Summary: In this bathroom remodeling podcast, Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction gives you his favorite luxury fixture brands that can turn any bathroom from good to stunning. Find out what bath fixture brands offer the specific amenities and accessories that you desire for your bathroom design—know what top brands you can trust.

Joe DeMarco: Hi, Joe DeMarco here, general manager of Perry Brothers Construction, a general contracting company servicing around Newbury, Massachusetts who specializes in home renovation and remodeling. 

On today’s Bathroom Remodeling podcast, I’m going to be talking about the top luxury bathroom fixture brands that we would personally recommend, certain companies and products that you probably aren’t aware of and you should be aware of them when you’re shopping for bathroom fixtures because they are the top brands in the bathroom remodeling industry.


The first brand I’d like to talk about would be Kohler, and now Kohler is an American brand founded in 1873 that has a long history of experience, expertise, and innovation. They put a lot of money into their research and development. 

They’re always designing cutting edge bathroom fixtures. And these designs blend seamlessly with any modern bathroom aesthetic. These fixtures, they always care about focusing on water efficiency and sustainability looking towards a green future.


The next bathroom fixture brand that I’d like to recommend would be TOTO, and that’s a Japanese brand that was founded in 1917. And TOTO, I have a TOTO toilet upstairs in my second floor half bathroom, and the company is just renowned for high quality toilets, even bidets now. 

You could get a heated seat bidet with a remote self-op opening toilet seat. You could get washlets, you could get heated towel racks, faucets. All sorts of bathroom accessories and fixtures for your next remodel can be bought from TOTO. 

They’re just known for their commitment to research and development and pushing towards the future, having advanced high-tech bath fixture features. 

Toto even has self-cleaning toilets, heated seats, and different cleansing options. I mean, their toilets spray essential oils just so you can leave a fresh smell. 

These products are designed with a perfect balance of functionality and water saving technologies.


The next brand I’d like to talk about would be Duravit. Duravit is actually a German company established in 1817, and they specialize in high-end bathroom ceramics and fixtures. So the ceramics would be like tilings and different finishes and stuff like that. 

They offer a wide range of different products including toilets, wash basins, sinks, vanities, different bathroom furniture and accessories, tubs. 

I mean, these bathroom fixtures are known for their superior quality control and they always have great customer service, contemporary designs and they care about what they’re giving you. 

This brand always collaborates with renowned bathroom designers in the bathroom remodeling industry because they want to create collections of fixtures that reflect the modern goals and sensibilities of the modern homeowner, bringing an elegant, personal spa into your own bathroom space.


The next bathroom luxury fixture brand I’d like to talk about will be Rohl. Now Rohl is a luxury brand, of course, I love that word. They focus on classic and traditional design. So you’re thinking of your standing porcelain wash tub. You’re thinking of the steel sink basins. You’re thinking of historical European architecture, classic craftsmanship, Victorian South. 

If you live in a historical home, Rohl probably has perfect bathroom fixtures to compliment that. You could get brass sink handles, maybe a bronze vanity faucet. 

You can get all sorts of historical bathroom fixtures from Rohl, the best in the business. These showers and accessories that Rohl are known for, they’re always the highest quality materials because they really care about the manufacturing techniques they use to create their products that exude opulence and sophistication.

Now, remember the top luxury bathroom brands for fixtures and accessories, they can vary year to year. Some people may give you recommendations for one company. Another person may not like that company and might recommend a different one. 

You just have to really put your head in the game, research, figure out what company offers the balance of budget and luxury that you’re looking for because every brand offers different things and you have to think about what brands.

So for example, TOTO is really known for their bidets. And then you got Rohl that’s really known for their historical styled fixtures. So you might go to Rohl for the brass faucet and you might go to TOTO for the warm seated Bette. The choice is yours. 

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Anyways, I hope everyone now has some cool bathroom remodeling brands that they can go and research and check out to find the best products for their future bathroom remodel.

If you want any more bathroom remodeling tips, please look at our Renovation and Remodeling podcast library. 

If you’re looking to see someone that had a bathroom remodeling experience similar to what you want, I got a video I’ll link right here in the description of a bathroom remodel we did in Beverly, MA recently with a very satisfied and happy customer. 

And for more bathroom remodeling ideas or if you want to plan your own bathroom remodel, you’re ready to hit the trigger, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 781-233-7511 and our bathroom remodeling specialist, Bill Perry, will be sure to get on the line with you and discuss all your options and help you move forward. 

Thank you, guys and gals. It was great speaking with you today.