Jason contacted Perry Brothers Construction to build a new living space addition to his home. The goal was to add square footage and functional space that would blend seamlessly into the existing layout and design of the house. The project consisted of building an approximate 350 sq ft room with lots of natural light and a vaulted ceiling to meet the desired aesthetic. The room also included a gas-free-standing fireplace and glass slider door out to the patio, making it a room suitable for all seasons.

Finding Perry Brothers Construction

Jason had used Perry Brothers Construction for a previous project around 2014 and found them through Angie’s List or other online resources. After speaking with the owner, he was impressed by their knowledge and professionalism and felt confident that Perry Brothers Construction could handle this home addition project.

Initial Goals And Details

This project aimed to construct a well-sized living space that would expand the square footage and provide practicality while still complimenting the current design. We built an approximately 350 sq ft room with ample natural light and a lofty ceiling for its desired appearance. To enhance comfortability all year round, we also included a gas fireplace and access to the patio through glass sliding doors. Our goal has been fulfilled in creating this aesthetically pleasing yet functional area!

when considering a home addition remodel the maximum space you want is a huge determining factor in your project's budget

Taking time to understand goals shouldn’t be skimped on, which is why the Perry Brothers Construction team took their time to understand Jason’s vision. After conversations with the owner and detailed measurements of the space, they were able to create a design that would meet all of his expectations. Never settle for a construction team that doesn’t take the time to understand your vision.

Room additions are excellent remodeling options for hobbyists of all kinds

Important Aspects To Consider When Building An All-Season Room Addition

When planning to create an all-season room addition, certain important aspects must be considered. First, the room needs to be built to keep out moisture and provide proper insulation for year-round comfort. Secondly, it is essential to use windows and doors with proper seals and weather stripping, so energy efficiency isn’t lost when heating or cooling the space. Lastly, proper ventilation and airflow must be considered to prevent mold or mildew buildup.

Communication And Explanation Of The Remodeling Process

Perry Brothers Construction did an excellent job explaining the remodeling process they would follow for the project. They explained the demo process and what to expect during the inspection and permitting procedure. Bill, the company owner, also explained the payment process clearly throughout the project.

Vendor And Material Selection

Jason was happy with all the vendors and materials recommended by Bill during the selection process and is still happy with the materials used. Bill also asked if Jason needed a place to store building products and a dumpster.

Quality Vendors And Materials Matter

The quality of the vendors and materials used was crucial in ensuring the project was successful. Perry Brothers Construction selected high-quality vendors and materials that met Jason’s functional and aesthetic requirements. They also used weatherproofing products where needed to ensure no energy efficiency is lost over time. Quality materials can make or break a project; Perry Brothers Construction understands this.

Scheduling And Communication

Jason was very happy with the availability of Bill and his crew whenever he had a question or needed to pass along information. Mike, the project manager, handled any change orders that came up without any sense of frustration, demonstrating his patience and understanding of his customer’s needs.

An Issue With Ceiling And Resolution

After completing the project, Bill brought up an issue with the ceiling and offered to fix it. Jason appreciated this honesty and transparency, so he would recommend Perry Brothers Construction to other homeowners.

Why Honesty And Transparency Are Non-Negotiable

Honesty and transparency are two of the most essential qualities a contractor can bring to a project. Jason was very satisfied with how Bill handled the issue with the ceiling, as it demonstrated his integrity and commitment to providing high-quality work. Honesty and transparency also help ensure that customers feel taken care of throughout the process, which is essential for customer satisfaction.

Overall Satisfaction And Future Recommendations

Jason was happy with the results of his project and would consider hiring and recommending Perry Brothers Construction in the future. “Yes – Absolutely!!” were his exact words when asked about his overall satisfaction with the project.

a new room addition can be the perfect spot for family entertainment

In conclusion, Perry Brothers Construction was able to meet and exceed the expectations of the customer, Jason, by providing clear communication, quality materials and vendors, and a seamless construction process. The added honesty and transparency regarding the ceiling issue further demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction. Jason is happy with the results and would recommend them to others.

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