Planning the budget for a bathroom renovation tests how much you want to spend vs how much you’re willing to spend to bring your vision to life. Transforming an old bathroom into an oasis takes careful consideration. While you can certainly pick up tons of useful bathroom renovation tips regarding design choices and costs, your best option is to speak with a general contractor in your area who can thoroughly explain all the options for your bathroom renovation. 

You need to plan accordingly, approach the bathroom budgeting process with the same love and care you give to your family. This isn’t just any room in your home, the bathroom is a private space where you personally care for yourself and catch some much-deserved relaxation.

Since most manufacturers of bath fixtures and finishes offer a wide range of products that can fit in nearly any budget, there’s no reason you can’t accomplish your bathroom renovation goals. A local bathroom renovation contractor can assist you in selecting the best bathroom accessories for your unique preferences, showcasing different levels of luxury that can fit in any budget. 

Do Your Homework When Planning Your Bathroom Renovation Budget 

Research is the most vital stage of any multi-step renovation project, so you’re really going to want to read about the current supply and demand for specific materials. Find out what local bathroom contractors are charging for labor, and definitely interview a few different renovation professionals in your local area. 

View websites dedicated to bathroom renovation and remodeling ideas, sift through their most current articles, and check out the latest trends to inspire your future project. Read magazines dedicated to topics such as residential construction and home and garden. Make an effort to internalize every option that you can add to your bathroom renovation wish list. 

Talk with all the local general contractors and ask them about pricing for your different bathroom renovation ideas. Let them know you’re currently browsing different renovation service firms and are not ready to commit to a contract. Once boundaries are established between you and a bathroom renovation contractor they can become your biggest help when planning a budget.

Bathroom Renovation And Remodeling: What You Should Know When Planning A Budget 

For homeowners who want to be conservative with their funds, understanding the average total cost of bathroom renovations can help you set a realistic budget. The average cost to renovate or remodel a bathroom ranges from $17,500 to $39,500—depending on the scale of the renovation the total cost can go much lower, ranging from $3,000 to $8,000. A bathroom renovation budget should never be cheap for the sake of it, you’re paying for a service that delivers lasting results to your daily life. You need to make sure you’re happy with what you’re receiving. 

Expect The Unexpected When Budgeting For A Bathroom Renovation

According to guide to bathroom remodeling costs in 2023, the average price of a basic bathroom renovation averages $10,500 to $25,500. The biggest budget eaters are the shower or tub you choose, as well as the cabinets and countertops. Of course, these prices can vary based on the size and layout of your bathroom, but as always, the general rule of thumb is you should build your bathroom renovation budget while understanding that you’ll pay more than you planned. 

The porcelain standing tub you selected may look great on paper, but during the timeline of your project, you may not have expected a price jump on the material. Sometimes choosing a cheaper but equally elegant option like an acrylic tub can be the key factor in a successful bathroom renovation budget.

Other times, you need to accept that financial sacrifices are part of committing to any home renovation project. You’re investing into the future of your home, increasing the value, and reaping the rewards of luxury and comfort that a renovated bathroom can bring. Know that saving $50 here and $20 there when selecting materials such as tiles and finishes isn’t going to significantly impact the total price as much as choices like the size or your tub or shower.

The Cost Of Labor For A Bathroom Renovation

Labor covers everything from your general contractor’s fee, the carpenter’s hourly rate, to the cost of hiring the subcontractors. The process of renovating or remodeling a bathroom involves a wide range of steps. 

Contracting Labor

If you’re replacing your bathtub with a shower there’s the removal and disposal of the old tub, along with any other wall and flooring debris. You’ll be upgrading your tiles, installing an enclosure, selecting fixtures and finishes, correcting water damage, not to mention framing your shower. 

Hiring A Plumber

When bathroom renovations are concerned there’s almost always a licensed plumber involved. If you’re removing and replacing your toilet or shower/tub chances are you’ll be roughing new plumbing for the fixtures. Certain design ideas like double wall-mounted faucets are a stunning addition to any master bathroom, but the labor for setting up the plumbing and installation can cause you to go over budget.

