We believe there is a time for everythingand there’s no better time for expanding your living spaces than right now. Our personal, professional, and social dynamics have shifted dramatically, translating into us being home for days at endRedesigning available areas to extend your residence will give that additional room your family will benefit from greatlyAnd what better spot to begin with than the underutilized and overlooked garage! 

For many folks, the garage is nothing more than a place to park the carhang up some old tools, and store stuff you dont need but cant get let go ofWith a bit of ingenuitygarage conversion will not only add value to your house but also give you that much-needed place to get away for a little bit! 

Read on to discover exciting new garage renovation ideas! 

Customized and Private Office  

Something all of us could use right now. Working from home will be a reality for the foreseeable future, and investing in a garage conversion that gives you a personal, private, and customized office will ensure work productivity. You can design the space to your likingbring in a spacious desk for your work essentialsand youre good to go 

 Extra Bedroom for Your Teen 

Have a teen who needs their own space to prep for exams, do online studies, and survive without getting into squabbles with younger siblings every 5 minutes? Refurbish your garage into a full-fledged bedroom with a bed, a study table, some bookshelves and ample lighting 

Fitness Area or Home Gym 

Redesigning your garage as home fitness center is a fantastic way to keep all the clunky workout equipment out of your home and organized in one sectionNot only do you get to save valuable time and money on gym membership, but you also get the safety of working out in isolation. Garages are made sturdy enough to hold heavyweight fitness equipment like treadmills and crosstrainers. So if you don’t want the lockdowns and restrictions to affect your fitness regime, a garage gym is the way to go! 

Craft Studio 

If you are an artsy sculptorpainter, woodworker or even a sound artist, having your work studio means you can perform to your full potential, with all work essentials near you in easily accessible spots. Garage conversions into a craft studio can feature a workbench, and you no longer have to pack up and put away your craft material and tools like you would have to if you were working from other rooms in the house. Garage renovation companies like ours will advise you on considering important features like lightingacousticsventilation, and placements to turn your garage into the dream work studio. 

Play Area or Game Room  

With kids, you can never have enough space. Why not transform your garage into an exclusive play area complete with child-friendly windows and safe flooringGarage renovation companies can take care of insulation, so the garage stays cozy enough for little ones. A garage is the best place to set up a bounce house, a mini trampoline, slide, and riding toys. The game room can feature a snooker table, an Xbox corner, or even a projector set up for older children 

Tips to Remember When Doing A Garage Conversion 

  •  Elevate flooring to be in line with the rest of your house. 
  •  Ensure new brickwork is well bonded into the old. 
  •  Insulate walls and floor, install underfloor heating, if possible. 
  •  Ensure there is an appropriate plan for fire exits. 
  •  All construction needs to follow local codes and regulations. 

 When you have a garage, the possibilities of redesign are endless. Contact Perry Brothers Construction, the best garage renovation company near you, and we can help you reach this decision.