In this podcast, John Maher talks with Joey DeMarco, marketing manager of Perry Brothers Construction. They talk about the different types of modern sheds and some common design choices. They discuss the benefits of building an ADU on your home property and any upcoming modern shed trends to look out for in 2023.

John Maher: Hi, I’m John Maher. I’m here today with Joey DeMarco, marketing manager at Perry Brothers Construction in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Our topic today is the types of modern sheds. Welcome, Joey.

Joey DeMarco: Hi, John. Thanks for having me.

John: Sure.

Joey: I appreciate it.

What Are Some Different Types Of Modern Sheds?

John: Yes. So Joey, what are some types of modern sheds and what do we mean by that?

Joey: Some different modern sheds that we’ve had customers wanting have included she sheds and man cave sheds, both of which kind of serve the same purpose. And then, there are guest room sheds, art studio sheds, yoga sheds, and home office sheds. There are a lot of different types of modern sheds, John.

John: Yeah. So why don’t we talk about each one of those a little bit and kind of go through what are some of the differences or what are they used for? The first ones you mentioned were she sheds and man cave sheds.

Joey: Yes.

John: Man caves and she sheds are obviously just kind of a retreat for guys and girls to go to, maybe have their friends over or something like that, and hang out. Tell me a little bit about what you do when designing those and what they’re used for.

Joey: Yeah. Man cave sheds and she sheds are for busy homeowners who have trouble giving each family member their own personal space. Anyone who needs that dedicated space where they can enjoy whatever they love, and the modern shed can be that perfect dedicated space.

What Are Some Design Concepts For She Sheds And Man Cave Sheds?

John: Well, why don’t we start with the she sheds and talk a little bit about those and what they’re used for? What are some of the design concepts that you might have?

Joey: Some different design concepts we’ve come up with for she sheds. They can be a garden solarium, keeping all your favorite plants in one room you can share. The sun’s coming down through the glass, it’s beautiful, and the plants love it just as much as you do. You can also set up a meditation rug in the middle of your modern shed between all your plants. Now you got a garden shed and a yoga studio shed put into one space. Maybe you’ll use your she shed as a meditation room. Enjoy your favorite hobbies whenever, whether midday, evening, or morning it doesn’t matter. Modern sheds are your personal Shangri-La. They’re an environment you control and where you’re allowed to be yourself. Modern sheds are the home behind your home.

What Separates A Modern Shed From Your Typical Garden Shed?

John: Right. And that’s what these modern sheds really are. Just think of it like an extra room in your house as opposed to your typical shed in your backyard is just used for storing stuff. So it might be storing seasonal things or your lawnmower or something like that. But these types of modern sheds are really just like an extension.

Joey: Ya, exactly, John. Yeah, they’re not meant to be the tool shack in your backyard. You know the ones you go inside, but you never really spend time in them. You’re just using it, like you said, as a storage shed. But these modern sheds are a space for any activities you love. Recently laws allowing accessory dwelling units have been passing in towns across Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Salem’s passed them I believe, in 2020. These laws allow ADU units to be built on people’s home property. These detached structures are called ADUs, which stands for additional dwelling units. These laws allow homeowners to build a separate or attached unit on their property within zoning limits and whatever their local regulations are. They can use them for a family member such as an elderly relative. In this case your modern shed may be called a granny flat.

They provide a dwelling for their kid who can’t afford to live wherever they want due to the high rent in Massachusetts. Instead of paying rent to a landlord, he pays his parents after they build a modern shed in their backyard, basically his own office bedroom, guest room, or studio apartment. These detached home structures aren’t only useful for your family members, you can rent out your modern shed as well. There are lots of new laws in Salem, MA that says you’re allowed to rent your adu units. You can rent out your backyard ADU unit as an office or dwelling, but know in certain cities there’s a rental rate variation depending on your property value. I believe you can charge up to 70% of the market value for rent. So you can actually use ADUs to create extra income while also increasing the value of your home because it’s just like building an addition, renovating your kitchen, or remodeling your bathroom, any renovating or remodeling project. Building a modern shed is all and all a good financial investment for your home.

How Big Can A Guest Room Shed Get?

John: Right. So that’s the guest room shed that you were talking about before. It’s almost like a little guest house depending on its size of it. How big could they get?

