Popular Home Renovations in Massachusetts and New England

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Have you been looking around your home and wondering what to update first? You are not alone. Many homeowners are planning on renovating, or in the midst of renovations. During the past year and a half, COVID-19 prompted many people to re-evaluate their living spaces as kids and adults were sent home for online work

Challenges When Renovating a Historic Home

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The romantic notion of bringing an old home back to life is very alluring. If done right, the results can be an extraordinary blend of classic luxury and modern conveniences. New England boasts a massive concentration of historic homes. Dotting the main streets and country roads, old houses have endured the test of time, men,

How to Keep Your New England House Cool in Hot Weather

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If you have owned a home in Massachusetts or the New England area for any amount of time, you know that things can get pretty hot and humid in the summer months. This can cause our cooling systems to work overtime to keep the house cool and comfortable. Did you know that there are other

Summer Maintenance Tips for New England Homeowners

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The days are getting longer and summer in New England is just around the corner! Though our summers are short, we like to squeeze every last drop of the warm, sunny weather out of them. Part of prepping for a successful and enjoyable summer is doing the necessary home maintenance. Here's a checklist to help

8 Spring Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in New England

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After a long and dreary winter, spring brings the sun, warm winds, and a breath of fresh air. The only obstacle to enjoying this fabulous weather? All the work that has to be put in to prepare your house for spring.  As the sun shines a spotlight on your clogged gutters, cracked pavements, and dead plants from last year’s flower beds, follow these spring tips for homeowners to target areas needing upkeep. Spring is also when many people are looking to purchase a house, and well-maintained homes can significantly

5 Tips for Winterizing Your New England Home

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If you are reading this, you probably already know how harsh winters up here can be. The cold, snow, and ice can do a number on your home, and even present safety issues, if you don’t take the appropriate steps when winterizing your New England home. Here are five tips to winterize your home in

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