When Mr. Kelley’s mother Alina recommended Perry Brothers Construction for his basement remodel, he knew right away he wanted to work with their team. After researching other basement remodeling companies and then speaking with Bill Perry, the owner of Perry Brothers Construction, the Kelley’s decided to proceed with the project. The result was a beautifully remodeled basement that exceeded their expectations.

a freshly remodeled basement

Problem: A Dark, Uninviting, And Humid Basement

Like many homeowners, the Kelley’s had big dreams for their unfinished basement. They wanted to transform their basement from a dark and uninviting space into a warm and welcoming home environment. They envisioned a room that combined the solitude of a home office with the sanctuary of a basement entertainment center, giving the Kelley’s the best of both. However, they knew that achieving their dream basement remodel would require significant work.

basement remodel before construction begins

Their basement was unfinished and outdated, with cracked walls and uneven floors. The lighting was poor, and the room felt cramped and uninviting, and their basement flooring was nothing more than the home’s foundation. The Kelley’s knew that they needed a basement finishing team of professional carpenters who could help him turn their basement remodeling vision into a reality.

Mrs. Kelley, was eager to remove the mold from the basement and brighten the room. Mold isn’t just unsightly – it’s a serious health hazard. The family wanted to ensure their basement was safe and comfortable for years to come, so they hired a professional basement remodeling company.

electrical circuit board in an unfinished basement

Another issue was draft issues through the back entry door. They had an exterior door that lacked proper insulation and created a draft leading into the basement. They had humidity issues, as well as trouble keeping their basement warm in the colder months of Massachusetts.

Solution: A Customized Basement Remodeling Plan

Fortunately, Perry Brothers Construction was up to the task of remodeling the Kelley’s basement. Bill Perry and his team of expert carpenters and tradesmen worked closely with the Kelley’s to develop a customized basement remodeling plan that addressed all their concerns and met their needs.

music studio in a finished basement

First, they added a subpump to ensure their basement was forever free from any potential moisture and dampness. Then, they added a separate sump pump to keep the basement floor area dry.

They addressed the draft issues by adding spray foam insulation to ensure a proper seal between their basement walls. This is important because it prevents warm air from escaping your home in the winter and keeps cool air in during the summer.

Additionally, they remodeled the basement into three separate rooms, including a common area, laundry room, and a home office/music studio.

a basement remodeled into a music studio

Throughout the basement remodeling process, Perry Brothers Construction communicated with the Kelley’s to ensure they were happy with the progress and that their vision was being realized. They were open to feedback and made adjustments as necessary, ensuring the end result was exactly what the Kelleys had hoped for their basement remodel.

Results: A Beautifully Remodeled Basement

Thanks to Perry Brothers Construction, the Kelley’s now have a remodeled basement that they are proud of. Their finished basement space is warm and inviting, with plenty of room for personal activities and entertaining guests. They are thrilled with the final result of their basement remodel and couldn’t be happier with their decision to work with Perry Brothers Construction.

home office before the furniture

The Kelley’s credit their remodeling project’s success to the professionalism and expertise of the entire Perry Brothers Construction team. They felt that their project manager did an excellent job communicating with them throughout the basement remodeling process, and they appreciated their attention to detail and commitment to quality workmanship.

They admit it is stressful to hire any renovation and remodeling company, but they were happy with their choice because Bill made them feel comfortable and confident in their decision to proceed with their basement remodeling project.

back exterior door to basement

The Kelley’s agree that some renovation and remodeling companies try to cut corners, but this wasn’t the case with Perry Brothers Construction. They gave the Kelley’s a fair and honest quote and were transparent throughout the basement finishing process. This attention to detail made the difference for the Kelley’s and is what they credit for the success of their basement finishing project.  They highly recommend Perry Brothers Construction’s home remodeling services and they are confident that anyone who chooses them for a basement remodel will be just as pleased with the results are they are. 

laundry room in a finished basement

The Kelleys are proud to call this basement their own and have been enjoying the many benefits of a renovated room. The Kelley’s can now enjoy a comfortable and inviting basement space thanks to Perry Brothers Construction’s exceptional craftsmanship. They can now truly call their home a place of comfort and relaxation. 

The transformation to their basement was remarkable, and they are grateful to Bill and his team for their hard work and dedication throughout the remodeling process.

How A Basement Remodel Can Increase Your Home’s Value

investing in your home increases your home's value

Not only does a basement remodel create an inviting space for the homeowner, but it also increases their property value. When done correctly, a basement remodel can significantly increase the value of a home. Regarding the Kelley family, they had some dampness and mold accumulating in the basement walls and floor, which could have caused long-term damage to their home’s foundation. By scheduling a basement remodel, they prevented damage from occurring while also adding additional value to their home.

Concluding The Kelley’s Basement Remodeling Journey 

The Perry Brothers Construction team is devoted to their customers and passionately dedicated to providing unmatched home remodeling results that satisfy every homeowner’s objectives. They recognize how essential remodeling a basement can be, so they strive to exceed expectations through their hard work, dedication, and unrivaled communication skills throughout the renovation and remodeling process.

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Ready To Transform Your Unfinished Basement?

You don’t have to settle for an unfinished basement. The team at Perry Brothers Construction can help you transform any basement into a room that’s equally beautiful as it is functional.

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Go from dreaming of a basement remodel to making it a reality. Contact Perry Brothers Construction today. We are always ready to assist you in starting your next renovation and remodeling project.