Joey: Well, currently actually in Swampscott, MA, we actually have been measuring out, and this guy’s, originally the plan was going to be 20 feet by 20 feet, but he’s also adding a bathroom. My mistake, it was two bathrooms and no kitchenette. Being allowed to build a kitchen in your modern shed across Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire depends on your town’s local zoning and building regulations.

John: Okay.

Joey: And it’s actually gotten to the point where it’s like, I believe last time I checked, it was 25 by 30. He has a pretty big property too, but it’s a big, maybe even… Actually, it was like 30 by 30. I mean these things. It just depends on your property size and local zoning regulations, but yeah, really modern sheds can get pretty big.

John: What’s the reason for having two bathrooms in there?

Joey: Because he was going to have the backyard shed for his two sons who go to college. When they come home, it was going to be their bedrooms or something for each of them. So they will each have their own bathroom because I guess they fight or something like that too. So again, the modern shed is an easy solution to familial issues. If you have kids consistently fighting all the time because they have to share a space, you can set them up somewhere that gives them their own personal chamber, a Chamber shed you may call it.

How A Home Office Shed Benefits Those Who Work From Home

John: Right. Yep. You mentioned a home office shed as well. Are you finding that a lot of people are doing that these days? Many more people are working from home now, especially after COVID so in… But not everybody has the best space in their house for it. They don’t have an extra bedroom that they can set up as an office or they don’t want to work out of their kitchen or something like that. So I would imagine a home office shed could be a really great location.

Joey: Yeah. During COVID, actually, Perry Brothers, we did build a home addition. This wasn’t a modern shed. But she actually built a, I believe it was a third-story edition up… Oh no, it was her attic. She renovated her attic, and she turned it into half a home gym and then half a home office. So on the left side, it was the office. On the right side, it was the home gym. And she had a beautiful space, nice cathedral ceilings with skylights and everything. And it was just the type of space you’d want to work from home in… Just beautiful wood paneling up on the walls, it was very peaceful and inviting. You’d wish your office looked like that place, I’ll tell you. Yeah. I mean, it was a home office, but we haven’t yet built a home office shed.

But we do believe the customer base is out there. I just don’t think they exactly know yet that they can construct ADUs in their backyard. Because out in Colorado and out in California, there are companies like Studio Shed and Modern Shed, where they’re pretty popular. People are building these modern sheds, and they can even be dwelling units they live in. They can be everything we’ve discussed already, but modern sheds are already very popular out west.

John: Right.

How Modern Sheds Can Help Solve The Housing Crisis

Joey: But out in New England, particularly Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, modern sheds are not as visible to the public yet. No one really knows they exist, just like the additional dwelling units. So I just hope that information can get to them, can be more accessible, and be easier to find. People always talk about how the housing market in the Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire communities have high mortgages and low inventory. During 2022 the average in the town of Ipswich Massachusetts averaged $2,400 for a two-bedroom apartment. While the Ipswich select board has been considering Accessory Dwellings, which could be a potential solution to meet the 10% affordable-housing target, the necessary research and comprehension has not yet been thoroughly conducted and finalized. If the town of Ipswich cannot make 10% of their housing affordable, then they’re subject to invasive 40B developments through which developers can bypass certain local zoning laws if the dwelling units are considered “affordable”.

Everyone wants to build, build, and build all these different properties and affordable housing. Everyone’s always talking about that in the Ipswich Local News. And the most efficient way to use the space that we have is building on the property that’s already been developed. So we could build these modern sheds for, say if there’s someone, I don’t know, a single mother or someone out in the city, she’s working, but she’s having to travel up towards Ipswich or Gloucester to work, and the commute has been a tremendous burden.

Maybe there’s someone in the community where she works who constructed a modern shed on their home’s property. She could rent their additional dwelling space. Some homeowners in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire have plenty of unused acreage on their property. Picture a humble 20 by 20 modern shed unit equipped with a bathroom and kitchenette, and they rent it out creating a win-win situation. Whatever the rent could be, $600 a month, $700 a month, it doesn’t matter. The homeowner’s modern shed is conveniently located in the community where she travels for work. That’s a very specific situation, but at the same time, I believe this could be an effective way to solve the local housing crisis across our local communities. If we build affordable dwelling units on land that’s been developed, we’ll be using the space we already have as effectively as possible without heavily disrupting the natural ecosystem.

John: Right. There are plenty of people up here on the north shore of Massachusetts that have an acre of land or more. So if you have that kind of extra space on your home’s property, why not build a modern shed? And as you said, maybe use it as a holiday rental space.

