With fall, out come the grinning jack-o’-lanterns, the plaid prints, and welcoming wreaths. Apart from these classics, fall renovation trends are a little more tweaked this year. Fall is a time for slowing down and rewiring with friends and family. So as people are gearing up to host gatherings for the holiday season, they are looking to refresh home spaces to suit current needs and flavor. 

To help renovate your home for the season ahead, here are some of our top fall renovation trends for 2023! 

Hands-free Faucets and Touchless Technology 

The demand for hands-free home automation has gone through the roof. Think worry-free, germ-free faucets, presence-sensing technology (PST) lights, touchless toilets, trashcans etc. The Fall of 2023 is all about smart automation in the modern home.  

Porcelain flooring  

Move over ceramic; porcelain is the latest material winning hearts for its durability and aesthetic superiority. With low porosity, porcelain tiles are less absorbent, making them safer and suitable for heavy use. Available in several colors, patterns, and surface finishes, you can utilize porcelain in different rooms of your home, including countertops for the kitchen.  

Reclaiming the Basement and Attic 

This fall renovation trend currently tops all others, and we predict it will continue to remain a high priority as families navigate life from home. People want to maximize their rooms, and that means no more wasted space. Basement renovations are among the highest searched trends in the country, second only to kitchen renovations. Similarly, attics are being remodeled into cozy guest bedrooms or a much-needed hobby house. 

Outdoor Rooms 

After many months of living in lockdown, the realization of missing out on experiencing fresh outdoors has hit us like nothing else. Outdoor spaces are going through expensive refurbishments as more people want to be involved with nature and life. Sunrooms, gazebos, and roof decks are all the rage now, and with fall arriving, what better way to witness all of its glory.  

Earthy Shades and Textures 

No fall renovation trend list can be complete without mentioning warm colors. More homeowners are now open to walls and cabinetry in calming tones, from rich emerald greens and navy blues to deep browns. These hues add a layer of sophistication and character to a space without overpowering it. Combine them with comforting fabrics like faux fur and cashmere in dashes of orange or yellow, and voila! You are set for the season! 

Embrace Natural Light 

Sunny and bright workspaces play a crucial role in boosting productivity and staying optimistic, so it comes as no surprise to see windows and skylights trending in Fall 2023.  

Soundproof Spaces 

Have a Zoom call in one room and your teens arguing in the other? Soundproofing homes has taken precedence for families with multiple members. Sound-absorbing acoustic wall tiles, noise-blocking doors, and window inserts are in high demand this season.  

Room Dividers and Partitioned Areas 

The open floor plan is proving to be less efficient as we head toward the latter half of 2023.  

The need for privacy has increased since last year but making sure the kids don’t set the house on fire is essential too. As a result, there is an evident resurgence of modern room dividers that encourage some separation while enabling a clear view of the adjacent rooms. 

Innovative Office Spaces 

Work-from-home culture now demands that an office area be permanently set up. It is no longer feasible to continue working off a couch. Unfortunately, not everyone has an extra room solely for a home office. Hence certain upgrades are in order to suit the reality of this new ‘live-work’ routine. Home office spaces are getting increasingly creative as we continue to see them in nooks of hallways, in the backyard, and even in a closet!  

If you are thinking of refurbishing your home to fit your changing needs, get in touch with Perry Brothers today!