Hygiene will continue to be the top priority in 2023. So will the need to relax and unwind. Luckily, these bathroom trends for 2023 will accommodate both, without compromising on style! 

Floating Cabinetry and Vanities

With so many customizing options, floating vanities give your bathrooms a lean, modern appeal while keeping it easy to clean bathroom floors. You can choose between a complete unit that comes with a countertop, or separate pieceswhere you can adjust the length and width of the countertop and the type of storage. Floating storage cabinets can be vertical or horizontal, without reducing the space available. Open shelves lend a minimalist look, and there is a growing demand for open and suspended bathroom cabinetry.  

Smart Bathrooms

The future is now when we talk about bathroom trends in 2023. Self-de-misting mirrors, LED temperature displays, and hands-free components like touch-free flushing and sensor-operated doors and faucets are becoming the new norm. Another feature on the horizon is automated cleaning technology like bacteria-killing lights under toilet surfaces. Bathrooms today are more about providing you with an experience, not just function.  

 Light It Up!

Statement lighting in your bathroom can drastically change its appearance. Glamorous is the way to go, as chandeliers, giant floor lamps, and drum pendants are quite the vogue this year. If that is not your style, opt for the more sophisticated backlights embedded in mirrors, vanities, and other fixtures. These subdued lights offer ambient lighting minus glare. They also highlight the wall behind the fixture. This brings us to the next big bathroom trend in 2023. 

Bold Bathroom Walls

 Black Bathroom walls, book-matched marble splash backs, bright-hued textured stone walls, Moroccan patterned tiles, and bold waterproof wallpaper. The bathroom wall game has definitely dialed up a notch with people wishing to see a lot more personality rather than single-toned, plain walls.  

Color Play

Bathroom trends from the 60s and the 70s are making a comeback, with looks like brass appearing in faucets and fixturesIt is always wise to invest in high-quality faucets since they experience the most wear and tearWhile chrome fixtures have a classic stylecopper and rose gold add that exciting element to your bathroom. Always start with restraintperhaps a basin or an accessory, and work your way up 

Natural woody vibes

 Use a mix of woody tones and unrefined finishes for a respite from the cold and hard bathroom surfacesPick darker timbers on a rough-sawn surface for a rustic effectA Japanese style that has become quite popular this year for its zen-like vibes is the Japandi style. It features bamboo furniture, live plants, tatami mats, soft linen furnishings, and rattan cabinets. Faux wood-like ceramic and porcelain tiles are even better, as they are more durable and sturdier. A combination of wood with curved lines adds a unique warmth to the bathroom. Talking about warmth, heated floors are the latest bathroom trend to look out for!  

Luxurious showers and baths

 The bathtub has become one of the top relaxing spots for people during the pandemic. Freestanding, flat bottomsimple tubs with extra leg space blend in perfectly in smaller spaces. Tubs made from natural stone retain heat, making them energy efficient.  

Open Showers

Open or walk-in showers are becoming increasingly popular. They add a spacious look and can be as distinctive as you wish, with the addition of body sprays, decorative walls, or even a tub installed within the shower area. 

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