Joey: Yeah, and it’s funny you mentioned when people with a property with multiple acres on it. I can’t recall the specific zoning laws per every town, but I would say you can potentially build multiple ADUs in your backyard to rent out or bring extra space for a growing family. I want to give you an example, I think it was out in California, they call them tiny house villages, tiny house communities, and basically, they’re almost like trailer parks. But instead of trailer homes, and there’s nothing wrong with a trailer home, the property would have multiple modern sheds. They’re basically just tiny houses, again with a kitchen, bath, and maybe a bedroom or two. An extra living space.

You could install a deck around your modern shed, whatever you want to do. Building multiple modern sheds if you have a large amount of property is a great investment to increase the value of your home. Multiple modern sheds and multiple guest room sheds, you can build these and rent them out whether it’s for people living there permanently or for people on vacation using home rental services such as Airbnb and Vrbo. They’re looking for a vacation rental, someplace convenient for the holidays. There’s loads of untapped potential to be unlocked in the modern shed and the ADU market.

John: Yeah, sure.

Joey: I’m just, yeah, surprised.

What Are Some Functional Design Features For Man Cave Sheds?

John: So another type of shed that you mentioned was a man cave shed. I know I always think of having a space in a basement or something like that of your house for a man cave. But yeah, I could see where having a little separate outside-of-the-house space where you have your guy friends over to watch the football game or do something like that. That could be a really fun place to go and really interesting.

Joey: Oh, exactly. It can be a home entertainment center, just like you said. The modern shed could be your sports center, it’s the place where every Sunday all the guys get together, grab their Bud Lights, crack a few, and just shout at the TV while watching their favorite game. I mean, modern sheds are a place you can share with other people. A modern shed is not a room that can’t be shared. You want it to be a place where you can host social activities such as weekly poker games and date nights with your special someone. And besides a home entertainment center, for sports, watching your favorite movies and shows, modern sheds are hard to beat when it comes to pure functionality. You could set up the place like an old-fashioned den, where you build a breathtaking stone fireplace and install beautiful dark woods all over your shed’s walls and ceiling.

All that kind of stuff. Another idea for your modern shed is to set the space up so you can read your favorite books and really immerse yourself. Maybe you’re a college student or something, and you have tons of homework, and you can’t focus in your active multi-family home. You need to be in a quiet space to such as… What’s it called? A study shed is perfect? That’s another great modern shed idea I guess. This week I read the printed edition of the Ipswich Local News and found a particular article describing how the Pinegrove elementary school wants to add an additional classroom due to the increasingly higher enrollment rate across the Rowley schools. The proposed classroom is estimated to cost the town $5,000,000, and because %60 of their budget already goes towards the school system, this is an impossible price to cover. One idea I was thinking has potential is to build accessory dwelling units on school properties, thereby cutting construction costs and providing extra classrooms for the increasing student body.

A classroom shed, home office shed,  you call it what you want. All in all, you can come up with different types of modern sheds, but really all a modern shed is just whatever you want it to be. There are plenty of functional choices for your backyard unit. You can immerse yourself in any activity you want while inside your modern shed. It’s kind of the purpose of it.

Build Your Own Backyard Glassblowing Studio

John: Right. And you could make it kind of an all-purpose room that you can do lots of different things in. Or you could make it very specific and have it be a movie theater shed or something like that if that’s what you really want to do. Or an art studio shed, like you said before, an artist studio where, yeah, this is just my place to go where I have all my paints and my easel set up, and I’m just doing my art or my sculpture or pottery or something like that. So if you have a specific thing that you want to make it devoted to just that you can do that or yeah, you can just have it be an extra room where you can do any number of things.

Joey: Yeah. You mentioned local artists, and art studio sheds are excellent an option for those with extra space in their home’s backyard. One particular type of art I’ve found multiple people struggle to find space for is actually glassblowing. Usually, artists have to rent out a glassblowing studio, such as, where’s that one? the Witch Doctor, people rent out that space to glass blow, and while they probably give them a reasonable rate and everything, local north shore Massachusetts artists can’t perform their craft whenever they want to. If they had a glassblowing shed, they could go to the studio after they get out of work in the evening, at seven o’clock or whatever, and start melting that glass.

John: Right. Because you’d have to have a kind of specialized glassblowing furnace and yeah, you’re not going just to stick that inside a bedroom in your house.

