With the amount of time spent in and around our kitchens last year, 2020 left us wishing we had renovated them already. However, as learning and working from home continues indefinitely, remodeling your kitchen is the best way to start 2023.  

This year’s kitchen trends are influenced by two top factors; tidiness and flexibility for holding multiple users and tasks.  

Read on as we give you a breakdown of the 7 Kitchen Renovation Trends ruling the scene in 2023! 

Larger Islands or Double Up With a Pair 

Between online classes and daily zoom meetings, your kitchen has never gotten busier. A staple of the post-pandemic kitchen is therefore a roomier island or even two, to accommodate work and studies with space for more. While the two-kitchen island design is best for when there are no space limitations, a single larger kitchen island (we’re talking at least 24 square feet in size here) can take on many activities happening simultaneously. A more oversized kitchen island that can perform as a dining space with room for bar stools or chairs is what families are going after. 

Handle Free Cabinetry

Give your kitchen a sleek, streamlined, and pared-back look with push open-close doors. Cabinetry details in 2023 are going handle-free, or adding recessed handles lined in interesting materials and colors gives that attractive yet minimalist look.  

Touchless Faucets 

Touchless, motion controlled as well as touchtap faucets, and soap dispensers come into play in 2023 to cater to the need of the hour. 

A hands-free functionality. 

Rather than the traditional stainless steel, add warmth and richness to the kitchen by opting for black or brass faucets. 

Voice-controlled kitchen devices are also brand-new technological features getting popular this year.  

 Slab Splashbacks 

A slab splashback is probably one of the biggest kitchen trends for 2023. Slab splashbacks give that instant ‘wow’ factor and, when matched with the countertop, can give a chic, luxe look. A solid splashback with large-scale veining suits spacious kitchens, whereas dressing a small feature area, for example, the space between the range and the hood in stonewill give smaller kitchens a nifty effect. You can play with various options when it comes to the material for a slab splashback, such as marble, granite, or even glass.  

 Better Storage Space 

Smart storage solutions and pantries are on everyone’s kitchen wish list this yearWith clever use of space and design, almost any kitchen can add on ample room. 

A fine example that is having a revival of sorts is the appliance garage. Innovations and the latest engineering ideas allow your countertop appliances like toasters and coffee makers to be away and out of view when not in useThis increases counter space as well as gives that uber-tidy look.  

Drawers are again a popular kitchen trendA 2-drawer base offers the same storage as a traditional 2-door base cabinetbut with better visibility and easy access 

Pantry Cabinets & Shelving  

Adequate pantry space is crucial in 2023 as more people are cooking at home. Having a well-designed pantry that houses all your dry groceries in one place and is not scattered about gives you a lot more control over staying organized. A suitable pantry shelf frees up kitchen walls so you can either adorn them with art or a luxe piece of cabinetry. 

A sophisticated modern larder in contrasting tones and materials to the rest of the kitchen will do just the job by adding vertical space and also enhancing the overall vibrancy.  

Eco-Friendly Design 

People are choosing well-made, sustainably produced products that contribute meaningfully to the kitchen as a place of well-being and health Designers are seeing a growing trend of reclaimed wood, bamboo, low-VOC wall paints, UV lighting, and air filtration options.  

Besides incorporating environmentally friendly materials, it’s also important to choose functional kitchen windows and screens that can let fresh air in. Not to forget those rays of natural light in your cooking area.  

Soft and warm colors, and textures are on their way to superseding the cool tones of recent years. 

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