In the modern world, women do a lot. Caring for their children, supporting their husband, handling a career of their own, there’s rarely any time left in the day to just be. You need a private retreat, a sanctuary, steps away from the chaos of your home, your she shed is exactly that.

Typically, when you think of a backyard shed, your first thought is a place to store your gardening tools. But when there’s no available space in your home and a home addition is out of the question, building a multi-purpose she shed can give you a room to explore your creative possibilities. For the modern woman, there’s so much potential to be unlocked by designing a she shed sanctuary.

What Is A She Shed?

With the male equivalent being a man cave, a she shed is a backyard structure intended as a personal retreat from the busy schedules and constant stress of everyday life. 

While she sheds can be designed and built using a variety of materials and architectural styles, the majority of them will look like a tiny home.

A she shed should compliment the main dwelling on your property, using similar shades of siding and other exterior finishes. Layout a bridge to your soul by designing a heated brick walkway that leads from the backdoor of your home to the entrance of your she shed.

What’s great about she shed design is the infinite possibilities for functionality. These are versatile structures that can serve different purposes at different moments in time. Beautiful, unique, forever evolving, just like you. 

What Is The Purpose Of A She Shed?  

Whenever you’re feeling exhausted, there never seems to be a quiet room in the house where you can relax and unplug from the busy day. The kids are always fighting amongst themselves, bickering about who gets to eat last night’s lasagna, always trying to get you and your husband involved to mediate the situation.

Instead of risking the chance of your personal time being interrupted, building a she shed retreat can give you the secluded paradise you’ve always wanted. A private island in your backyard, crafted to suit your personality and interests, a guaranteed safe haven from the outside world.

If you’re passionate about ceramics, then the she shed is your pottery barn. Do you need a home gym to blow off steam? A judgment free meditation chamber where you can realign your chakras and breathe in the patience required to live your crazy life.

What’s A She Shed you might ask? A place where you can explore your passions and develop your potential, conveniently located in your own backyard.

She She Ideas To Get You Started   

Like any type of modern shed, the functional potential is only limited by your imagination. You can design a she shed to suit a single primary purpose or you can build one that’s multi-functional, the choice is dependent on what best compliments your lifestyle. To get the inspiration cooking, here are some of the top she shed ideas from the expert designers at Perry Brothers Construction.

Yoga Studio Shed

 To practice the art of yoga, looking deep within yourself is essential. Each breath you inhale slowly drifts to the bottom of your diaphragm all the way up to the back of your skull. Once you’ve exhaled and purified your mind, the process repeats. 

Design your yoga studio shed to be accessible at all times of the day, morning or night. Designed to thrive in the unpredictable climates of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, you can walk along your heated stone pathway with a yoga mat under your arm no matter the weather.

Once you arrive inside take your first deep breath. Light up your favorite scented candles and incense, roll out your mat, then, forget your stress and release your mind.

Some ideas to cultivate a peaceful home yoga studio include surrounding yourself with an assorted selection of your favorite houseplants to installing window-walls throughout your shed.

Entertainment Area

When a night on the town is what you’re feeling, invite the girls out to your she shed. Pour some cold chardonnay, throw on a Brad Pitt film, gossip about the kids. Building a she shed designed to entertain your guests gives you the opportunity to host all sorts of parties and events.

Suggest bringing the weekly book clubs to your she shed. Throw on a pot of tea, pull down the shades, freely discuss all the sensual details of your chosen novel.

Cater the bachelorette party inside your she shed. Integrated with the natural environment of your backyard, modern sheds give you options such as installing a wrap around deck or outdoor patio. The catering company can set up their grills and coolers on the lawn, making your she shed the centerpiece of an outdoor buffet.

Cycling Studio Shed

Around here in Ipswich Massachusetts, attempting to ride your bike along Topsfield for Linebrook Road is practically a suicide mission. The bike lanes are just not wide enough to safely accommodate a cyclist, especially with distracted drivers behind the wheel.

Fortunately, without having to involve the Ipswich Planning and Development Department, a simple solution is to adopt indoor cycling. 

A perfect activity to do in a she shed, exercise bikes like the Peloton provide an intense cardio workout without using a lot of floor space in your shed. Giving you instructional classes led by inspirational instructors, Peloton helps transform your shed into your personal home gym. Cover your walls with motivational quotes, keep a towel rack nearby, strap your feet to the pedals, then, fly.

Artistic Development Shed

Whether you’re a musician, painter, or writer, you need a quiet spot where you can develop your creative talents and study the art of self expression. An artist shed gives you access to a space where your imagination can run wild and your craziest ideas can become historical treasures.

Gone are the days of forcing yourself to wake up at 4am just so you can earn a couple hours of serenity to work on your novel. Of course, when the kids wake up for school, there’ll be no focusing on the dialogue between the characters in your story. 

When you have an artist studio shed in your backyard the option to get creative is always open to you. If you have twenty minutes between zoom calls clients, take a walk to your art shed and sketch out a quick draft. When your husband occupies the living room to watch the New England Patriots, don’t just sit there idly, open up your she shed and start on your next project.

How To Decorate A She Shed?

For the interior decor of your she shed, the choices made are always a reflection of your unique personality. Depending on your hobbies and tastes, you’ll decorate your she shed to create a welcoming space you’ll always look forward to using.

Maximize Your Natural Lighting 

Maximizing the natural lighting is a key factor when designing a she shed. For your shed’s windows, try hanging up sheer white window shades as they give you a perfect balance of lighting and privacy.

Don’t Forget Your Guests

If you plan on entertaining your friends and colleagues, make sure you’ve picked out comfortable seating and a coffee table stable enough for a tea kettle and four feet. You want anyone who joins your inside your she shed to feel welcomed and at ease. Even if you’re she shed is designed specifically as a personal oasis, give thought to how you can make your shed comfortable for any potential guests.

Decorate Your Floor Space

Roll out the red carpet or prayer mats and get creative with your floor space. If you’re someone like me, you’ve collected a few rugs throughout the years from family members and vacations. Layout that foxy persian rug in the center of your home office shed and give yourself permission to take a break once in a while. You deserve it.

Surround Your She Shed With Garden Beds

Whether you opt to build a porch around your she shed or not, an excellent way to decorate the outside of your she shed is to plant a garden. Line the outside walls of your shed with tomato plants and beanstalks. Meticulously choose flowers that compliment the colors of your choice of paint and exterior finishes. Daisies, roses, orchids, and tulips. Nothing brings relaxation like a bright sunday morning tending your shed’s garden.

Create Your Perfect She Shed With Perry Brothers Construction

While our main focus has always been home remodeling, with almost fifty years of general contracting experience, Perry Brothers Construction now offers highly personalized modern sheds. 

Whether a she shed for you or a man cave shed for him, there’s a modern shed design that can fit anybody’s needs. 

If you’d like to learn more, check out our podcast on the types of modern sheds to give you an idea of what’s possible. Let’s talk about she sheds—book your free consultation today.