In the modern age, we live in a constantly changing world where we know we’re not alone. As reports of unidentified flying objects—otherwise known as UFOs—continue to grow in number, Earth’s population wonders if there’s any way to accept these space travelers while at the same time generating extra income from them. 

Whether aliens plan to stay for a short-term vacation or a long-term settlement, homeowners—especially across Massachusetts and New Hampshire—have been designing and building modern sheds appealing not only to the human race, but also to incoming alien life. 

A modern shed is a forward-thinking design that can encapsulate everything an alien may miss from their homeworld, whether their native planet’s elemental building materials, to the advanced machines and space-age architecture native to their world. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways you can build an ultra-modern shed perfect for anyone. From the Greys native to Roswell, to the Nordic aliens of ancient Earth, a modern shed combines the ideals of the future with the optimism of the American dream.

How To Design A Habitat For Alien Life

Whatever your native planet, everyone has certain memories and aesthetics that help them feel at home. Crystalline skylights, hydration IVs, a laboratory to host their experiments on Earth’s creatures, and of course, rooftop parking for their flying saucers and other aircrafts.

Just like human beings, most alien life–excluding a select few such as interdimensional gaseous beings–need the same in-home amenities and functional options as the modern homeowner. A master bathroom, a kitchen with a large oven to roast the whole cow, and sleeping quarters with cryogenic chambers long enough for 8-foot reptilian humanoids, all of which are essential features when designing affordable alien housing.

Get Inspired By Alien Architecture

alien architecture to be inspired by.

Throw on your favorite sci-fi flicks like E.T. the Extraterrestrial and read your favorite novels like the Dune series to get inspired by the worlds beyond our own. Study the looks and descriptions of alien architecture to help you design a futuristic modern shed that’ll appeal to all off-world species, no matter their shapes or sizes. Whether your tenants are 3 feet tall or 10 feet tall, warm-blooded or cold-blooded, or even prone to shedding their skins during solar eclipses, building a modern shed accessible to everyone should be your goal.

Search for photos of retro-futurism architecture that was popular in America during the 1950s and 1960s. Also known as Googie, this ultra-modern architectural style showed up everywhere from Disney’s Tomorrowland to Seattle’s Space Needle. Countless coffee shops, diners, motels, and yes, even Mcdonalds, adopted a space-age design. The average buildings of everyday life flourished with futuristic ideals and materials that look like they come from faraway worlds, all easy to adapt into a modern shed’s design.

Think Eco-Friendly Energy Sources

a garage with an attached eco-friendly energy source for vehicles.

While Earth has been under tremendous stress as humanity continues to evolve, most other advanced civilizations have developed ways to use their natural resources effectively without siphoning the life force from their environment.

You may believe that in order for flying saucer-like aircraft to break the speed of sound they require mass amounts of natural resources to even get a few feet off the air, but this is not usually the case. Alien Life is a big advocate for green energy technologies, such as hydroelectric power and dark matter fuel injectors, both of which allow UFOs to travel many galaxies without making any pit stops to refuel. 

UFOs over Lake Michigan propel the water into the sky straight to their advanced transmission systems, creating a massive whirlpool that produces enough energy to get them to their next intergalactic destination. 

Some alien space crafts are only able to be powered by the dark energy of the universe, otherwise known as dark matter. As a power source, dark matter can fuel anything from your space traversing battleships to the heating and cooling system installed inside your modern shed. The power is limitless, and it might just be nature’s perfect fuel. Of course, our otherworldly friends discovered the possibilities of using dark matter even before we discovered the possibilities of the modern shed. 

Use Rare Alien Alloys During Construction

rare alien alloys

Typically, when building a modern shed, you’ll find the construction process uses the same materials as a traditional home. Cedar shake or vinyl siding, hardwood floors, asphalt roofs, heavy-duty drywall, and thick sound-absorbing insulation are all necessary when building a livable backyard shed. 

While normal for us on Earth, these materials consume valuable resources from our planet’s ecosystem. Life on faraway worlds is much more advanced when it comes to building materials, as they only use alien alloys that are quick to harvest and easy to produce, some of which last for lifetimes without any noticeable degradation of quality. 

The Department Of Defense has a cache stockpiled with such building materials, such as rare crystalline alloys used for manufacturing UFO cockpits, as well as synthetic tetrataenite, a unique metal that can be used to create anything from spaceships that can handle the heat of the sun, to modern sheds that look and feel like deep space.

Forward-Thinking Interior Design

forward-thinking interior design.

When building a modern shed designed to be a vacation home for extraterrestrial life, you need to think about what the typical living space of an alien looks like. Chrome-finished walls, lots of wires and beeping gadgets, cryogenic chambers lined up along the master bedroom, when you’re designing the world’s coolest UFO-inspired buildings you want to learn everything you can about alien habitats. And of course, for obvious reasons, you want to meet a certain ceiling height clearance that’ll give plenty of legroom for any alien lifeform you may be renting to.  

Some forms of extraterrestrial life don’t require a full-sized kitchen in their modern shed, as they do most of their cooking inside their own intestines, constantly regenerating, regurgitating, and then consuming all their favorite proteins and carbohydrates. But, other aliens are just like you and me, always cooking large meals for their growing families, who seem to multiply much faster than the human reproductive system is capable of. 

When building a kitchen for extraterrestrials, keep in mind a few key points.

  • Only use high-quality energy star rated appliances by brands such as LG and Frigidaire, as freezer burn becomes a real problem when storing harvest limbs and organs.
  • If your wall-mounted oven isn’t large enough for an entire heffer, you’d be better off digging to the center of the Earth to allow them to cook their extravagant meals without having to travel to the sun.
  • Color choices for your modern shed’s walls, cabinets, and flooring really doesn’t matter as much when the purpose is to house extraterrestrial life, as most space creatures prefer the simplistic design of stainless-steel finishes. 

Your modern shed’s bathroom on the other hand can become a big problem when building your extraterrestrial apartment. Normally, aliens don’t produce waste the same way as humans do, they prefer to recycle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a space to freshen up.

alien taking a bath. 

Due to the air pollution problem on Earth, especially with the increasing amount of wildfires happening in California and Canada, visiting aliens suffer from a variety of rashes and painful skin conditions when visiting our planet. Often life-threatening, these irritations can result in severe chemical burns, sometimes chewing right through the skin down to their endoskeleton. 

High-pressure wash shower systems equipped with handheld shower heads are the perfect option to attract any other worldly traveler, as the shapes and sizes of aliens can be as varied as the different types of modern sheds.

Build A Space-Age Modern Shed With Perry Brothers Construction

the perry brothers construction team

Whether you believe it or not, we are not alone in this vast universe we call our home. There are visitors from all over the galaxy in need of a short or long-term place to stay, and with the ongoing housing crisis we barely have enough liveable space for our own kind, let alone somewhere for our alien friends to rest while refueling their starships.

If you plan on renting from extraterrestrial tenants but are unsure of how to design a modern shed to meet their needs, give Perry Brothers Construction a call to find out how you can participate in the latest futurist design trend movement, from acquiring materials that don’t exist naturally on Earth, to building the perfect UFO-like addition in your own backyard.