Summary: In this modern shed podcast, Joe DeMarco from Perry Brothers Construction discusses his favorite she shed ideas for our working moms out there. Sometimes the chaos of home can be overwhelming and balance feels out of the question. You need a space where you can work, study, craft, and hangout with a box of wine. A she shed is just that, a personal sanctuary in your backyard. This is mom’s house.

Joe DeMarco: Hi, I’m Joe DeMarco, General Manager of Perry Brothers Construction, a general contracting company based out in Newbury, Massachusetts, who specializes in modern shed design and production. 

On today’s renovation and remodeling podcast, I’m going to be talking about my favorite she shed ideas for working moms, because as we know, in this busy day and age, moms are not just staying home with the kids. 

They have careers of their own and they have to deal with their own stresses outside of the chaotic household. They need a personal sanctuary to go and retreat to and escape, just like a man with a man cave.

Home Office Shed With A Breakroom

The first she shed idea that I really like would be home office sheds with a break room. You would have your desk and your computer, be able to take your Zoom calls without any distractions from the kids or the dogs. 

You’d have couches and chairs and coffee tables, a lounge area, projector, you could even host gatherings with your colleagues in here. 

A she shed is just an excellent place to focus and get work done, become highly productive, really just further your career and help drive your passions. I highly recommend working remotely. It’s very great.

Personal Den Shed

The next type of shed that I’d like to talk about would be a personal den shed. So, a lot of man caves get designed to be the room where he covers it with Patriots flags and blah, blah, blah, a lot of football going on, and he’s just in there every weekend with the guys watching the game and yelling and stuff. 

But you could also design a personal den where you have a nice TV up on your wall and you can sit there and watch Days of Our Lives or whatever, Friends, just hang out with the girls, have a box of wine, just chill, gossip about the husbands, have a good time, relax, it’s your world.

Home Gym Shed

The next type of she shed idea that I’d like to speak on would be having a home gym shed. Whether you want to have a yoga studio, a meditation room, your typical home gym, you could have a squat rack and a bench. 

You could have a lot of cardio equipment, like Pelotons and treadmills. I’ve actually been really interested in this all-in-one AI trainer machine called the Tonal AI. It’s an all-in-one fitness machine, a cable machine that conveniently places onto your wall. 

It’s very economical with its space usage, and it learns about your body and it will adjust the exercises based upon what muscles it thinks you should work or which muscles you’ve been working a lot throughout your workouts in the week. Very cool.

I feel like things like that, for example, I use the Peloton, and having the classes and the instructors and just the whole program with it, it really keeps me motivated to keep going back to the workouts. 

So if you’re going to have a home gym shed, getting some kind of program like that so you could really have it like a real gym studio of classes would be an awesome idea.

Artist Studio

The next type of she shed idea I’d like to talk about would be, you could have an artist studio. An artist studio shed, whatever your passion or your hobbies are, whether you’re a musician mom. We’re not just talking about moms here too. You could be a she daughter or whatever. She homeowner, whatever. These are sheds for people to just be themselves, just enjoy it. 

So yeah, you could be a musician, you could be into pottery, you could be a painter, you could draw, maybe you do a lot of drafts for 3D renders of architectural designs. 

I mean, the world is yours. I mean, get that pearl out of the oyster, girl. But yeah, an artist studio shed. I mean, also, you could do a glassblowing shed. That would be really cool. You could have the kiln there. 

If you’re a blacksmith type of lady, you could have the anvil and the furnace. I mean, there’s a lot of different artistic opportunities that you could unlock inside your she shed.

She Shed Garden

The next type of she shed idea that I’d like to speak on would be a garden shed. I think this is really cool. I mean, you could have your she shed be completely glass, all the ceilings and the walls, and have it more like a solarium and you have tons of sun coming in. 

You could just have all your favorite vegetables and flowers and plants and assorted herbs and whatever you like. I’m not here to judge. And you could grow all that stuff in your she shed. 

You could even set up a little section in the middle of your garden shed and just meditate right there, a little Persian rug or whatever, and just sit there, breathe in the fresh air your plants are giving you and just really, man, just enjoy the enchantment of the moment.

Hire She Shed Design Specialists At Perry Brothers Construction

So yeah, those are some she shed ideas that I thought everyone would enjoy hearing. If you have any questions about she shed design or would like to speak with a she shed specialist, Bill Perry from Perry Brothers Construction, you could call him at 781-233-7511

He is the she shed man, as they say. He’s a master she shed designer, master man cave manipulator, and he’s really got your back, because he will listen and he will make sure that all of your needs and expectations and preferences are met. And we will design a she shed that is unique to you, because you’re a unique individual. Have a great day.