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At Perry Brothers Construction, we offer all the above—and we prioritize your best interests. When you work with us on kitchen remodeling or renovation projects, we use an unbeatable, proven process and trusted expertise to bust through remodeling roadblocks and make your kitchen dreams a reality.

Remember when you first purchased your house? Your kitchen was the gathering place. Everybody flocked there for laughs and a warm meal: family, friends, even in-laws from out of town. Sure, guests may have stayed in your cozy guest room shed. But the real magic happened in the kitchen.

Didn’t you used to love spending quality time with everyone around your kitchen table, collaborating on fun, unique meals together?

Now, however, reality has snapped her cruel whip. Something’s changed. You know why you don’t entertain guests anymore…

It’s because your kitchen is a nightmare.

Maybe you painted your kitchen cabinets lime green when you bought your house. Not only was your color choice unpleasant on the eyes, but now your paint is peeling faster every day. How are you supposed to feel inspired to cook for your relatives when instead, you’re busy cooking up excuses for why you can’t host any holidays this year?

We’re here to help. And if you’re looking for the latest and greatest kitchen renovation trends, check out our blog. We write about new design ideas you might not be aware of.

Kitchen Remodeling and
Renovation Services We Offer

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  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Kitchen Storage
  • And Much More!

Delivering Kitchen Remodeling Solutions Since 1975

Perry Brothers Construction was started in 1975 by two determined brothers, Bill and Edward Perry. They had the eyes and the work ethic to remodel any kitchen the right way. Inspired by our founders, our team believes that every job is unique, and that you deserve licensed contractors who will work hard to make your specific dreams come to fruition.

Other contracting companies believe the same solutions will work for every problem. They re-use approaches from past job sites, not keeping your specific goals in mind. Perry Brothers Constructions does things differently. While our design-build process follows non-variable guidelines, the choices we make in each stage of your job can vary tremendously. That’s what separates Perry Brothers Construction from other residential construction companies when you’re hiring a contractor in New England.

What You Should Expect During Your Kitchen Remodel

It’s Murphy’s Law…in life, and especially when you’re remodeling your cherished kitchen, be ready to expect the unexpected. Planning is the first and most overlooked stage during any remodeling project, but it’s also possibly the most important step to bring your kitchen to life.

You want to meet with a certified kitchen designer first, someone who can walk you through all the best available options. A great designer can introduce you to options you may not have been aware of, like refacing your existing kitchen cabinets, or installing a recycled glass countertop. (If you’re seeking any immediate insights, check out our blog on kitchen remodeling tips.)

Once your remodeling plan is set and your project costs are identified, you can begin the construction process. Kitchen demolition is your next step. Luckily, Perry Brothers cares deeply about providing a clean, effective job site. Beginning with laying down heavy-duty drop cloths and setting up sealed vapor barriers, your home will stay clean and free of debris or any hazardous dust.

Once your kitchen’s a blank canvas, we’ll begin installing flooring and any necessary framing for your project. Starting with installing the kitchen floor is essential when bringing in any new appliances. You don’t want to potentially ruin the bottom of your new kitchen cabinets!

There are plenty of inspections that need to be done during a kitchen remodel, but you don’t have to worry about that. Perry Brothers Construction schedules and hires all necessary personnel for all our construction projects.

You don’t have to worry about securing quality materials, either. We work with only the most trusted suppliers in New England. Under our careful guidance, your kitchen remodel will be as stress-free as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Your kitchen isn’t going to remodel itself. Contact us! We’d be happy to discuss your ideas, cost concerns, or future remodeling plans with you.

What others are saying

Perry Brothers Construction did a fantastic job with the design, demolition and remodel of our new kitchen including the removal and re-support of existing walls. Craftsmanship is superb and the professionalism of everyone involved was outstanding. We’ll definitely be using Perry Brothers for all of our future remodeling needs.
— Tom Gawlik(Ipswich, MA)

This is the 4th time we have hired Perry Brothers Construction for work on our home. They have previously done work in our kitchen, basement and roof. Bill’s team is outstanding – they are kind, respectful and personable. They took their time explaining things, went over options with us and gave design ideas. The entire team was very respectful of my home and family (we have two young daughters). Doing a large scale project can be invasive and overwhelming, but Bill and his team made it as painless as possible. The workmanship was top-notch and I felt as though everyone really cared about my project. Bill is attentive and communicative, and the project came in on budget and on time! We will definitely hire Perry Brothers for our next project.
— Brittany Shapiro(Newburyport, MA)

Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Services We Offer

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