  • Flat bottom bathtubs
  • and Walk-in bathtubs

You can also select from several different bathtub materials, like acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain-coated cast iron or steel, solid surface, stone resin, or copper. Each have their advantages and drawbacks.

The third type is the shower wall finish. Choose from fiberglass and acrylic, ceramic or porcelain tile, glass tile, or stone tile. You can also go with a glass front, or a shower rod/curtain.

Finally, there are the several countertops materials that are available to you as well. These include:

  • Laminate
  • Ceramic/porcelain tile
  • Solid-surface
  • Natural stone (soapstone, slate, marble, travertine/limestone, granite)
  • Concrete
  • Crushed glass
  • Quartz

Beyond the basics above, you will want to consider things like accessibility, faucets and shower/bath fixtures, single or double sinks, and more.

Conclusion: Use these Strategies and Ideas To Start Planning for Your New Bathroom Today!

We hope that we have given you some ideas and enough information to get your wheels turning. If you are still not sure where to start with your bathroom remodeling, get in touch with Perry Brothers Construction. We’ve helped homeowners around northeast Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.