As the cold wind sweeps across the Merrimack River you feel a chill up your back as you fumble for the house keys. Commuting to Boston for work has never been enjoyable, somehow you’re always stuck in rush-hour traffic.

For a while you managed the stress by catching up with buddies at The Grog over a few New England IPAs, but the novelty soon wore off once your wife reprimanded you for driving under the influence.

As you turn the brass door knob of your historic Newburyport home and enter the mudroom, a wave of frustration rises to the top of your chest, reaching for your throat, filling you with rage. 

A Man Needs A Space To Decompress

Of course, no one says hello, your kids are so fixated on playing Fortnite that they barely heard you come through the door.

In the kitchen, your wife is in the midst of whipping up a last minute meal for everyone. Unfortunately, she got cast to chaperone a school trip to the Salem Witch Museum because one of the parents called out sick. On top of visiting her mother in the nursing home early in the morning, there was no time for a much needed grocery trip. 

That’s ok, you love that woman, don’t burden her with your self pity. Sometimes though, you just wonder—where can I go to process my day? 

The kids are always camped out in the entertainment room playing video games. You don’t want to forcibly kick them out, but then again, you are the one paying the bills. You deserve to turn your brain off and mindlessly consume what modern entertainment has to offer.

As the fumes whistle through your ears, slowly, you walk up your L-shaped stairs to the spare bedroom where you keep the family desktop. After thirty minutes of scrolling through the Facebook posts of your more successful friends, an advertisement appears.

A local general contractor named Joe DeMarco from Perry Brothers Construction is explaining what’s been missing from the lives of modern men. Solace, peace, inspiration, all and more essential to realizing and developing our potential.

Joe offers a solution, a breakthrough development in home design that could give men the perfect place to retreat to after a hard day at the office.

The idea, build a backyard man cave shed and make quality time for yourself.

Man Cave Sheds Create A Man-Centric Room

Lovers, dreamers, pursuers of wealth and knowledge, men are unpredictable creatures who require easily accessible solitude. With a man cave shed, you’re the ruler of your own universe. Cover the walls in bear hides and dark woods. Buy the biggest TV on the market. Install a sound system that shakes the floors. A well-designed man cave shed speaks to who you are as a person. Whoever enters, beware.

A well-designed space in your backyard is exactly what you need. To escape the chaos of everyday life to your manly den where you do manly things.

Put a special priority on leather armchairs; get the biggest, boldest coffee table money can buy; smoke your hundred-dollar cigars; throw on a Frank Sinatra record, dim the lights, then, when it all goes dark, bask in the comfort of your holy man cave shed.

Where Primal Thunder Meets Cutting-Edge Design

From the stone walls of our ancestors to the yellow pads at the office, to carve a man cave is a god given right. Under the constitution of the United States Of America, among freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, lies in plain sight, a man’s right to dream.

The ideal man cave shed is built upon the principles of the man who creates them. What are you missing in your life? Which hobbies and passions have long been forgotten? How would you use your dream man cave shed?

Questions such as these get the modern man to think deeply, introspect, and listen to that little voice inside his head that knows right from wrong. 

As he knows, coming home from the office fueled by aggravation and testosterone means his family’s in the danger zone. 

One misstep— a single criticism of his manhood; a child claiming his favorite spot on the couch, and then, nuclear annihilation.

But he knows, oh does he know— the consequences of unleashing centuries of generational pain upon his family never pays. His father may have led an angry existence, blaming his wife and his kids for all his misfortunes. 

The modern man knows he can overcome obstacles from his past. He can carve a man cave shed into his virtual tablet and design the perfect private space for him to let loose on a hard day’s night.

Why Build A Man Cave Today?

If you’re like most men, you have a lot going on inside that head of yours. Every day, problems come your way, one after another, until finally, you forget what matters most.

Your family of course is the top priority when it comes to your masculine duties, but you can never forget number one.

If Tom Brady built a private backyard man cave shed, he would’ve never needed to go back to football for some peace and quiet. 

If your basement is already a granny flat for your mother-in-law and the kids own the main floor, where are you going to go?

Building an addition or expanding a room already in your home can give you a manly space; the distinction between that and a man cave shed is the separation from the main house.

Turning a shed into a man cave or building an entirely new structure altogether is the best way to guarantee your long-term satisfaction. 

Gone are the interruptions during your business calls. Oh, how the door to your home office always flings open every time you get a new potential buyer on the line. 

Set up a trackman virtual golf simulator inside a golf-themed man cave shed, you sure earned it. Practice your putts and track your swing speed anytime, day or night.

Hit the gym and commit to a body crushing exercise routine inside your workout man cave shed. Store your treasured idyllic finds—from your Star Wars Legos to your favorite vintage video game— all inside the collector’s man cave shed.

Call The Man Cave Masters At Perry Brothers Construction

the perry brothers construction team

Are you a getter-done man? Do you want to develop your manhood? Can you think of anything better than coming home from a dull day at work and heading straight for the he shed?

And hey, if your wife feels she needs a private space of her own too, build your wonderful lady a she shed, she deserves it.

If you’re convinced that a backyard man cave is the answer to your longing for a place to call your own, you’re not alone. Perry Brothers Construction understands how it feels to be a modern man.

Call our office at (781)-233-7511 so we can get you in touch with a master man cave shed designer who’ll intently listen to all your ideas and desires. For any modern shed, our goal is to create a private space designed for the individual.