The past several months have forced families to take a long, critical look around their homes, and many of us have found ourselves in need of more living space. To be fair, wedidn’t foresee these spaces doubling up, tripling up, as our home, office and school, but here we are. We made do by turning dining rooms into virtual classrooms and guest bedrooms into home offices. But going into year two of the ‘Work from Home’ lifestyleit’s time we improvise. You don’t need to build out to improve, just set your sights higher! Iyou’ve got an attic space holding years of clutter, we’ve got just the ideas for your attic renovation! 

5 Attic Renovation Ideas for 2021 

A redesigned attic can provide you with extra space to enhance your day-to-day living and add value to your home. Homeowners with a roomy loft can comfortably combine more livable space to their homes without having to pour a brand-new foundation.  

Here are five ideas to provide you with inspiration and a healthy dose of attic envy. 

Before we begin 

Legal Considerations for Attic Remodeling 

Your attic needs to “qualify” for conversion based on local codeslike, a safe way of egress, fire codes, a dimension it has to adhere to, a permit to add ventilation or electrical wiring and licenses if you plan to build or knock down walls. All this can make the task seem pretty daunting. Leave it up to our team of attic remodel contractors and we will take care of everything from the initial visit to the final wrap up meeting and everything in between! 

 With that out of the way, here are some cool ideas to transform your attic to the room of your dreams! 

Attic Office 

 As more businesses embrace the value of at-home work, an attic remodeled as a home office will be the perfect place to hold your online conferences. Attic offices will need rewiring to support office equipment like computers and printersLighting will also have to be adjusted to ensure your work desk is well illuminatedNatural light sources like windows will keep things, and clean-tone wall paint will help keep things soft and subdued. 

Attic Bedroom 

Turning an attic into a loft bedroom will give your growing family extra sleeping space. Installing proper insulation to keep the attic at a comfortable temperature is essential. Depending on your current flooring, you may want to redo it with sound dampening materials since movement across a bedroom tends to get noisy. 

Attic Apartment 

 A remodeled attic can be a potential revenuegenerating project if you are looking in that direction. Even if not, an attic apartment can come in handy if you have guests staying over. 

To convert an attic into an apartment, you will have to add a full bathroom, a kitchenette, countertops and closet space. Insulation and soundproofing are again necessary. 

Attic Book Nook and Game Lounge 

An attic library and game room can be both exciting and calming at the same time. Cozying up in the favorite section of your house to unwind with a good book after a busy day is a treat. Similarly, heading upstairs for a night of board games with friends and family is a wonderful way to bond. A nice wooden shelf to accommodate books and games, warm lighting and a couple of couches to settle in will elevate your attic book nook. 

Attic Nursery 

While we don’t think a playroom with plenty of feet running about is the best idea for an attic remodel, turning it into a nursery for a newborn is ideal as the space will be snug and private. Your attic remodel contractor will have to mind the support structures and work around the fixed columns and framings. From your side, choose furniture that works with the existing elements in the attic. A reading corner, a nursing chair, neutral paints and décor that reclaims the narrow walls and slopes will add length and a spacious visual effect to your attic nursery. 

No matter your vision for the attic, our skilled team is here to give it life. Contact Perry Brothers Construction today for a chat and transform your home!