Today Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction explores the top bathroom remodeling trends of 2023, giving homeowners new innovative ideas for their next bathroom remodel. From recycled building materials to smart home technology, building a better bathroom in 2023 has never been easier and more fun. Learn how you can turn any bathroom into a luxury oasis you’ll look forward to using every day.

Joe DeMarco: Hi, I’m Joe DeMarco, general manager of Perry Brothers Construction, a general contracting company based in Newbury, Massachusetts that specializes in home renovation and remodeling. Today I’ll be talking about the top bathroom remodeling trends of 2023, giving you expert advice on how you can remodel your bathroom to be both beautiful and functional.

What Are Some Of The Emerging Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2023?

The first thing to talk about, I would say, is just any emerging bathroom remodeling trends in 2023 that most homeowners are not aware of but should be. The number one bathroom remodeling trend that I personally am a fan of is minimalist design choices. Clean lines, simple colors, nothing too bright, nothing that catches the eye too much, and most importantly, a clutter-free space. You need to have your space organized and you don’t want too many features inside your bathroom. Too many features create stress and a lot of extra maintenance that you could easily avoid.

Think about it. You really don’t need a tub and a shower separately. If you do want the functionality of a tub and a shower, I would say a tub-shower combo is a way to go, and you won’t be missing the features from either. A tub shower combo allows you to enjoy the benefits of those jets in the tub, and it also allows you to have the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a shower when you need to get somewhere quickly. A tub is more for when you get out of work, you have some chocolate ice cream and red wine, you sit back and you let those jets wipe away your stress.

Another big emerging bathroom remodeling trend I’ve also been a fan of is spa-inspired features. Now, many homeowners have been turning their bathrooms into a luxury spa retreat because, I don’t know, going to a spa, it’s a little awkward. And some spas just don’t offer what at least I personally would expect. I was looking for a mud spa at one point probably around Covid, and you couldn’t find anything. No mud. No mud anywhere. I was looking for hot mud in particular. Now, I’m not saying to install a hot mud bath inside your bathroom, even though that’d be a really great idea, but think about features such as soaking tubs. Like I said, install a tub where you can control the bubbles and the jets and the heat and everything. If anything, it’s like installing a jacuzzi or a hot tub. Yeah, of course, you can get a jacuzzi in your bathroom. You could even get a hot tub if you want to.

Another spa-inspired feature, and this is also eco-friendly, is heated floors. And I recommend these for not just bathrooms, but for anywhere in your home. Heated floors can evenly distribute a set temperature across your bathroom. Basically, your body is absorbing the heat through your feet, which is really the most important place on your body to keep comfortably warm because think about it, the blood cycles from your head down to your feet and back up. You send heat through those feet, it goes right up to the brain. That’s a little science advice for all y’all. 

But seriously. Yeah, heated floors. You could put them under any type of flooring. I personally would recommend vinyl flooring as the design. The visual options are just astounding. I mean, you could have the look of California redwood without taking out the entire redwood forest. They’re super easy to maintain compared to real wood floors. Real wood floors, you got to polish and do all sorts of maintenance, probably every five or so years. I mean, vinyl flooring, there’s none of that. Worse comes to worst, there’s a little tear on the floor. Pop that up and place a new one in, a new piece of vinyl flooring.

How Are Smart Technologies Being Integrated Into Bathroom Designs?

Smart technology integration, that’s been huge lately. Smart technology such as smart lighting is really popular throughout homes. I mean, you can install smart lighting, not just in your bathroom and basements, kitchens, and attics, but you can even put smart lighting above the porch out back inside your spotlights. The smart lighting, yeah, it comes in options such as track lights, bulbs that can go into different lighting fixtures, such as spotlights and track lights, and everything like that. You got strip lighting too. I mean, smart lighting is really the most intelligent technology you can put into your home. And LED lights are extremely effective for reducing your energy bill, and that’s one of the best benefits of them. They use way less energy than your normal halogen just because they’re LEDs. LEDs, they’re the best.

Can You Share Some Insights On The Use Of Natural Materials In Bathroom Remodeling?

