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Are you feeling cramped? Lacking Privacy? Get the space you need and finally live in the house you’ve always wanted. Trust the professionals at Perry Brothers Construction to upgrade and enhance your space with a brand-new home addition.

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What others are saying

You expect contractors to be pushy and want to get a homeowner to commit to a project (even if the timing isn’t right) but Bill was the opposite of that and said to call him in the future if we needed him, that was a big reason why I respected Bill and decided to go with him for this job.

Dan, Ipswich MA

A Five Star, Award-Winning Home Addition Contractor

If you’re tight on space and can’t use your home the way you want, more space is the answer to living a productive life in your home. After living in your house for many years, the design of your home begins to feel dull and uninteresting. You start asking yourself, “Is there anything else I can do?”.

At Perry Brothers Construction, our home addition specialists have served the communities of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire for forty-seven years, earning a reputation for building beautiful, well-crafted home additions. Our team stands behind our mission to bring attentive customer service and create honest, genuine relationships with our clients.

Check out the recent renovation and remodel projects inside our construction portfolio to see how we’ve helped other homeowners turn their dreams into reality.

I never sensed any frustration, so I think that is a sign of a patient project manager who understands the customer. When a lot of hard-earned money is being spent, then it has to be right the first time.

Jason, Georgetown MA

Custom Home Addition Ideas To Increase Your Space

With our team of experts, we can offer you a wide range of solutions for adding space and functionality to your home. Below are some home addition ideas that may inspire your next renovation or remodeling project.

We know each home is different, which is why maintaining communication and coordinating with you across the construction timeline is vital to the success of your home addition project. Perry Brothers Construction can help design and build a home addition that upgrades your living space, improves functionality, and increases the overall value of your home.

The Decision:
Remodel And Stay Put Or Buy A New Home And Move Out?

When contemplating whether to remodel your current home or buy a new one, ask yourself why your existing home isn’t appealing. Is it the lack of space or the condition of the house? If that’s the case, consider renovating your home. But if it’s where you live- perhaps the traffic after leaving the office is unbearable, you want your kids to take advantage of a better school district, or the city your family grew up in is no longer safe- then purchasing a new home is the right move.

But don’t forget, your house has tons of potential to unlock. Investing in a home addition can give you new creative opportunities and increase your home’s value. Instead of making a wishlist and then settling for a percentage of what you want while browsing new homes, your wish list when constructing a home addition is only limited by your inventiveness and your budget. Guarantee everything you want in the place you already call home.

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How Adding A Home Addition Increases Your Home’s Value

Adding rooms to your existing home- building a new bedroom suite, adding a family den, or constructing an extra bathroom– can be an excellent way to create a house that suits your needs. A significant factor to consider when determining a home’s value is the square footage, so building an additional living space is a simple way to increase it. Homelight researchers found studies on how adding a single bedroom to your home can make all the difference. An easy way to estimate the cost of your home addition is to acquire quotes from contractors in your area. That way, you can measure the prices against the potential return on investment. Furthering your research is also essential; read stories from homeowners who committed to a room addition project, and learn all you can about the renovation and remodeling process.

A Home Additions Contractor Who Can Create That Office, Bedroom, Or Extra Bathroom You’ve Always Dreamed About

As your family grows or you simply want more space, adding a home addition can be the perfect idea to implement. Perhaps you’re looking to increase the square footage in your bathroom or kitchen. Some options include extending out your master bathroom’s floor space so you can include a jacuzzi tub, walk-in shower stall, or a larger vanity. For kitchen additions, we specialize in constructing open-space kitchen designs. As far as home additions projects are concerned, your home has unlimited potential.

Here’s a question: What convenient roof expansion looks charming from the outside and adds space and light on the inside? It’s called a dormer which is a structure that vertically protrudes from the surface of a pitched roof, adding space to a room, and usually multiple windows which allow more light inside the room. A roof dormer is a fantastic way to transform your attic into an additional bedroom, home office, or if you’re lucky, a man cave.

What’s important to us is completing your project on time, within budget, and providing excellent communication throughout the entire design-build process. Whether you need an extra room for a baby or aging in-laws, our team will complete the job promptly and thoroughly, no matter the project size or additional complications that may arise.

Transform Your Home With Perry Brothers Construction In 4 Easy Steps

First Consultation And Estimate

After scheduling a free consultation our project manager will come to your home for an in-person meeting to discuss your wants and needs regarding your home addition. We’ll go over the entire project providing you with an estimated range of the cost for your home addition based on your ideas, all while developing the timeline for your home addition’s start and completion. We’ll show you what designs, materials, and finishes suit your home addition project’s budget so we can help maximize your living space.

Design Your Home Addition

Our professional architects will draft plans that showcase the new layout and functionality of your home addition’s design. The architect will accompany our second meeting, and they will provide you with a cost for architectural plans. We will draft your home addition’s floor plans upon approval and make revisions as requested.

The next step would be to generate a contract listing all details regarding your project. Once reviewed and edited based on your choices, the contract is ready for your signing and approval. The contract will reflect all payments due upon completing your home addition, providing a schedule showing when each payment is due.

Constructing Your Home Addition

After receiving the first deposit, we will go through the permitting process and order all materials as detailed in your contract. We will visit your home with our project manager and go over the scheduling details for your project. The project manager will be your main contact throughout the remodeling process.

We liked that the team would not try to patch over problems, but instead bring us in for a discussion of how to address them. While this did change the scope of the projects we are glad that the work was done right and will last rather than having the issue covered up only to come back years later. Mike is the best!

Jennifer and John, Newbury MA

Bill (and his team) are always responsive to our calls, texts, and emails. Often it feels as if we have priority service when we reach out to them. In fact, Bill and his team often come directly to the house to make sure there is a clear understanding of our needs.

Trudy and Mark, Boxford MA

Guaranteed One Year Workmanship On All Renovation And Remodeling Projects

Perry Brothers Construction stands behind all our past and present home remodeling or renovation projects. If any construction issues are brought up by the homeowner or found by our team, even beyond our guarantee period, we’ll implement the most effective solution and fix it.

Dream It, And We Can Build It

Perry Brothers Construction has remained one of the most trusted home remodeling contractors in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire for almost five decades. Backed by our one-year guarantee on workmanship, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of your home addition or any other home improvement project you may ask us to do. Schedule your free consultation today, and we’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding a future renovation or remodeling project.

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