A Bathroom Remodeling Success Story in Newbury, MA

2023-01-11T11:45:54-05:00January 11, 2023|Case Studies, Bathroom Remodel Case Studies|

John wanted to make some improvements to his home, so he called the Perry Brothers team for help. Bill helped them plan out the project and gave them an estimate of how long things would take (considering the COVID-19 pandemic). From the start, it was clear that this team would be a great fit for

Home Transformation In Haverhill, MA: From cracked joists to increased home value

2023-01-11T10:34:33-05:00December 19, 2022|Case Studies, General Construction Case Studies|

Problem: An engineer was provided to evaluate Quynh’s historic home which needed structural repairs to joists, main beams, and installing of sufficient lally columns. The engineer reported the home would become structurally unsound and potentially dangerous if left unattended.  Solution: Perry Brothers Construction provided an analysis report on the house to identify weak points, installed

Ipswich Garage Transformed Into A Spacious Family Room Addition

2022-12-19T06:39:45-05:00December 8, 2022|Case Studies, Home Addition/ADU Case Studies|

Ipswich is an old town with plenty of new families moving in. Our homeowners already knew they valued having an additional space dedicated to family activities. Their idea was to remodel their home’s garage into a spacious family room where they could watch their favorite films and enjoy the comfort of their home with

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