Joey: Oh, absolutely not. No, not even the basement. You don’t want to change your house, anything with that.

John: Yeah.

Joey: Yeah. No, it’s a great point.

John: Right.

How To Soundproof Your Music Studio Shed

Joey: Yeah. Or you could be a musician or something, and maybe you work until later in the night after your kids go to bed. You need a space where you can jam on your guitar and play your piano as loud as you want through the amplifier without disturbing the rest of your house because maybe eight to 10:00 PM is the only time of the night that you can play. So your modern shed’s dedicated to being a music studio. We can actually soundproof the modern sheds too, which is one of the best design choices you can make for them. So there are different levels of soundproofing, but an affordable soundproofing method actually involves using Rockwool Roxul as your insulation choice.

Once you get the walls gutted out and you do all the demo and clean up and all that, you put the Roxul insulation, which is actually thicker than the fiberglass insulation. It’s a little bit more money, but it’s thicker and has better soundproofing. And you do two layers of drywall over that. So you put one layer of drywall over the Rockwool Roxul Insulation, and you use the, I believe it’s called green soundproofing glue. And you soundproof behind the drywall onto the frame and then use resilient steel channels, which get drilled into the frame over the drywall, and these create basically a quarter inch or so space between the two pieces of drywall. So yeah, sound basically gets stopped at a certain point when it’s rattling through the drywall, and while it’s vibrating through the rocks, eventually it hits a point where there’s an air pocket and it just kind of stops. So it helps with the soundproofing of your modern shed.

John: Okay. Yeah, so you have a little gap in the wall. And what does the soundproofing is it hits that gap, and then the sound can’t go through the material. If you have just solid material on a wall, the sound is just going to transfer right through it and go to the outside. But if you have a little gap in the middle there, it’s insulation on both sides.

Joey: No, yeah, that’s spot on. No, that’s spot on.

John: Yeah.

Joey: I mean, there are multiple ways to do it, but one that is a very efficient, affordable method to soundproof any room in your house or any backyard shed. You have a backyard ADU unit, whatever. Then after, on top of the resilient channels, you just put another layer of drywall, you paint, you add trim, and you finish installing the flooring. A great flooring option everyone does now is vinyl flooring. It’s all recycled, and it looks great. It looks like real wood. It’s affordable, it’s maintenance-free. Real woods, you got to polish, and you got to do a lot of treatment over time. The vinyl flooring is awesome. You just place it and leave it. So these backyard sheds don’t have to be super expensive is what I’m saying. They can be done on any remodeling budget, maybe not any, but under a reasonably expected budget, a modern shed can be completed.

Why Building A Modern Shed Is More Cost Effective Than Constructing A Home Addition

John: And probably less expensive than it would be to say add that same room onto your house because now you have to be cutting holes in your house and connecting it and connecting the roof and doing all kinds of demolition work. Making sure that there are no leaks between the house and the addition and all kinds of things like that. So I imagine this would be maybe a little less expensive than adding an addition to your house.

Joey: Oh absolutely. The demo work that goes into destroying parts of your house to build an addition or remodel anything. I mean, that’s just part of the cost right there. Part of the labor that you got to pay for if anything. You got to rent a dumpster to get rid of all the debris. That runs up the bill on your renovation and remodeling budget like crazy. The thing is you just have to have the property for it. You have to have the space in your backyard. For example, no one will rent a modern shed in a backyard that is all lumps and unleveled and whatever. These are for people that have the space for a modern shed. They’re not necessarily for every homeowner, but if you can get them, it’s a no-brainer.

But the thing is, doing a home addition is just a great idea as well. You can do a home addition, you can build an extra… I mean even the sheds can be two stories. Depending on the height, I don’t want to give an exact height number because I don’t know the exact one, but you can build multiple stories on your modern shed, similar to renovating or remodeling your attic or hiring a contractor for a basement remodel. It’s just adding extra space to your home, adding potential to your home, and it’s adding potential to yourself. It’s a no-brainer.

How To Add Electrical Power To Your Modern Shed?

John: Right. So most of the sheds that we’ve talked about here. Obviously, you’d want to have power in the shed, even if it’s just for lights, but in some cases more than that even you want to, if you have a TV in there for your man cave or something, you’d have to power that or a sound system. Or if you have the music studio, you’d have to have amplifiers and things in there. So you are going to need to get power to your shed. How would you typically do that? Is it run off of the house power and then it goes to the shed?

