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You are looking around your home and wondering if kitchen remodeling and renovation is worth it. The answer is an overwhelming yes. Realtors will tell you that you will easily recoup your kitchen remodel cost when you decide to sell your home. When you start to talk with home kitchen remodeling companies, they will explain how simple it is to turn your inefficient or outdated work space into a modern example of good organization and central location for family and friends to congregate.

For more than 40 years of being in the kitchen remodeling and renovation business, we use a concept-driven approach in providing comprehensive construction services to all our customers. Our design team helps in simplifying the overall process of improving your kitchen by recommending fixtures, appliances, and finishes that suits your family’s lifestyle and personality best. Aside from that, we ensure to provide a custom kitchen within your budget and complete it on time.


The funny thing about families is that they are always changing.  Children grow up; occupations change; activities increase and decrease.  What once worked for your family’s configuration and lifestyle just doesn’t fit any more.

Children in college and new job responsibilities can mean less elaborate evening meals but more entertaining.  An accident, illness, or planning for retirement may signal a change in rearranging existing cabinets or appliances or making them more accessible like easy open cabinet doors or hands-free faucet.

Energy Savings

Replacing dated appliances with those with better energy ratings is a motivating factor for many people.  The initial expense is recovered over time with lower utility bills.  Another opportunity is to open the room with a sliding door to a patio or deck.  This will allow more natural light into the kitchen and save on electricity. Many appliances have rebates or tax incentives.  We can help you determine which hardware or appliance stores offer rebates or no-interest loans.


In many cases the kitchen is just not laid out in a manner that allows easy access.  Bumping into someone else is annoying and needing to navigate some obstacle to walk into the eating area can be dangerous.  A professional renovator will be happy to assess your current configuration and discuss the options with you.  Together you can design a kitchen arrangement that will avoid bottlenecks and create a more efficient environment.

During that session you can also discuss the opportunity to increase storage area with a pantry or cabinetry with better options for your needs.  An island is one of the more popular additions that can include another sink, storage and seating. There are number of technologies that can be taken advantage of at the same time, like adding a convection oven, quieter dishwasher, or more counter space.


Over time things break.  Broken tiles or poor flooring is not just unsightly it can be dangerous.  If your kitchen has seen better days, it may be an opportunity for you to take care of a number of issues at once while making your kitchen a more pleasant place to be.

Simply repairing or replacing worn or broken items in your kitchen can improve its appearance considerably.  It will make it more inviting to family and guests and a more enjoyable place to work.  Realistically, the kitchen is inevitably the room where everyone gathers to talk.  Why not make it conducive to conversations as well as functional for meal preparation and serving.


Doing kitchen renovation and remodeling now means that you get to have years of enjoyment from the changes to benefit your life. Then, when you decide it is time to relocate, you will find your home is more attractive to potential buyers and you are able to reap the benefits of the upgrades in which you invested.

If you have any questions or are interested discussing kitchen remodeling, contact us at Perry Brothers Construction. We service customers in Essex County and Southern New Hampshire. It will be our pleasure to have one of our representatives arrange a convenient time to look at your home and work with you to give you the remodel job you deserve. You can also check out our other home remodeling services here.

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