Finishing your basement is a time-consuming and expensive project. While basement remodels open up space for the activities you love, they can be a complicated home improvement project without a licensed professional. When a basement remodeling project is done well, the results give your old unfinished basement improved functionality, while reinvigorating the passion you have for your home.

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When remodeling your unfinished basement, everything starts with finding a local basement remodeling contractor who can be trusted to deliver exceptional results. Excellent communicators, careful planners, skilled problem solvers, and experienced project managers. All surmounting to a team of professional craftsmen who can build your basement remodeling idea within an agreed-upon timeframe and budget. How will you know if the contractor you hired is up to the task? 

What To Know Before Hiring A Basement Remodeling Contractor

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Finding a reputable and qualified basement contractor can help your project run smoothly. You can easily transform your basement into an attractive and fully functional space when you decide to update it. Asking your general contractor these questions before you hire them will eliminate a lot of future frustration.  

How Long Have They Been Remodeling Basements?

“You never want to hire a first-time basement remodeler,” says Steve Iverson, owner of Finished Basements Plus, a Michigan-based basement remodeling company. Generally speaking, if a basement remodeling contractor hasn’t been in business for more than five years, that’s a good indicator that the person doesn’t have the necessary experience for your project.

Are They Fully Insured, And For How Much?

“Plenty can go wrong when you’re working with hammers and nail guns,” says Bill Perry, owner of Perry Brothers Construction. Your basement remodeling contractor should be insured for at least the minimum value of your home against the possibility of someone getting hurt.

Ask To See The Contractor’s Licenses

“Unlicensed contractors put homeowners in a bad spot when something goes wrong,” Bill says. If you’re unable to complain to the Massachusetts or New Hampshire licensing authorities, seeking damages in civil court may be your only option.

Is The Remodeling Company Full-Service Or Basement Specialists?

While plenty of home remodeling companies who have been in business for decades offer full-service general construction, a firm that specializes in basements is more likely to have a broad understanding of all the available options. 

Ask If You Can Contact The Contractor’s Past Or Current Customers

Sometimes reading remodeling case studies, checking Google reviews, and exploring a company’s photo gallery won’t give you an idea if they can be trusted for your project. It can be helpful to ask your contractor not only to see photos of previous basements but also to allow you to schedule a phone call with their previous customers. If you really want to get an understanding of a contractor’s quality of workmanship, ask them if you can visit one of their past or current job sites.

Interview Plenty Of Basement Remodeling Contractors

When you speak with only a select few basement remodeling contractors you get a limited set of viewpoints. If you start accepting bids from these contractors, you’ll have a tough time figuring out which bids are too high, and which bids are too good to be true. By interviewing plenty of contractors, it becomes less stressful finding a contractor who’s the best candidate to finish your basement. Additionally, you’ll allow yourself a greater amount of bids to pick from.

When talking on the phone with basement remodeling contractors, give them a brief overview of your project, and feel free to ask any questions you may have about their business. Always take notes during these phone calls, that way you’ll be prepared if you want to schedule a follow-up interview. 

Finding A Basement Remodeling Contractor Through Personal Referrals

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If any of your neighbors or family members recently hired someone to finish their basement, ask them about their experience with the remodeling company they hired. Personal referrals give some of the best results when trying to find a good basement remodeling contractor. Inquire about their basement remodel, you want to make sure their project was similar to the one you’re picturing. Ask them if you can see their finished basement, that way you can inspect the contractor’s work before deciding to give them a call.

Visit The Websites Of Local Basement Remodelers In Your Area

Investigating a basement remodeling contractor’s website can help you assess if they possess the services you require for your project. Check out their web pages to learn more about all the renovation and remodeling services they provide. Browse their portfolio of previous basement remodels, read their local case studies describing their past projects, and scan their site for rewards from journalists like Northshore Magazine and your local newspaper. 

Contractors who put the time and effort into creating a website designed to solve their customer needs tend to provide exceptional remodeling services, along with helpful educational resources to answer any questions during the research stages of a project. Find remodeling companies who give out free e-books and other informational materials, as these can give you the knowledge you need before hiring a basement remodeling contractor.

Read Google Reviews For Local Basement Remodeling Contractors  

The internet has made finding remodeling companies who offer the products and services we need easier than ever before. Searching online for testimonials from past customers is a simple way to judge a contractor’s quality of work and communication skills. Google Business Reviews is the most popular and trusted review platform on the internet, as it always displays the top-rated basement finishing professionals in your area at the top of your search results. When looking for local basement remodeling contractors google reviews provide the most comprehensive perspective on the quality of a contractor’s services.

You can view their hours of operation, see how many years they’ve been in business, all the areas they service, and more. Read testimonials from previous customers to get an in-depth look into their first-hand experiences with particular contractors. Top-rated basement remodelers typically have a very high percentage of five-star reviews on their Google Business profiles. You’ll learn about how the contractor handles both the design and construction portions of a basement remodel, as well as information on their pricing and communication skills. Never hesitate to check the contractor’s website, or better yet, call them by phone and schedule an interview. All possible through their Google Business Profile.

Browse Home Services Websites Like Angi And Houzz

Picking the best basement remodeling contractor requires you to research every possible option available. Contractor matching services such as Angi and Houzz allow you to search through all the top-rated renovation and remodeling service providers in your area. These referral companies sort contractors relative to your home’s location, as well as other criteria you set, such as your budget and timeline. If you’re searching for an architect, engineer, roofing company, or basement remodeling contractor, sites like these make it easy to find the best choice for you.

Are You Looking For A Basement Remodeling Contractor In Massachusetts Or Southern New Hampshire?

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Do you need an experienced and reputable basement remodeling contractor who has been helping homeowners build their dream basements for over fifty years. Then look no further than Perry Brothers Construction, the premier home remodeling company of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, always delivering exceptional results.

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From ceiling to floor, every step of the basement finishing process will be ideally suited to your vision while still maintaining the look and feel of the other rooms in your home. We believe you shouldn’t pay for anything you won’t be happy with, that’s why we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with any of our renovation or remodeling services. Contact Perry Brothers Construction to schedule an interview, and see if we’re the right fit for your basement remodeling project.