On this residential remodeling podcast, Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction talks about the different exterior siding materials you can choose from when designing your backyard modern shed. From cedar shake to vinyl plank, each option has its pros and cons, what’s best is what’s right for your situation.

Joe DeMarco: Hi, I’m Joe DeMarco, General Manager of Perry Brothers Construction, a renovation and remodel service firm who specializes in designing and building multifunctional backyard sheds that improve your lifestyle and meet your unique needs. 

Today I’ll be discussing the different types of modern shed sidings you can choose from, and which kind we personally would recommend for Massachusetts and New Hampshire climates.

Why Your Choice Of Modern Shed Siding Matters

Well, what are some different types of modern shed siding? Now, before we get into the different kinds of modern shed siding, I want you to know why your choice of shed siding material matters. 

There’s just different value based upon the siding you choose, you actually increase the value of your property depending on the siding you choose and just the quality of your modern shed is going to increase based on the quality of siding you pick. 

You have to consider that some siding is low maintenance and some siding is high maintenance. So a siding type like cedar shake shingles, I would consider that high maintenance because it requires you to replace individual single shingles every once in a while, while vinyl plank siding would be considered low maintenance because it’s just made of recycled plastics and you just set it and forget it.

And also, certain types of modern shed siding is more aesthetically pleasing than others. So in the case of vinyl plank versus cedar shake siding, vinyl plank siding is generally less visually pleasing than cedar shake, which gives more of a woodsy beautiful aesthetic to everything. 

And also, certain types of siding are more durable than others. Vinyl plank I would consider to be less durable. It can crack and break, and while it’s easy to replace the broken pieces, it is susceptible to damage. But cedar shake siding, for example, is a bit more durable, it doesn’t crack, it’s just maybe you might have a piece of it fall off, but you can just replace that. 

And then you have to consider that different sidings have different installation requirements. So vinyl plank siding is extremely easy to install onto your modern shed, while cedar shake siding requires an exterior siding specialist who knows the correct process for installation of cedar shake siding.

What Are The Top-Rated Modern Shed Siding Styles?

So then, let’s go into some of the top-rated modern shed siding options. Number one would definitely be vinyl siding and vinyl siding is basically, it’s just made of PVC, just like the piping in your house, and it comes in a large range of different colors, textures, and styles. Super budget-friendly, and very durable. It can crack, but you can just replace the pieces that crack. Maintenance, there’s barely any required. I mean, the price is very average per square foot. It can go around like $2 to $10 per square foot depending on the type of vinyl plank siding. It’s very weather-resistant, water resistant, and it can have a lifespan of 50-plus years. 

Vinyl Plank Siding

Vinyl plank siding for houses and modern sheds in the Newburyport area is extremely popular. And the finish can be customized to meet the design needs of your shed. It can match any sort of visual aesthetic you’re looking for. And it’s also actually very DIY friendly if you plan on installing your shed’s exterior siding yourself.

Metal Siding

Another option you could consider would be metal or even steel siding, which is probably the most weatherproof out of all the options, having a very industrial aesthetic to it. Metal siding, it’s usually already painted. It’s going to be black, gray, white. It’s relatively budget-friendly and has a lifespan of about 40 years. Super low maintenance, great for the snow. Snow just basically melts right off the sides of it. The price is pretty average, about $3 to $9 per square foot, and it’s also a very environmentally friendly option. 

You won’t experience problems with rotting or warping, metal siding is virtually impenetrable to pests. Very water and fireproof, and super easy to install. You’re just screwing in the pieces. The only con I would say is the look of metal might not suit everyone. It might look a little too industrial. It might look too much like a warehouse or a storage container, you may be going for more of a woodsy look.

Traditional Hardwood Siding

Another option for modern shed siding you should consider would be just traditional hardwood siding, whether it’s recycled wood or traditional wood. It’s just a very popular option because it’s an understated appearance. It perfectly captures what a cabin in the woods should look like. Whether you’re getting redwood, plywood, oak, pine, you can choose wood that blends in with your backyard surroundings and you can make an eye-catching statement in your backyard.

And wood is relatively budget-friendly, very durable, but there is still a lot of maintenance required. You’re going to have to repaint and re-polish the wood every five or so years to maintain and repair it. Add a coat of polythene on it. The price is about five to $12 per square foot. Water resistance, not so much. So really not the best in New England climates. But the best thing about wood siding is that it just blends seamlessly with your main home. 

And there are just so many different options of wood to choose from. Lots of finishing options, paint colors, staining, and finished pieces. The issue though is wood siding materials, they require painting at least every five years. You got to get a coat on there, and that can be troublesome to remember to do. And then also it costs more money.

And you can also think about engineered wood, which is made from basically recycled wood strands and fibers, and it’s treated with special resins. It’s engineered to look like a wood product, but it’s made from recycled wood, so it’s a little bit better for the environment. You may have more moisture issues associated with the engineered wood siding versus the real wood siding, especially if it’s not installed correctly, but that can be easily avoided.

Bevel Siding

Another big option that people like is bevel siding, otherwise known as clapboard. Excellent for modern sheds, basically it’s long thin planks that are nailed horizontally to the exterior outside walls of your shed. They’re thinner on one edge, and a little bit thicker on another. I wouldn’t call these budget-friendly. The lifespan’s about the same as hardwood, so around 40 years. Maintenance is around the same too. You’re just going to require painting or staining every 5 to 10 years. Price is pretty average, definitely not water resistant, and it’s a very attractive finish for sure. Definitely one of the more challenging modern shed sidings to install for a DIY amateur. I would highly recommend hiring a modern shed contractor who has experience with bevel siding.

Cedar Shingle Siding

Another option, this is a personal favorite of mine, would be cedar shingle siding. And if you want your shed to look like a cute country cabin, this is the stuff to use. Definitely not budget-friendly. It’s super durable if installed correctly by a professional general contractor. And the best thing about cedar shake siding is that its lifespan can be 75-plus years. I mean, this is going to last you a lifetime. 

You do need to maintain the finish at regular intervals from 5 to 10 years. Price is pretty expensive. I would say it’s around $10 to $15 a square foot. It could even get up to $20 a square foot depending on the type of cedar shake siding you choose. Not very water resistant, but it still does well in the winters around Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Just a very beautiful, clean, elegant look to it. Rainwater, it absorbs it very well, and it just improves the overall finished look of your shed, especially once you get paint and everything else on there. But installing cedar shake shingles onto your modern shed, it can be very time-consuming to install.

Let Perry Brothers Construction Help You Choose Your Modern Shed Siding

Well, I hope everyone who listened today got inspired to consider different types of modern shed siding when designing their backyard structures. There are so many options, and mostly it all comes down to personal preference. So picking a definitive best modern shed siding is nearly impossible. But I’m glad I could give you all some great recommendations to think about. 

If you’re looking to speak about modern shed design with one of our specialists, please feel free to schedule a meeting that’s at a time convenient for you or call our office at (781) 233-7511, and one of our home remodeling representatives will be happy to forward your call to a project manager who will discuss your options further. 

Thanks for listening, guys, and gals, and I look forward to the next renovation and remodeling podcast. Have a great day.