Summary: In this special edition modern shed podcast, Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction dives head first into the world of man cave sheds, giving you some functional ideas to consider when building your own.

Joe DeMarco: Hi, I’m Joe DeMarco, general manager of Perry Brothers Construction, a modern shed design company based out in Newbury, Massachusetts. 

On today’s Modern Shed podcast episode, we’re going to be exploring my favorite man cave shed ideas so you can get inspired to build your own. The Ultimate Man Cave Shed Idea Collection is what I’d like to call it.

Workout Man Cave

The first man cave shed idea I’d like to talk about will be the workout man cave. The workout man cave is just like any home gym you could put it in your attic or garage. But we’re taking the gym from the garage and we’re putting it in the shed. 

You’re going to have a big squat rack, bench press, and an assorted collection of heavy dumbbells. Less cardio. No yoga or stretching. Just kidding, you should stretch. Just pumping iron, building muscle. Soon to be Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Golf-Themed Man Cave 

The next shed idea for a man cave is a golf-themed man cave shed. Now, if you’ve got the money to spend for this, you gotta go for a golf shed that has a TrackMan simulator set up inside. 

So you get the green screen on the back wall, the TrackMan simulator hooked up to an Alienware PC behind you, and you get to play virtual golf on any course you want, whenever you want. You have the buddies over, grab some pizza, have a beer, and play out in the lava rocks of Hawaii. It doesn’t matter.

The Collector’s Man Cave

You also could build a collector’s man cave, and these could just store anything from your guns to your trophies from hunting and fishing. It could have your coin collection. It could have your favorite vintage video game systems. You could have all your old records in there. 

A collector’s man cave den is the type of place where you can just relax, look at all your things, and enjoy the value that they bring you.

Classic Man Cave Den

The next type of man cave shed I’m going to talk about, at least an idea for one, would be the classic den man cave. Now, a classic den, I’m thinking leather furniture, walls have dark woods. You got a lot of space up in the ceiling, a fire going, arches, books. Maybe a beautiful lady sitting with you right below the hearth. Not too close though, you don’t want to get too hot.

Man Cave Gaming Room

The next type of shed I’d like to talk about would be a gaming room man cave. Now, a gaming room man cave, you’d set up your Xbox One in there and you would just play some Fortnite, kick some butt, and just enjoy the entertainment. 

After a hard, long day’s work, you deserve to get in there and just relax. Instead of having to immediately go through your front door, walking in on your family all fumed up right when you get home, take a walk out into your backyard and go inside your private man cave shed. 

Play some Call of Duty, blow off that steam, then go inside and greet your family in a more delightful mood.

Man Cave Wood Shop

The next type of man cave shed idea I’d like to talk about would be a wood shop man cave. Now, a wood shop man cave, for my blue-collar guys out there, you’d store all your DeWalt tools and whatever not. You’d have your drills, a table saw. Anything you’d need, basically, so you could do your home improvement projects, whether you’re building birdhouses with the kid or installing the siding on your modern shed yourself. maybe you’re building an addition or remodeling your bathroom. Proud of you for being a DIY homeowner.

Marijuana Man Cave

The next type of man cave I’d like to talk about would be a marijuana man cave. And now, I’m not just talking about Snoop Dogg’s den, where you’re going to have a bunch of Rasta posters and stuff to entertain you, a collection of glass hanging around the walls. No, no, no, no, no. 

I’m talking about the place where you could legally grow yours in Massachusetts. Recreationally or with your medical license, you could have up to 16 plants. And those are easy to grow inside your marijuana man cave shed.

Man Cave Tavern

The next type of man cave shed I’d like to talk about, or an idea that you could have for one, would be to set up an American tavern inside a man cave. 

Now, this American tavern, it could be a bar, just something simple. You have the stools and the table right in the back. You serve Jimmy and Dean. You give them exactly what they want right off on the rocks. 

Your buddies come through, you high-five, you watch the game. In this American tavern, you might cook a steak inside that man cave. It doesn’t matter.

Home Office Man Cave

The next type of man cave idea that I’d like to speak of would be a home office man cave. And now, this is for my financial advisors, my business guys, my contractors. Anyone who’s really got to have a quiet space so they could talk to new prospects and really convince their fundraisers that they’re worth something.

Music Studio Man Shed

The next type of man cave shed idea I’d like to speak on would be making a music studio man cave. 

Now, in a music studio man cave, you could be ripping guitar solos any time, day or night. It’ll be awesome. You won’t be waking your wife or kids, and you’ll really get to enjoy the sweet sound of music whenever you want. 

Get a new sound system and if you want to blast your Metallica records as loud as possible, shake the roof baby. Shake the walls, shake the floor. It doesn’t matter. 

You’re going to be keeping yourself contained in your soundproof music shed, blowing off steam without waking your home or the neighborhood. You’re going to have music playing as loud as you’d like, whenever you want.

Join The Man Cave Madness At Perry Brothers Construction

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Well, I hope you guys feel inspired by all these different man cave shed ideas. I know I am. Building a fortress of solitude you can safely retreat to at any time of day is, in my humble opinion, the right of all men in the US of A. 

For my ladies out there, you deserve the same, but today we’re talking about manly spaces. 

I did do a podcast on the she sheds the other week though.

If you’d like to learn more about man cave shed design, feel free to call our design specialist, Bill Perry, at (781) 233-7511

The legendary man cave wizard himself, Bill Perry of Perry Brothers Construction, can create the perfect man cave shed for any modern man. Thanks for listening, men.