Cost Of Electrical Work

If you’re budgeting for enhanced shower lighting or radiant heat floors then you’ll certainly be hiring a licensed electrician. When speaking with a general contractor, ask what products their electricians recommend, whether vanity lights, exhaust fans, or even lighting for closets and cabinets.

Cost Of Materials For A Bathroom Renovation 

While the range of prices for bathroom renovation materials varies drastically from preference to project, we can give you a rough estimate of the average costs to help you plan an accurate budget.

  1. Tiles: The cost of tiles ranges widely from $1 to $20, easily pricing way higher based on the materials chosen. For example, porcelain tiles have a much higher cost than acrylic tiles and enclosures, so you need to find out what you want for your bathroom redesign.
  2. Bathtub Vs Shower: The cost of a new bathtub or shower can vary widely. Depending on whether you’re converting one to the other or opting for both(either as separate units or as a tub/shower combo), the total cost is hard to predict when making your renovation budget.  Basic bath and shower models can start around $300, while high-end options can reach several thousand dollars, so find out what you value vs what you can afford.
  3. Vanity and Sink Combo: The cost of a vanity cabinet with a sink can range from $300 to $3,000, depending mostly on the size, style, and material. You can always decide to buy them separately, but generally the price will be much higher than a prefab vanity/sink combo. 
  4. Faucets and Fixtures: Faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures can range from $40 to several hundred dollars each, depending on the brand, design, and features. Choose fixtures that complement your lifestyle and plan. If you’re planning on aging-in-place inside your own home, then opting for adjustable hand-held shower fixtures is a great addition to your bathroom renovation budget.
  5. Toilet: Basic toilets can cost around $200, while high-tech and designer models can exceed $2,000. If you enjoy the luxury of a built-in bidet or auto-warming toilet seat, features like these can be well worth the minor increases in price when budgeting for your bathroom renovation.
  6. Lighting Options: The price of bathroom lighting fixtures typically ranges from $40 to a few hundred dollars per fixture. Options include shower/tub lighting, color-changing smart LEDs, toilet bowl lights, low-energy natural light bulbs for vanities, and much more.
  7. Flooring: The cost of bathroom flooring materials varies based on the amount of repair work required for the subfloor and framing. Vinyl or linoleum flooring can start around $3 per square foot, while higher-end options like marble mosaic or porcelain honeycomb tiles can cost more than $30 per square foot. If you’re installing a radiant floor heating system that’s also going to impact your budget, but the long-term benefits on your home’s total energy consumption may outweigh the initial costs.
  8. Painting: A gallon of bathroom paint usually costs around $20 to $60, depending on the brand and quality. We usually recommend Benjamin Moore paints designed especially for bathroom walls and ceilings, as they are always mold and moisture-resistant.

How To Stick With Your Bathroom Renovation Budget 

Before committing to hiring professional bathroom remodelers or purchasing any materials, make sure you have a written version of your budget that can be conveniently edited and located. A Google sheet document is always helpful when updating any financial information. 

Know that you’re going to spend more than you initially anticipate, so set time every day to review your bathroom renovation budget and make adjustments to compensate for additional work and higher-quality materials. 

You can always incorporate construction materials that imitate the look and feel of luxury options, and they do a pretty convincing job. If this isn’t something that bothers you, instead of installing imported porcelain tiles, find a lookalike that matches your bathroom’s aesthetic and design goals.

Allow Perry Brothers Construction To Help Build Your Bathroom Renovation Budget

Whether a mid-scale renovation or a massive master bath overhaul, Perry Brothers Construction has experience managing and budgeting all types of home remodels. Planning a bathroom renovation budget can be an intimidating task, but we’re here to guide you. 

Call our office phone at (781)-233-7511 or schedule an appointment to discuss your bathroom renovation budget, we always enjoy helping develop the plan and strategy for any potential renovation or remodeling projects.