Remodeling a bathroom is an awesome way to reinvigorate and add functionality to a room you use every day. When the job is done well, a bathroom remodel can be the most satisfying home improvement project of them all, as the results are immediate and personal. You’re increasing the resale value of your home, boosting your home’s value by 67% of what you spent on your bathroom remodel, while simultaneously brightening up a space where you prioritize comfort. Because the pricing for a moderate bathroom update averages around the $10,000 range, it’s a home remodeling project that’ll require careful consideration.

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When remodeling your bathroom, everything starts with finding professional bathroom remodelers you can trust. Great communicators, thoughtful planners, creative problem solvers, and expert project managers. All adding up to a team of skilled professionals who can build your bathroom remodel idea within an agreed-upon timeline and budget. If you’re still deciding on how to design your bathroom remodeling project, some contracting companies offer in-house design and architectural services. Read on to learn more about how to find the best bathroom remodelers for your project, so you can be on your way to enjoying a brand-new, luxurious bathroom in no time at all.

Interview Multiple Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

When you speak with only a few bathroom remodeling contractors you receive a limited set of viewpoints. If you decide to get bids from these contractors, you’ll have a hard time determining which bids are too high and which bids are too good to be true. By increasing the number of contractors you interview, it becomes easier to find a contractor who is the best fit for your bathroom remodeling project. Additionally, you’ll gain a greater range of bids to pick from.

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When calling bathroom remodeling contractors, offer them a brief overview of your project, and feel free to ask them questions regarding their business. Be sure to take notes during the phone call, that way you’ll be prepared if you decide to schedule a follow-up interview or site visit in the future.

Find A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Through Personal Referrals

If you know someone such as a neighbor or family member who’s recently had their bathroom remodeled, ask them about their experience with the general contractor they hired. Personal referrals yield some of the best results for finding a good bathroom remodeling contractor. Inquire about their contractor, and make sure their bathroom remodeling project was similar to the one you’re envisioning. Ask them if you can see their new bathroom, that way you can personally check their contractor’s quality of workmanship before deciding to move forward.

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Visit The Websites Of Local Bathroom Remodelers In Your Area

A thorough investigation of a bathroom remodeling company’s website can help you see if they provide the services required for your project. Browse their website’s pages to learn more about all the renovation and remodeling services they provide. Check their remodeling portfolios and case studies to view previous projects, and scan their site for current rewards from websites that help you find remodeling contractors, such as Angi or Houzz.

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A contractor who cares about his website’s design shows that he cares about providing excellent remodeling services, as well as plenty of resources to answer their customer’s questions during the research stages of their project. Look for remodeling companies who offer educational e-books, blogs, videos, and podcasts, as they can help provide you with the knowledge you need before picking the right contractor.

Read Google Reviews For Local Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

The internet has revolutionized how we find companies who provide the products and services we need. Searching online for what others have said about a particular local contractor is an excellent way to gauge their quality of work, as well as pricing. The most trusted and popular review platform is Google Business Reviews, which always displays the top-rated businesses in your area at the top of your search results. When trying to find local bathroom remodelers, google reviews give you the most comprehensive perspective on the quality of a contractor’s services.

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See their hours of operation, how many years they’ve been in business, the areas they service, and more. Read testimonials from past customers to learn about their personal experiences with the remodeling company. Highly recommended bathroom remodelers tend to have a high percentage of five-star reviews on their Google Business profiles. You’ll learn about people’s experiences with particular contractors, both during the design and building phases of their bathroom remodel, as well as any information regarding the company’s pricing and communication skills. Don’t hesitate to visit the general contractor’s website or call them by phone, all directly through their Google Business Profile.

Check Contractor Matching Sites Such as Angi And Houzz

Hiring the right bathroom remodeling contractor requires you to research all your possible options. Websites such as Angi and Houzz allow you to search through all the top-rated renovation and remodeling contractors in your area. These referral services sort contractors based upon criteria you set, such as your budget, the type of remodel, their company’s location relative to your home, as well as the timeline you have in mind for your project. Whether looking for an architect, engineer, serviceman, or professional bathroom remodelers, contractor matching sites make it easy to find the perfect one.

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