Summary: In this home remodeling client interview Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction chats with Maritza Fernandez of Newburyport, MA, a customer who keeps coming back. After hiring and recommending Perry Brothers Construction on multiple occasions we got to sit down and learn about what it’s been like to work with us.

Joe DeMarco: Hello, I’m Joe DeMarco with Perry Brothers Construction. Today I’m here with Maritza Fernandez of Newburyport, Mass. And we’ve done a lot of work for you.

Maritza Fernandez: A lot of work. A lot of work.

How Did You Find A General Contractor In Newburyport, MA?

Joe DeMarco: So I just wanted to maybe just ask her about her experience finding Perry Brothers, having Perry Brothers at her home, all the guys that work for us. So to start off, how did you find Perry Brothers?

Maritza Fernandez: I went on what used to be Angie’s List.

Joe DeMarco: Angi’s now.

Maritza Fernandez: That’s right. Angi’s now. And then I had a few general contractors, maybe four or five. And there was something about Bill that I liked right away, and so we decided to go with Bill. And he was not the cheapest or the most expensive one, but I don’t know, I liked him. I’m glad. We’re glad that we chose Bill because I’ve never had a bad experience with him or his crew. And then Bill comes to get the bill, of course.

What Was It Like Hiring Perry Brothers Construction?

Joe DeMarco: Of course. Mike, the project manager, you had good experiences with Mike?

Maritza Fernandez: Mike, yeah. Yeah. Everyone that came, they were really courteous, reliable, never had a problem with them. They did a good job. They picked up really well. Sometimes I would say, “But guys, don’t worry about it. You’re coming back tomorrow,” because they did a lot of work in my backyard. 

The job was just to replace the trim on the house. When they were doing that, they found rot. The whole back of my house, the wall was just completely rotted. It was just horrible.

All around the windows or even the whole wall?

Yes, the windows, the wall. They had to take the window out. They were supposed to be here for just a few days. I think they were here for like three weeks. 

So that’s how I got to really know them. And actually, I look forward to them coming every morning because they were so funny.

Joe DeMarco: Yeah, having some good conversations.

Maritza Fernandez: That’s right, that’s right.

Joe DeMarco: Had some experiences with each of them.

Maritza Fernandez: Yeah, so they did all that. They replaced the exterior trim and windows, it was a lot of work. And then I had the front door of the house, they installed that. That came out really nice. And it’s a beautiful door.

Joe DeMarco: Pretty much the nicest door.

the nicest door in newburyport, ma.

Maritza Fernandez: That’s what Bill says, that it’s probably the nicest and probably most expensive door. So they were very careful with that door. And then I had some work with his brother. What’s his name Ed Perry.

Yes, they did some electrical work, and then Mike replaced all the door knobs in the kitchen. What else have they done? He came and fixed the window that was leaking. Mike came over and he fixed that. Most of the work that we have done here, we’ve done through Bill. And I never had a problem. Really, very, very happy. I mean, Bill and us, we’ve gone out to dinner.

Joe DeMarco: I’ve gone out to dinner at Tuckaway with you guys.

Maritza Fernandez: That’s right. That’s right. And his sister, right?

Joe DeMarco: Yeah, my mom.

Maritza Fernandez: Yeah, that’s right.

Joe DeMarco: And my sister.

Maritza Fernandez: That’s right. And we went to the Hart House and he brings me fish when he goes fishing, and I’m very happy about that. And I like Bill a lot.

A Fair And Honest Massachusetts Contractor

Joe DeMarco: You always feel like he’s fair with you? He’s never trying to push you to do more work than you want to do?

Maritza Fernandez: No, no. That’s the other thing. He’s not pushy. I wanted to replace my chimney cap, but Bill said “Doing it right now, to be honest with you, I can’t do that right now.” And then I said, “Any idea how much”?, and he goes, “To be honest, I cannot tell you how much that would cost. I really don’t know.” So yeah, he’s very honest. He said, “If I can do it, I will let you know.”

Oh, that leak that I had in the front window, I called him right away and I said, “Do you know anybody that would do that?”, not thinking that he was going to send someone from his crew, because it was a small job. And then he said, “Well, I’ll send Mike. I’ll send Mike right away.” I like Mike a lot.

Joe DeMarco: Good guy.

Maritza Fernandez: Yeah. Good guy. They’re all nice. I like them all. But yeah, all the work that they’ve done here has been done very, very on time. They’re reliable. They show up. 

If they’re not going to come, they will tell me, “Listen, something came up and we’re not going to be able to make it tomorrow” or whatever. 

So I would recommend Bill Perry Construction to a lot of people, and I have. Bill Perry and his crew, they’re great. I trust him. You see?

Joe DeMarco: Yeah.

Maritza Fernandez: And that’s important because nowadays it’s just so many, many repair men for that, for this. So it’s good to have a general contractor you can call on and trust. 

Joe DeMarco: Who does everything.

Maritza Fernandez: Yeah. Or at least he will recommend someone.

Joe DeMarco: Oh, yeah. You trust his recommendations too.

Maritza Fernandez: Yeah, yeah. That’s right. That’s right. So, yes, I’m very happy with Bill and the group.

Would You Like A Home Remodeling Experience Like Maritza?

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