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Your Home’s Safety Has No Room for Compromise

To Perry Brothers Construction, installing exterior or interior doors requires the same attention to detail we give during large-scale remodeling projects.

That’s why we patiently measure your front entry door frame, ensuring the jam size fits the wall and that the door seal is airtight. We have thorough discussions to decide what brands, material, and hardware suit your unique situation and door project budget. Professional door installers service you, providing a clean, non-intrusive experience for your next entry or interior door project.

Our process prizes effectiveness over speed, guaranteeing high-quality custom doors for the modern homeowner. Our goal is to provide you with a securely installed entry door you can trust—one that’s measured precisely and fitted with the highest rated double cylinder deadbolt locks.

For interior door projects, the same values apply. Don’t expect anything less than Energy Star–rated interior doors manufactured to keep you comfortable during each passing New England season.

Professionally Installed Entry Doors Designed to Be Durable and Secure

Your home’s entry door is the first impression you give to new visitors. Whether that guest is your daughter’s date for the homecoming dance, or your in-laws coming over for that dinner you’re hosting, your front entry door introduces everyone to you and your humble home.

Art comes in many shapes and forms; you can place it on your wall, or you can make it a passage through your wall. While beauty may be secondary to durability, the look of a newly installed wall-to-wall sliding glass entry door is difficult to compete with. Wall-to- wall glass entry doors can give a small space an airy and expansive feel. For example, imagine an elegant, red oak entry door. It’ll mesmerize visitors like a campfire, filling their hearts with feelings of warm, welcoming greetings.

Having multiple entry doors to your home isn’t uncommon among modern families sharing one roof. You may have remodeled your home’s basement for your older mother-in-law, who might have visiting nurses, and at times, has forgotten her entry door keys when going outside to refill the birdfeeder. If you decide to have us install a handicap accessible entry door, consider one of Schalge’s smart deadbolt locking systems. That way, if she accidentally locks the basement entry door, you’re a phone call away to unlock it through your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world.

Maybe you recently attached a new outdoor deck to your kitchen, where your family will cozy up to the firepit and enjoy Dad’s renowned summer barbeques. An excellent recommendation is to install a retractable screen door from Thermatru behind your deck’s sliding back entry door, allowing plenty of fresh air to circulate during breakfast time. Sleep scientists recommend lots of sunlight and fresh air to increase hormone production and alertness during your waking hours.

This is the second time we have had Perry Brothers Construction do work for us—and we will definitely use them again for upcoming projects. We are consistently impressed by Bill Perry’s responsiveness. He is available during the planning stages, throughout the construction phase, and in the months following the work. I can’t emphasize enough how much we value that level of communication when we are saving up money and investing in projects for our house and family. Bill helped us to bring our ideas to fruition, giving advice along the way about the best layout for the master bathroom. In addition, we were very pleased with the workers (Bralio, Tony, Scott, the two Mikes, and Kenny), who were always polite, courteous, and helpful. They took pride in their work and took the time to answer any questions we had. Whenever I follow up with Bill with a question, he is quick to respond even though the project has been complete for several months. This is why we will continue to reach out to Perry Brothers Construction for future projects.

Seana Hickey, Ipswich, MA

Project was completed on time, within budget, workers were friendly and courteous, very capable and experienced and always cleaned thoroughly after each day’s work.

Chuck Walker, Atkinson, NH

Replacing Your Old Entry Door Requires Double-Checking the Measurements

The carpenter’s code is to measure twice, measure again, then cut. When ordering a replacement entry door, start with measuring the height and width of the existing entry door to determine the correct factory size to purchase. If measuring for a double entry door, remember to measure the width of the two doors together.

Before ordering, accurately measuring the depth of the entry door’s jam is critical to your door project’s success. This determines how thick the wall is. But keep in mind that your entry door’s depth doesn’t include the interior trim, or any exterior siding.

Once your brand new entry door arrives, it’s important to measure the rough opening of the door frame to confirm that the factory measurements you sent were followed correctly. Center your entry door inside the open frame and use a level to make sure your door is perfectly vertical. When making adjustments to your entry door’s alignment, wooden shims are a necessity, allowing you to compensate for any oddities in the framing.

After the initial test fitting stage, we trace the moulding’s outline along the exterior siding of your entry door, and then proceed to cut it. Next, we create a moisture barrier by applying building paper to the exposed areas of your wall, preventing any future rot or mold from forming.

After double-checking your entry door’s jam to confirm it’s perfectly plumb, hardware units—such as hinges, double bolt locks, and door levers—can begin to be installed. Electronic entry door levers are a lifesaver on the occasions when you lock your house keys in your car. Just type in your numerical password, and you can grab your spare inside.

Once we’ve removed the factory installed retainer brackets and confirmed that the entry door smoothly opens and closes, the next steps are anchoring the moulding to the door frame using a galvanized nail gun, and using anchor screws to strengthen the installation. Once the entry door’s threshold is adjusted, we’ll apply caulking and weather stripping to finalize the installation process.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Install the Newest Energy Star–Rated Entry Doors

Heating and cooling your home gets more expensive each year, especially when you neglect to take simple energy saving precautions, such as installing draft stoppers under your entry doors. The only way to reduce your energy costs is through thoughtful considerations about how you can improve your home’s temperature retention.

A properly installed energy efficient entry door keeps your cool air inside during the summer. It also prevents your heat from leaking throughout the winter. Double-check any entry doors and windows for drafts; that way, you’ll know ahead of time exactly where your local contractor needs to apply caulking and weather stripping.

Specifically, when you’re searching for a replacement entry door, consider the amount of insulation different materials provide. For example, old-fashioned wooden and glass entry doors provide significantly less insulation than steel and fiberglass doors, which pack layers of foam inside their cores.

So many homeowners appreciate the warmth that a wooden entry door adds to a home. For example, an elegant red oak entry door will draw visitors right in. When inquiring with your local contractor about possibly installing a wooden entry door, just be sure to consider the extra work required to maintain the character of the door’s wood.

Regularly dusting the inside and outside of your wooden entry door helps prevent corrosive salt from settling into the wood, causing damage. All wood entry doors are coated in polyurethane and special exterior paint with UV protection to prevent moisture and future fading.

It’s recommended to hire a door restoration specialist at least once every two years to refinish your aging entry doors. Personally, Perry Brothers Constructions recommends installing maintenance free fiberglass entry doors, which can be designed to imitate your favorite dark woods without the hassle.

Most modern entry door brands today are designed to earn an Energy Star rating, no matter your door project’s budget. Additionally, in Massachusetts, you could earn extra tax rebates and incentives when you replace your old doors with qualified Energy Star brands.

Replacing your drafty entry doors is an essential part of protecting your home from the elements. Doing this can keep out unwanted moisture, which can quickly produce patches of mold on the walls of your home. Exposure to large amounts of mold spores may cause symptoms like difficulty breathing, fatigue, and skin irritation. Repeated exposure to mold particles worsens allergic reactions, so it’s wisest to eliminate the root of the problem rather than attempt to control it.

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