Client Interview | Maritza Trusts Perry Brothers Construction

2023-07-31T14:53:12-04:00July 19, 2023|Construction, Remodeling, Videos|

Summary: In this home remodeling client interview Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction chats with Maritza Fernandez of Newburyport, MA, a customer who keeps coming back. After hiring and recommending Perry Brothers Construction on multiple occasions we got to sit down and learn about what it’s been like to work with us. Joe DeMarco: Hello,

A Conversation With Kenny Alexander (Video)

2023-06-20T22:28:30-04:00June 21, 2023|Construction, Remodeling, Videos|

Today Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction sits down with veteran carpenter Kenny Alexander who's been with Perry Brothers Construction for over twenty-five years. We sit down and talk about details surrounding his job, his personal life, tricks of the trade, and more. Joe DeMarco: All right. So today, I'm Joe DeMarco from Perry Brothers

Client Interview | Wilson Home Remodel (Video)

2023-10-07T12:03:10-04:00June 7, 2023|Remodeling, Videos|

Today Joe DeMarco of Perry Brothers Construction sits down with Craig and Moray Wilson of Newburyport, MA to hear about their recent home remodeling project with Perry Brothers Construction. From the communication to the quality of work, Craig and Moray detail their entire experience throughout the remodeling process. Joe DeMarco: So I'm Joe DeMarco from

Aging-in-Place Remodeling – What Does It Actually Mean?

2022-09-28T16:05:22-04:00September 28, 2022|Remodeling|

As people age, they find it difficult to perform regular activities with ease. Some may even be limited to a wheelchair, while others may be immobilized due to chronic illness. As a result, their mobility decreases, making home navigation challenging. However, aging-in-place remodeling allows seniors to keep their freedom and move at ease in the

3 Awesome Kitchen Remodeling Tips For New Homeowners

2022-10-05T07:05:39-04:00July 29, 2022|Kitchens, Remodeling, Tips|

“Happiness is a small house, with a big kitchen.” – Alfred Hitchcock What is the most fundamental part of your home? For most people, it is their kitchen, and rightly so. People take pride in showing off their kitchen, and it is the center of the entire hustle and bustle happening around the house. Kitchen

Bathroom Design Trends Dominating 2023

2023-02-10T12:08:49-05:00April 1, 2022|Bathrooms, Buildings, Construction, countertops, home spas, Remodeling, Tips, Uncategorized|

The bathroom designs dominating 2023 was not an easy list to compile. When researching for our latest Perry Brother's Construction blog we came across one single conclusion. There are tons of ideas to choose from, but here are the bathroom design ideas dominating 2023. Current Bathroom Design Trends A bathroom is the home, it's where

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2023

2023-02-10T10:38:32-05:00February 14, 2022|Bathrooms, Remodeling|

The bathroom is a place where you can escape from the outside world and take some time for yourself. It’s a place to relax, unwind, and have a moment of peace. So, when it comes time to tackle your bathroom remodeling project in Massachusetts, you want to make sure that it’s a space that will

Make Your Home Handicap Accessible With These Barrier-Free Elements

2022-02-17T10:08:25-05:00January 24, 2022|Remodeling|

The Federal Interagency Forum for Aging Related Statistics’ Older Americans 2020 report projects there are approximately 60 million Americans, 65 and older.  With advancing age, the chances of disability increase, and there is a growing need for remodeling homes for handicapped accessibility. These may include residences with barrier-free elements and facilities for seniors to age in place.   Retrofitting homes to provide simplicity and comfort for

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Consider When Planning a Renovation

2022-02-02T21:01:26-05:00January 10, 2022|Bathrooms, Remodeling|

Introduction: What is the Need for Bathroom Remodel? A person's bathroom is a private space. It is the place where you can get away from the rest of the world for a moment. It should be designed to make you feel good, relaxed, and comfortable. The need for a bathroom remodel can depend on many

Home Remodeling Projects That Will Add Value to Your Home in 2023

2023-02-10T10:36:26-05:00December 9, 2021|Remodeling|

The pandemic piqued interest in home improvement for people across the United States. Some are looking to make their homes more comfortable for working from home. Other people are renovating their recently purchased fixer-upper. Still, others are preparing their homes for sale.  It is always helpful to be familiar with projects that boost property value so you can make the best decisions when you

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