Joey: The most typical thing you’d have to do is hire professional electricians to dig a trench in the backyard between your modern shed and home. Once completed, they’ll run powerlines from your home’s electrical service panel to the modern shed’s panel. It’s important to make sure the electrical panel in your home can handle the additional wattage that the modern shed’s going to be putting out. You might not have any electricity to spare to spare, considering you might already be at max capacity in your home. You might not have enough electrical power to cover your modern shed’s energy usage, say to power your home theater system recently upgraded with a Dolby 7.1 surround sound system, or anything else that’s using electricity. The added load of your modern shed’s electricity usage can be a potential burden on your electric bill, but there are actually plenty of savings options that you can implement into your modern shed’s energy system. Solar for example has been getting much more popular in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. There are different models of solar panels sold by Tesla, or even local models depending on your state and country.

You can get solar panels installed on your modern shed as long as they have a roof large enough to support them. Solar paneling can share electricity with your home, storing extra energy for your entire property. So, say you were constructing a modern shed in your backyard, and you’ve also decided that you wanted to start adding solar energy to your home. For example, many solar companies told me you had to have a minimum of 12 solar panels installed on your home’s roof for it to be cost-effective for the business to provide you with the required solar installation services. This is only so the labor can be worth it for them because there’s not a lot of money in installing only a few solar panels. Instead, you could try having ten solar panels installed onto your home’s roofing and then add two additional solar panels installed on your modern shed’s roof. While the stored solar electricity transfers to a battery located in your home’s basement, that battery also is connected to your modern shed’s electrical panel.

Actually, any energy your modern shed or your home retrieves is shared between each dwelling, and it’s very energy efficient. You can also install vertical-axis wind turbines too. These devices can be installed on the roof of your modern shed, but instead of a wind turbine that spins horizontally, like a pinwheel, a vertical access turbine spins vertically from the inside. The vertical turbines look sort of like a whisk beating a bowl of eggs.

John: Right, yeah.

Joey: Because vertical axis wind turbines spin vertically, you can install them on your modern shed’s roof to collect energy, but they won’t give you enough energy to power a dwelling unit on its own. However, it would help reduce your national grid bill. I know National Grid and other electric companies offer various renewable energy incentives across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I think solar energy can be an environmentally friendly way to help power your modern shed.

What Are Some Heating And Cooling Solutions For Your Modern Shed?

John: Right, absolutely. What about heating and air conditioning? Obviously, you’re not going to run ductwork under the ground or anything like that from your house to get to the shed. So what are some of the options for heating and air conditioning in a modern shed?

Joey: Yeah, ductwork is just like, it’s really expensive, even inside your own home at this point in time. One of the big things we’ve been consistently installing inside any home is mini-split HVAC heating and cooling systems. Past ductless mini-split models usually could only provide heating or cooling for your home, but now most mini-split systems perform both. Behind me, actually, I have a Haier mini-split, and honestly, it works amazingly. The remote has an automated mode that sets the temperature on its own based on the current climate conditions of my basement studio. Another mini-split brand our HVAC technicians recommend are the Mitsubishi mini-split. I know they cost a little more money, but these heating and cooling systems are the tried and true brand for ductless mini-splits, they’re outstanding. And if you put a mini-split in one room, it could probably heat multiple rooms in your home. We talk about the modern sheds rough minimum size being approximately 20 feet by 20 feet or 16 feet by 20 feet. I mean, a mini-split could heat that easily.

John: Simple.

Joey: Yeah. You could heat any size room with one of those.

John: Yeah. And I know those Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits have these hyper heat models that can actually heat down to minus 13 degrees or something like that now. So yeah, you could even have your modern shed heated all winter long with one of those if you get an advanced hyper heat mini-split.

Joey: Oh, yeah. For the New England winters, that would be a huge win for any homeowner. Imagine walking outside from your kitchen’s sliding glass door across your heated stone walkway. There’s a snowstorm all around your backyard, snow everywhere. But then on that stone walkway, you can see the heating works perfectly, clearing the path for you to open the door to your modern shed. You walk inside and the smart lighting you installed immediately lights up your space.

