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The evolution of the modern shed means that living areas are no longer restricted to your home. You can create beautiful, functional spaces just steps from your door. At Perry Brothers Construction, we can help you conceptualize, design, and build intentionally crafted backyard sheds for a wide range of functions.

If you need more space to grow, let us create a shed full of possibilities just for you. We are a leader in innovative, prefabricated, custom-designed sheds, and all of our projects utilize high-quality, sustainable materials suitable for even the most extreme New England weather. Let’s talk about your ideas for expansion — in the meantime, check out these ideas.

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Guest Room Sheds

You don’t have to send guests to a hotel or trip over them in your home. Instead, when you turn a shed into a guest room, you can provide your guests with their own dedicated, sunlit space. From teapots to TVs, you can outfit your shed with all the essentials you need to make your guests comfortable.

Depending on the design you want and the size of the modern shed you select, you can create a cozy guest room studio, add a kitchenette, or put in a loft for extra sleeping space. Then, add a deck surrounded by charming landscaping and potted plants so your guests can enjoy a bit of outdoor space.

A guest room shed is also a great way to increase sleeping space if you use your home as a bed and breakfast or a holiday rental.

Working from home offers a lot of conveniences, but your home simply might not have the room. Additionally, striking the right home-life balance can be challenging when you work from home. By turning a modern shed into a home office, you create a distinction between your home and your work.

Your commute becomes a few steps through your garden, and your shed creates an inviting space where you can focus on the job at hand. Plop yourself behind your computer when you’re in the midst of a project, gaze out the window when you need ideas, or take a Zoom meeting without worrying about the background noise in your home. Then, close the doors and go home when you’re done for the day. Working from home has never been so easy or pleasant.

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As the “lady of the house,” you deserve your own space. Whether you want a room where you can take a break from the kids, a studio to explore your passions, or a space for entertaining your friends on girls’ night, a modern shed can provide that. The possibilities are endless — turn your she shed into an oasis that reflects your unique sense of style.

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Modern sheds redefine the concept of a man cave. You don’t have to be stuck in a damp, dark basement. Instead, you can create a beautiful, airy, and sunny space to relax and unwind.

Cover the walls with the spoils of your hunts, add a poker table, and create a comfortable space to watch the big game. Turn your man cave into a classic den full of thick tomes and your grandfather’s collection of towering clocks. Or, fill your man cave with supplies for metalworking, wood carving, or whatever your favorite craft is.

You’re your own man. You deserve a space that reflects your unique identity and gives you room to get to know yourself even better. Let a modern shed fill that niche in your life.

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The kitchen table or a corner of your living room often turns into a space to pursue your hobbies, but as you become more serious about these pursuits, they outgrow those spaces. Don’t let limited space limit your passions. Move your passions forward by turning a modern shed into a backyard studio.

When you’re creating a studio from the ground up, you can tailor it around your wants and whims. Harvest the sunlight to create a bright space for painting or sculpting. Shut out the light to turn the shed into a dark room for your photography. Set up the typewriter and shut out the distractions. Create a dedicated space for movement and meditation. Your backyard studio is your place to chase your dreams — here, anything is possible.

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Music Sheds

A backyard music shed can be a quiet space to compose melodies or an insulated space to keep the noisy tunes out of your home. Keep the garage for your car and move the garage band to the shed. Encourage family and friends to bang as loudly as they want on their drums or strum their guitars with abandon. Whether you’re a lifelong musician or just starting to learn, a music shed provides your home with a joyful area to make music.

Cultivating an extra space for day-to-day functions and chasing delight can be a fun and exciting project, and we can help you navigate the process of enhancing your life with a modern shed. We bring our design-friendly expertise to every projectwhether we’re refurbishing your main home or creating a modern shed for extra room.

Perry Brothers Construction started in 1975 with two determined brothers who loved building and design, and over the years we’ve grown into a successful team of people who share the same values for hard work, compelling designs, and great construction. Let us bring our work ethic and creativity to your next project.

Don’t restrict your life to the confines of your home — it’s time to bloom. Contact us today to see how a modern shed can enhance your life. On all of our projects, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure our project meets their goals and works with their budgets. During our streamlined process, we listen carefully to your needs to make sure the project runs smoothly and the final result makes you happy. Experience the Perry Brothers’ difference today.

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