There’s nothing more comforting than a clean, well-designed bathroom. A luxurious getaway where you can relax during the most intimate moments of your day. If every morning when you first get out of bed you dread stepping on your cold bathroom floors, a change needs to be made. 

Do you look inside your previously prized master bathroom with a fear deep inside your chest, knowing any day your porcelain soaking tub could fall right through the floor.

If you’re suffering from major structural issues, years of water damage, or an outdated bathroom you can’t stand to use, you need to find a local bathroom remodeling contractor.

How Do I Find Local Bathroom Remodelers?

While word of mouth from friends, family, and neighbors is still one of the most effective ways to find a reputable general contractor, in the age of the internet, there are plenty of ways to hire experienced bathroom remodelers when you don’t know anyone who’s recently hired a contractor.

American Home Service Sites

Contractor matching services such as Angi and Houzz have made finding general contractor services simple and efficient. After signing up for one of these home service websites, you can filter through different remodeling firms to find who best suits your project and budget.

Not only can you research and match with local servicemen, but sites like Angi and Houzz also offer a vast array of home remodeling resources and ideas to help inspire your next project. Checking out photos of beautiful bathroom remodels will increase your awareness of what’s available to you when designing your own.

Local Business Review Sites 

When looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor in your area, there’s really no better place to search than the Google business listings. General contractors who have a track record of delivering five-star service are normally your best bet for a stress-free bathroom remodel.

You can learn about a construction firm’s office hours, call them directly, visit their website, ask a question, all easily accessible from their google my business profile.

Other websites such as Yelp and Better Business Bureau offer similar services, you can definitely find trustworthy bathroom remodelers here, but with the popularity of Google, they should always be your first resource when searching for a bathroom remodeling company.

Google Search Results

When you search Google for things such as “local bathroom remodeling contractors” or “general contractors near me” the top results are usually the most reputable companies. Google organizes the top search results based on a website’s authority, meaning whoever Google trusts in your local area is who they’ll display first.

The top of these search results will also display Google business listings and ad-sponsored remodeling companies. The best bathroom remodelers usually occupy the top results for the organic, sponsored, and business listings, proving their company has authority over the competition.

Social Media

Go through your Facebook and Instagram feeds and find out who’s recently had their bathroom remodeled. Type #bathroomremodel in the search bar and expand your results even more. View all the pictures and closely inspect the work. 

If you’re friends with the user, send them a comment or direct message asking about who they hired for a bathroom remodeling contractor. Listen to their experience, find out the good and bad, and ask for the remodeler’s name and phone number. 

There’s no better way to find social proof than through social media. 

What To Look For In A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

When you hire a residential contractor for any renovation or remodeling services, you need to make sure that they can provide you with guaranteed success. A project without any corner-cutting, a contractor who answers the phone and doesn’t disappear when they get paid.

When looking for bathroom remodeling in your area, there are a few qualities you should look for in each potential contractor. 

Experienced Professionals

The best general contractors are empathetic, great communicators who want to understand what you’re going through, helping to prepare an action plan to move you forward. They have a team of experienced problem solvers who are dedicated to your vision, and who find joy in bringing your bathroom remodeling ideas to life.

Offering Full-Service Home Remodeling

While we recommend you put together some sort of plan of your own, most residential bathroom remodeling companies offer in-house design and build services. Don’t be afraid to ask the local bathroom remodelers you interview any questions you have regarding the scope of your project.

A Wide Selection Of Materials And Finishes

Find a bathroom remodeling contractor who presents you with a wide range of material and accessory options, giving you a wide range of quality and prices, helping you balance your vision with your budget. 

For example, when choosing a vanity, some homeowners may initially want a cheaper option, but what they don’t know is that lower-quality vanities are prone to warping due to being constructed with cheaper materials. Selecting a higher-end vanity is a much wiser long-term investment for your home, as these are built stronger and last much longer. 

Whatever your bathroom remodel goals, finding a contractor who listens to your concerns and presents viable solutions is usually the company you want to choose.

Find A Local Bathroom Remodeling Contractor In Your Area

If you’ve been curating the perfect design for your outdated bathroom, you need to find a remodeling service company who specializes in planning and building luxurious bathrooms. Interview as many contractors as you can before you make a decision, choose whoever you feel best fits your vision and budget.

If you’re within a twenty-five-mile radius of Newbury, MA, and are looking for a professional bathroom remodeling contractor, there’s no better option than Perry Brothers Construction. After serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire for fifty years, we’ve collected the knowledge and skills necessary to design and build top-quality luxury bathrooms.

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