The smart lights can turn on with either an included remote or an application on your smartphone. Smart lighting is super popular in 2023. Also, homeowners have been integrating smart thermostats into their home’s heating and cooling systems. Also known as smart temperature systems, they’re very, very cutting edge. Installing ductless heating and cooling is very efficient you’ll reduce your home’s total energy output and reduce your electricity bill. Those automated temperature systems really look out for you, saving you significant money on additional home energy usage you may experience during summer 2023. But yeah, you walk out there, and your modern shed is heated up just the way you like it, and finally, you can start painting your canvas or write your next musical composition after a long day at the office. You begin lifting weights again in your home gym, working out any time of the day. The modern shed can be your 24/7 home gym membership.

What Is the Design Process For Building A Modern Shed?

John: Finally, just what’s your process at Perry Brothers Construction when developing a modern shed? Do you work with the customer and find out what it is that they want out of their shed, come up with a design, and then see what they think? Are you guys prefabricating these backyard sheds and then basically just delivering them completed to the home? Or are you building modern sheds on-site at the person’s home? What’s the process?

Joey: Building a modern shed for any homeowner, it’s a personalized process for sure. It needs to be… I mean, there are so many ways they can use their modern shed, and we need to accommodate the backyard unit to any of those reasons they’d want to build it. And for one thing, it just starts with deciding what they… Some reasons for building it could be kind of universal. So whether you’re using it as a, you need the soundproofing because you’re playing loud music or you have a bunch of big football games going on or whatever, or you just want the soundproofing because you need a quiet space to read or you just like to meditate or something. Those types of added extras onto the modern shed are pretty universal across any function you’d have for it. So in all honesty, it’s really, it’s like doing any other home remodeling or renovation project. It starts with hiring an architect and getting a modern shed design.

You’re going to need an engineer, you got to get the whole design plan from the foundation up for building a modern shed. I believe some, but I don’t know for sure. Some of them actually don’t need foundations. It depends. Oh no, no, no, sorry. Let me rephrase that. They don’t use normal foundations, they use helical piles is what they’re called. So instead of just laying down cement in a block in your backyard, these helical piles, you dig into the ground, and you install them down deep. They’re giant cylinders, very big, and they’re filled with cement, and you put them into the ground, and you have four of them or something. They hold up the structural foundation of your modern shed. They use these when building decks all the time on homes everywhere across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

John: Sure.

Joey: I mean, you need an engineer for that portion of it too, just like if you were remodeling a basement. For anything that has to do with the structure of your home, you need an engineer. And then, from there, it’s just like anything else. Yeah, you frame it and install drywall, trim, and roofing. Some people like to do asphalt roofs. Metal roofing’s very popular in New England because of the winters. Basically, when you get snowfall, one, it can hold up the added weight. It doesn’t matter how much snow falls on it because it’s metal. It can hold up tons of snow. And then once the snow falls onto it, it melts, and it drips off, and that’s that. You don’t have to worry about your roof collapsing or hiring local roofers to go up and shovel it, or worse you and your dad going up on the ladder, potentially killing yourselves shoveling the roof. I mean, snow on your roof doesn’t matter. Because the metal roof just gets rid of any problems, whether installed on your home or modern shed.

So yeah, there are plenty of options for installing siding on your modern shed. Cedar shingles, and vinyl siding, are very popular too. Cedar shingles are more expensive. They look really nice though. But the vinyl plank siding is usually recycled. Very, very cost-effective, beautiful. All kinds of colors you can think of.

And again, it’s just the same thing. It’s flooring. Instead of vinyl flooring, you could go with wood flooring, you could go with dark wood flooring, mahogany, oak, or whatever you want. It’s up to you. It’s up to your modern shed’s budget, it’s up to your expectations for your modern shed. So yeah, the process is just like any other home remodeling project. It’s very, very similar to building an addition to your home. You’re probably going through the permitting process. And at Perry Brothers Construction, we handle all the building permits and inspections during any home renovation or remodel. Our goal is to make the construction process streamlined and easy to understand.

We want them to feel like they can come to us with any concerns. We will answer any questions they have. We want to build a relationship where everyone is satisfied in the end. That’s really it. And Perry Brothers Construction, it’s just about, again, like you said, the process… Or like we were saying, the process starts with what they’re going to use their modern shed for. And once we figure that out, we’ve done it a million times. We’ve been in the residential remodeling business for 50 years.

John: All right. Well, that’s really great information, Joey. Thanks again for speaking with me today.

Joey: All right, thank you John. Thanks for interviewing me. I appreciate it.

John: And for more information, you can visit the website at or call 781-233-7511.