Problem: An engineer was provided to evaluate Quynh’s historic home which needed structural repairs to joists, main beams, and installing of sufficient lally columns. The engineer reported the home would become structurally unsound and potentially dangerous if left unattended. 

installing sufficient lally columns to your historic home's foundation is essential for longevity

Solution: Perry Brothers Construction provided an analysis report on the house to identify weak points, installed permanent lally columns, sistered all cracked joists, replaced old electrical wires, and added new lighting to brighten up the basement. The labor included sistering all defective joists and main beams with LVLs(laminated veneer lumber), while also digging and pouring new structural steel lally columns per code. Lally columns add extra support and strength to a home’s structure by transferring the load from one point to another. The project manager and on-site team provided precision carpentry skills and kept the work site clean throughout the job. All structural work was inspected and approved by the engineer and the Haverhill building department.

use lally columns in your historic home's basement to increase home value and safety

Home Repairs Provides ROI for Homeowners

When you invest in home repairs, you can enjoy peace of mind that your investments will last for years. The lally columns and woodwork repairs improved Quynh’s property value and ensured structural integrity, helping him save money in the long run.

Roi is a massive factor when considering repair work to your historic home

Home repairs may seem like a nuisance to some people, but putting them off is not a good option. You can start recouping the money right away. If you’re losing heat, just one repair can put the money you invested plus ongoing money back in your wallet that you would have otherwise lost. Another benefit to investing in home repairs is that if you ever decide to sell, you can get a much bigger return on your investment. 

this Haverhill, MA saw substantial upgrades to it's basement after repairing the existing lally columns

This Haverhill, MA home now has fresh repairs, and some extra bonuses came with the process.

structural support is one of the most common general construction jobs we receive

As a homeowner, repairs are inevitable. Often you’re not JUST fixing the issue; you’re also getting an upgrade and a more efficient home. Here’s what that looks like for this 1900s home.

use lally columns to support the foundation of your historic home

Update The Electrical Wiring: The old electrical wiring has been replaced with up-to-date wires designed to last longer and be safer. 

Older homes have a higher risk of fire due to outdated and unsafe wiring. By replacing the old wiring and updating the smoke detectors, this home is now safer and more durable than ever before. 

use a leakage protected GFCI when using electricity inside your modern shed

Even if you don’t have an older home, you should always make sure your home is up-to-date with the most current safety and efficiency standards.

use the correct electrical connectors when upgrading your modern shed

A Brighter Basement: With new lighting, the basement is now more welcoming and inviting for family get-togethers or just for some extra living space. Basements are known to be damp and dark, but now this home has a bright basement that doesn’t feel like a dungeon.

when installing electrical wiring remember to turn off the power inside your modern shed

By replacing the lally columns, adding more efficient wiring, and installing brighter lighting in the basement, this Haverhill, MA, home is more comfortable and inviting than ever before.

Increased Home Value: With all the repairs and updates, Quynh’s home is worth more than before. Not only is it a more attractive home for prospective buyers, but its upgraded features will ensure the house is up-to-date with safety regulations.

Even better? Many of these repairs can help Quynh get a return on investment if he ever decides to sell the home. It’s always great to know that your time and money are being used well.

This Haverhill, MA home saw a major transformation after repairing the existing structural damage

Overall, this Haverhill, MA home is an excellent example of how repairs can turn a house into a home. With all the repairs, updates, and new features, this little gem is now more attractive than ever.

The Homeowner’s Experience Through the Process

customer satisfaction starts with the experience they have with our project managers and handyman team

When Quynh reached out to Perry Brothers Construction, they had an immediate response and detailed action plan. The project manager came to the site to assess the situation and offered insights on which repairs would be most beneficial for the home.

our on-site team handles all general construction concerns you may face

The on-site team was highly professional and courteous throughout the entire process. They provided regular updates on the repairs’ progress, answered Quynh’s questions, and ensured that they met all safety standards. The team worked diligently to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

quality home office shed materials guaranteed

Throughout it all, Quynh felt his concerns were being heard and considered by Perry Brothers Construction. Overall, it was a great experience, and the repairs have made his home more valuable and welcoming. 

transforming a historic home takes a professional team of contractors

By taking care of the repairs efficiently, professionally, and courteously, Perry Brothers Construction has gone above and beyond to make this homeowner’s experience with them truly exceptional. Quynh couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out and is now enjoying his upgraded home. 

general construction repair work is vital to the longevity of a residential dwelling

 This case study proves how vital repairs are to maintaining the value of a home. Not only do they help keep your home safe and efficient, but they can also help increase the home’s value. Working with a team of experienced professionals is essential for ensuring that all repairs are done correctly and quickly.

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 That’s why it pays off to make sure your home is in top condition. Investing in repairs now will ensure that your home is up-to-date and comfortable, not to mention that it will help you get a better return on investment if you decide to sell your home in the future.

the team at perry brothers construction can handle all your renovation and remodeling needs

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