Work From Home in a Shed Office

Office Sheds Give You a Dedicated, Intentional Space for Working

More and more people are working from home. Working from home saves on travel costs and often allows you to embrace a more flexible schedule. It also removes the distraction of coworkers and can help to boost productivity. But finding space in your home for a home office can be challenging.

The solution — office sheds. When you turn a garden shed into a home office, you can create a beautiful space to focus on work just steps from your home.

Office sheds create a work-life balance

Working from home can be extremely convenient, but it can also blur the line between home and work. A shed office provides you with a dedicated space to work. When you’re ready to work, you can walk out of your home and leave the laundry, the dishes, and the other distractions behind you.

Then, you can open the doors to your beautiful office shed and start the workday. When you’re done working, you can close the office shed doors and leave work behind.

You no longer have to worry about setting up a workspace at your dining room table or being stressed out by files in your bedroom. Office sheds let you reclaim your home for living, while still allowing you to enjoy the main benefits of working from home.

A shed office improves the work-at-home experience

A shed office gives you a place to meet clients. You don’t have to worry about the state of your home or whether or not your dog is welcoming to strangers. Now, you can just direct clients to your shed office and meet them in a professional space that’s specifically designed for work.

With a shed office, you can spread out everything you need for work. You don’t have to pick up projects to make space for living, as you often do when you work from inside your home. You can outfit your office with shelving, filing cabinets, and other organizational essentials. You can set up an inviting comfortable space for brainstorming, or you can fill your shed office with multiple desks and big computer screens.

Time for a Zoom call? A shed office means that you don’t have to choose a fake background to hide the reality of your home. You also don’t have to worry about noisy distractions from your children or the other people who live with you. Instead, you can join the meeting confidently from your beautiful and professional-looking home office shed.

Design options for office sheds

When you work with Perry Brothers for your office shed, you can choose from several different basic designs and floor plans. Then, you can customize the features you want. Select an exterior that complements your existing home. Bring in the sunlight with windows and French doors. Add a deck so that you have a nice outdoor space when you’re ready to take a break.

Then, it’s time to customize the interior of your office shed. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a fancy interior or just stick with the basics. This is your space, and you get to decide what you need to focus on work.

Office sheds can be a single room for working. They can include a kitchenette and/or a bathroom. If you need extra storage, you can add additional space by choosing a two-story office shed. When you contact us about your office shed, we’ll guide you through the customization process so that you can create the ideal space for focusing on your career.

Considerations for installing an office shed

In many cases, you can install an office shed without needing a building permit, but if you need one, we’ll guide you through the process. At Perry Brothers, we handle all of our clients’ pre and post-construction needs. Depending on the rules of your homeowner’s association (HOA) or your municipality, you may need to abide by setback rules. We also help you research these considerations to ensure your new office shed works with your community’s rules and regulations.

The flexibility of an office shed

When you install an office shed on your property, it can be an office today, but it can be anything in the future. If you decide to go back to your regular office, you can turn the shed into a home studio, a man cave, a she shed, or a guest room. The possibilities are endless with backyard sheds.

This built-in flexibility also protects your resale value. It allows you to have the home office you need, but if you decide to sell the home, the new owners can turn the shed into the space of their dreams.

Build an office shed with Perry Brothers today

At Perry Brothers, our focus is on high-quality construction, compelling designs, and sustainable materials that are suitable for the northeast climate. Whether we’re handling an interior remodel or installing an office shed in your backyard, we bring an attention to detail and a commitment to customer service to the process.

Ready to enhance and revitalize the work-at-home experience? Want to create a distinction between your work and home life? Craving a beautiful space where you can focus on your career? Then, contact us to talk about office sheds today.

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