Ipswich is an old town with plenty of new families moving in. Our homeowners already knew they valued having an additional space dedicated to family activities.

Their idea was to remodel their home’s garage into a spacious family room where they could watch their favorite films and enjoy the comfort of their home with their growing family.

Problem: The homeowners wanted a space dedicated to their favorite individual and shared activities. Their home’s garage was falling apart and functioned primarily as an additional storage space.

Solution: Out of all the options to consider remodeling their home’s garage seemed to be the most obvious choice for this new family addition, as they usually parked their cars in the driveway instead.

Choosing The Right Contractor

Our homeowners were well-researched and prepared to take on the stress of a large-scale addition project. They knew the most critical task was hiring a local contractor who they trusted to get the job done right.

After considering multiple contractors for the job, our Ipswich homeowners decided on Bill from Perry Brothers construction for a few reasons.

  1. Firstly, they knew people who had referred to him and spoke of the high-quality work he and his team provide.
  2. Secondly, while considering this home addition project several years ago, they did not go through it for various reasons. Bill spent time on site, answered their questions, and was understanding when they decided to hold off on the work.

You expect residential contractors to be pushy, wanting to get homeowners to commit to a project even if the timing isn’t right for them. Bill provided the opposite experience, suggesting to call him in the future if they needed him for any potential remodeling or renovation projects. This was one of the biggest reasons why our homeowners respected Perry Brother’s Construction and decided to choose them for this particular remodeling job in the future.