I wanted to give you guys some insights on the use of natural materials during your next bathroom remodeling project and how you can use those to create a tranquil organic atmosphere that is eco-friendly and sustainable for our planet. A big trend I’ve been seeing lately with bathroom remodeling is water-saving fixtures such as low-flow toilets and faucets. An example of how a low-flow toilet works, basically, it’s flushing the exact amount of water required to get those contents down the toilet. And this flushing is powerful too. So you’re not doing any triple flushes here. One flush from a low-flow eco-friendly toilet is probably half the amount of water as your standard toilet. And the faucets, they work the same way too, where basically you’re getting the perfect amount of water at the right amount of pressure and you’re not required to worry about any leakage or anything like that because they really seal up well. They don’t let any little drops come out at all. I know that can always be a problem.

Another natural material I’ve been seeing pop up during bathroom remodels is recycled glass tiles or even countertops. And these are great eco-friendly choices because they’re just as durable and easy to clean as your regular tiles and countertops, but they create an aesthetic in your bathroom that is completely unique to you. You’re not going to just get recycled glass tiles that are red or blue or green. You can, but they’re always going to have unique features in them. And by the time you remodel a bathroom using recycled glass tiles and countertops, you’re going to have a look inside your bathroom that is completely unique to you. I think that’s one of the coolest things about recycled glass for bathroom remodeling as a piece of stock.

Another thing we’ve been seeing pop up for sure is reclaimed wood. So reclaimed wood is just old wood that has now been rehashed and recycled, so it can be reused as new material. This wood is just salvaged from old structures. Again, it’s giving second life to materials that otherwise would’ve been burned in a trash fire or forgotten. And using reclaimed wood allows us to not wipe out any more forests or anything like that. Well, at least we can do it less. I don’t know about ever, but we can wipe out less and we can use what we already have for reclaimed wood.

Natural stone. That’s been really popular lately too. Marble, granite, limestone. Obviously those are always very popular countertop options. If you’re not comfortable using recycled glass, nothing beats a marble countertop. Yeah, these materials are long-lasting. They can be recycled or repurposed. You might buy these materials and they’re already recycled or repurposed from a previous structure and they’re durable. It’s awesome.

What Are Some Innovative Storage Solutions That Homeowners Can Consider When Renovating Their Bathrooms In 2023?

One of the other things I’d like to talk about too is just innovative bathroom storage solutions that you can use to save space inside your bathroom and just keep all your equipment safe and clean. Think about it. What do you use inside a bathroom? You got shampoos, soaps, a toothbrush, razor blades, maybe some skin cream or hair products or something like that. Anything that you use to keep yourself clean or make yourself look better, you don’t want that to be dirty. You don’t want to leave your toothbrush out on the backsplash so everything that everyone in your house is spitting into the sink is going to potentially bounce off and hit your toothbrush. You don’t want to put that in your mouth. That’s disgusting.

You don’t want too much storage inside your bathroom because then that’s going to make you feel cramped inside. You don’t want your walls to be closing in because you have cabinets throughout all the walls. But there’s nothing wrong with pinning something like a shelving unit, maybe something that looks kind of like a spice rack up on the wall right next to the sink. You could put your toothbrush in there, your floss, and the cups you use to gargle your mouthwash. 

There’s always storage that you can put underneath the sink. Most vanities have cabinets underneath the countertop and underneath the sink. And a lot of them also have cabinets above it. Or you could have a medicine cabinet separated from your vanity, or maybe a cabinet that is connected to your vanity, also above the sink.

And another thing, and it’s very important for a lot of bathrooms, people love to have a bathroom closet to keep all your towels and your hand cloths and maybe some different bandages and stuff like that. You could put your bedsheets and whatever else in there too. Having sufficient storage for any room in your house, it’s a very important thing to consider if you’re a homeowner. You need to be able to store your items. Most people have too much, so they need to be able to make it look like they don’t have too much, if you know what I’m saying.

So yeah, this was great. Thanks for joining me here. I hope everyone got some helpful information on the current bathroom remodeling trends for 2023. For more information on bathroom remodeling or any other type of renovation or remodeling services, please don’t hesitate to contact Perry Brothers Construction. You can visit our website at or you could call our office at (781) 233-7511. Again, that’s (781) 233-7511. I hope you got some awesome bathroom remodeling tips for 2023. Thanks for listening, guys and gals.