The beautiful summer months bring with them a sense of freedom and carefree joy. Children playing outdoors, hosting a barbeque, and taking walks around the neighborhood make you forget what it was like to be cooped up indoors all winter long. 

 After spending most of last year’s summer in lockdown, many realize the value of an enjoyable outdoor space to retreat to. To help make this a reality, homeowners hire professional and experienced home improvement companies like Perry Brothers. We understand your vision for space and provide solutions that turn your dreams into reality. Perry Brothers is dedicated to creating luxurious and high-end outdoor living spaces for Essex County and Southern New Hampshire homes. 

Different Outdoor Living Features 

Every homeowner has their own unique vision for their home, and that is why we customize our services for our clients and provide the following range of outdoor living concepts. 

Sunrooms and Solariums 

Three season and all-season sunrooms and solariums are the perfect home structures to create an outdoor living space that is also protected from the elements. These outdoor areas are made either wholly or partially from glass, with individual heating and cooling options. If you enjoy star-gazing but not the pests and bugs, a solarium is a perfect solution that allows you to enjoy a breath-taking starlit night. 

If your home faces a sunny area, an all-season room with a non-glass roof will provide just the right amount of natural light while not letting the room get toasty. Our thermally-engineered aluminum frames and glazing bars provide structural integrity that exceeds local and national building codes and offer a beam-like look for your room. 

Outdoor Kitchens 

outdoor kitchen for Massachusetts homesWhat’s better than a kitchen nestled amidst your garden or patio? There has been a surge in demand for outdoor kitchens in the outdoor living space, and this means more options for that luxe patio kitchen set up. 

 Exterior kitchens quickly become the perfect relaxation and entertainment spot for you, your friends, and your family. We can add kitchen counters and built-in spaces for appliances and equipment such as built-in grills and BBQs. Of course, you can opt for a fireplace or fire pit installation as well.  

 We offer sophisticated and affordable outdoor kitchens with: 

  • Speedy installations—with completion in just a matter of days! 
  • Fully customized design support for an elegant, kitchen 
  • Built-in grills, outdoor kitchen counter options, and custom finishes 
  • Building products with superior weather resistance and durability 
  • Modern amenities for BBQ islands, modern kitchens, rustic retreats, and more! 

 Backyard Patios 

Explore new possibilities for how you work, relax, and play on a patio. With a bit of design planning based on how you want to use the space, you can expand your living room or dining room square footage in these outdoor spots. 

Reimagine open-air living with comfy seating, cooking spaces, play areas, or even a quiet reading nook. Patios have the potential to be much more than a few lounge chairs and a barbecue. 

Add architectural features and a little protection from the elements with a pergola or a gazebo. Options like solid-wood canopies let homeowners create al-fresco living spaces underneath protective arches for cozy outdoor hideaways that extend the backyard to a three-season escape. A paver patio is a stylish way to extend your home’s indoor living space, and timber decking is a lovely homey option.  

Over the years, we have constructed many of these modern features for our clients. 

Roof Decks 

The success of a deck depends on how easily you can get to it. An easy-to-climb set of stairs makes all the difference in how much a roof deck is used. It must feel like the roof is like any other floor of the house. We lay the most suitable flooring and walls for your perfect terrace deck, giving spectacular views and the best seating in the whole house. Bifold doors and glass windows offer seamless entry and ventilation points. If you’re above the ground level, one technique is to put a balustrade at the edge of your interior space and place sliding doors to open the building façade. 

 If space isn’t a concern, a terrace deck featuring a pool can be an absolute hit. Or even better, a pool that converts into a deck during offseason. 

 In the mood to reimagine how you utilize your outdoor areas? Contact Perry Brothers today!