Anybody can benefit from universal design principles. The idea is to design products and spaces that can be used by everyone. Adopting this concept results in buildings and environments that are accessible not only to older people and people with disabilities but also to children and people without disabilities.

Universal Design Means Beautiful And Functional

Homeowners want to remodel their bathrooms to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, this way the space can accommodate them for the rest of their lives. But there’s a challenge facing the modern homeowner, they don’t want to change the basic configuration and layout of their bathrooms, as this requires the expertise of a plumber. Some homeowners feel embarrassed at the thought of installing accessible grab bars throughout their bathroom, even when they’re looking to upgrade the size of their existing shower.

Hiring the right bathroom remodeling contractor who specializes in universal design ensures your home will be safe and prevent accidents or injuries before they happen. Building a universally designed bathroom allows your space to be accessible for people of all ages and ability. Universal design allows all demographics of people to enjoy the same home, even if someone’s needs change drastically in the future.

What Are The Principles Of Universal Design?

Remodeling a bathroom with the best practices and design process is key to completing a successful project. The principles of universal bathroom design can help you design a bathroom that’s functional and enjoyable to use, which is why it’s important to understand how you can incorporate these principles into your bathroom’s design. 

A Bathroom Accessible To Everyone

A bathroom should be designed so all users can access and use the space, no matter their abilities or disabilities.

Simple And Intuitive Designs

Navigating and operating the bathroom should be easy to understand and not require any extra brain power.

Designed For Recovery

A bathroom that follows the principles of universal design should allow users to recover quickly from any falls or other life-threatening accidents, ensuring they’re not punished for any mistakes.

No Physical Effort Required   

You should never have to exert any physical effort to use a bathroom that follows universal design principles. The bathroom should be simple to use and require no additional strength to operate.

Consider The Size And Space Of Your Bathroom

Universal design means accounting for users of all shapes and sizes, giving them the freedom to move around your bathroom comfortably and safely.

Universally Designed Bathrooms Include Elements Such As:

  • Increasing the space between doorways and hallways so they accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aid devices
  • Handicap-accessible grab bars installed in key locations around the bathroom such as the shower or bathtub area, the toilet, and even along the walls, helping patrons with mobility issues keep themselves steady
  • Designing wheelchair accessible bathroom which includes lowered sinks and countertops, roll-in showers, and enough space to turn and easily move between fixtures
  • Installing adjustable shower fixtures or handheld showerheads at various heights so users of different sizes can access them
  • Install slip-proof flooring to reduce the chances of slips and falls
  • Installing plenty of lighting using bright colors on the walls, floor, and fixtures to increase the visibility of your entire bathroom


These elements of universal bathroom design increase safety and allow accessibility and convenience, while simultaneously maximizing the comfort for all users.

Rules Of A Universal Design Layout

a bathroom designed by a CAPS-certified aging-in-place speclialist

Remembering the principles of universal design will help you design a bathroom with an ergonomic layout that’s easy to navigate and convenient to access. You need to inspect the size of your current bathroom, figure out where the doors and windows are going to be installed, and understand how much space you’ll need for bathing and other hygienic activities. It’s important to know beforehand where you’re going to place bathroom fixtures such as vanities and toilets, as these items should be easy to access for everybody who may use them, while also not impeding their movements when entering and leaving the bathroom.

If you’re building a luxury oasis, consider installing extra amenities such as a larger shower area or a jacuzzi tub. Pick out your storage options ahead of time, making sure to include enough shelving and cabinets in your bathroom’s design. Possibly, installing a closet space may be a great storage solution for your bathroom’s universal design, reducing the risk of someone bumping into the shelving. 

A bathroom with a universal design layout needs proper ventilation, plenty of lighting, and acoustical treatment. Your bathroom should be designed to utilize natural lighting, so make sure it comes in from the right direction to prevent glare. Consider installing multiple bathroom fans to circulate the air, and install sound-absorbing materials into the floors and walls to minimize inside and outside noise, giving patrons a greater sense of privacy.

Pick out easy to reach bathroom fixtures, and provide extra counter space for any grooming needs, making sure there’s enough room to move safely and comfortably. If you carefully plan your bathroom design, you’ll create a layout that’s pleasing to the eye and effortlessly functional. 

The last principle of universal bathroom design to consider is the aesthetics of the bathroom. Paint only with colors and materials that reflect your personal style and create a space that reflects your individuality. But keep in mind, overpowering color choices can make a bathroom feel cluttered and uninviting. One tip for painting your bathroom is to create contrast with your color choices, giving the sense of a safer space. When you’re in doubt, hire a professional interior designer who can give you helpful advice on how to optimize your bathroom to be more inviting. With a universal design layout, you can enjoy your bathroom for the rest of your life.

Hire A Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist For Your Bathroom Design

the perry brothers construction team

A certified aging-in-place specialist is equipped to help seniors age on their own terms. Aging-in-place professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to design a bathroom accessible to everyone, no matter their size or abilities.

At Perry Brothers Construction we can recommend you products and services that can assist you and those you love to live independently, making your bathroom safe for everyone to use. 

If you or your loved ones are interested in learning more about Universal design and have questions about working with a CAPS-certified professional contractor who can help ensure your bathroom is safe and comfortable, don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call.